Model Showcase: Tiffany Ray

Tiffany had no real prior acting experience, no improve experience, or anything like that to go on before she shot with me. She may yet have none. But what she did have was a willingness to just go for it and get into it.

Enthusiasm counts for a lot. What I also appreciated was her punctuality. It may perhaps surprise some to know that many models are not what you would call punctual. Some allowance can be made for those that have a long drive, but even then, one would hope that a person would plan accordingly. Tiffany had a long drive before every shoot and yet she was not only on time, she was a bit early every time. She said she always does that. Little things like that are very appreciated. There is nothing worse than waiting around for stragglers to show up when you have a shoot planned for a particular time. I appreciated Tiffany’s punctuality greatly – enough that it still stands out to me even now.

Tiffany was also quite good even when she was in a rather uncomfortable position, like when she was handcuffed with her hands above her head for the Real Estate Robbery Revenge clip. She had to be in that position for longer than the clip would indicate and she never complained.

So between her punctuality, her stoicism, and her ability to just dive right in, even when she really did not know anything about acting was really appreciated by me. Her clips include some of my favorites, including one of my early favorites, the Real Estate Robbery.

As always, feel free to comment, including whether you’d like to see more of her (or of any of the models in a model showcase).

Here are her clips (which can be found directly through here):

Office Intern – Part One

Office Intern – Part Two

Real Estate Robber

Real Estate Robber Revenge

Triple Stuck – WMV

Stephanies Clothes Stolen While in the Shower

Quadruple Hot Tub Clothing Theft

Ellie Clothes Stolen at the Hot Tub

Office Bet – Lost Panties and Skirts

Undercover Cops – Stripped and Cuffed

Swimsuits United and Stolen While Sleeping

Clothes Stolen While Naked in the Sauna

Here are some images…

Clothes Stolen – While Naked in the Sauna

There are plenty of shots of lovely naked female flesh in action in this one, straining to keep either open the door or trying to keep it closed. Of course, the ones keeping it closed have the advantage and so they keep it closed. Enjoy all of the lovely angles…

Images here (and the video can be linked through here):

Swimsuits Untied and Stolen While Sleeping

Never a good idea to fall asleep in a swimsuit with string ties when there are folks about who might tug on those ties. Tie swimsuits are also fun to see on the beach as you can imagine tugging on them yourself, making those suits fly free. Or maybe they will just get snagged on something and tug themselves. One can always hope.

Here are images from the video (which can be direct linked through here):

Office Bet – Lost Panties and Skirts

There is just something so lovely about a hot woman in a business suit. And then seeing the skirt and panties taken off just makes it hotter… Also, Vixxy Foxx is amazing as the boss, looking over her spectacles at her charges. Her lack of panties is just a bonus.

Here are some images (and the video can be found through here):

Undercover Cops – Stripped and Cuffed

As it has been said, it would have been nice to shoot this in an abandoned warehouse or somewhere seedy looking, but there are obvious reasons why such a location might be hard to come by. In any case, the action is tight and intense and there are plenty of interesting views here. Always love a scene were eventually everyone is handcuffed and bare-assed at one point or another.

Here are some images (for the video which can be direct linked through here):

Quadruple – Hot Tub Clothing Theft

The nice thing about shooting at the hot tub place was the amount of space available to move around in and place the camera in – it allowed for all sorts of interesting angles. Speaking of which…

Here are some interesting angles (for the video which can be direct linked through here):

Real Estate Robber Revenge

As mentioned with regard to the Real Estate Robber video, I use nothing but real handcuffs. They are particularly effective at stringing up a lovely naked woman, such as Tiffany Ray. Revenge, as they say, is sweet.

Some lovely images of her are here (and the video can be found through here):

Real Estate Robber

I’ve heard it said in a comment here that someone appreciated the use of real handcuffs in another one of the videos (Door to Door Crazy I believe it was). I find that fascinating because in obtaining handcuffs, I did not come across any way to obtain fake ones (other than obviously fake plastic ones for kids toys). But then I wasn’t really looking for that. I wonder, why would anyone use fake handcuffs in a video when real ones work just fine.

Anyway, beyond that musing, this is an oldie but a goodie, and I wanted to be sure there were at least some images of some real handcuffs for you to enjoy. Link here to get to video.