Bikini Clad Spy Caught, Tied Spreadeagle, Stripped, and Interrogated

Aren’t string bikini swimsuits wonderful? They accentuate the lovely female form so wonderfully while at the same time giving the promise of a possible slip – just one little tug at those ties and bare ass, pussy, or breast are suddenly exposed to all.

String bikinis are also great for bondage, because they allow you to strip a woman completely naked no matter how tied up she is. Really, that is the main fun of this video – seeing that little bikini get untied and pulled off while poor Alice can do nothing to stop it. Note how clearly that little suit shows Alice’s camel toe as well.

One other interesting note here is that Alice’s pussy really was quite oversensitive by the time this was shot, so it really was hard for her to feel that vibrator – she very quickly gave up those numbers from it. And the bit at the end where Bek leaves her the knife to free herself, Bek just did that on the spur of the moment and Alice handled it like a pro, getting herself free. I loved it so I kept ti.

Not much else to say here except that Alice makes a fetching spy. As always, comments, questions, suggestions, and spice welcome.

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Sasha Saint’s Bikini Swimsuit Untied and Stolen While Sleeping

Here is yet another new model, the lovely Sasha Saint, making her debut, not just with this site, but with any video at all. She performs admirable, and so you will be sure to see more of her eventually. She is young, lovely, with a nice tight body.

Sasha looks great in the swimsuit here, another great addition to the wardrobe pile. I think she wanted to keep it.

I have been toying with the idea of setting up polls to see which models you would like to see more of (in every sense of the word), and while I am not setting one up now, let us call this an informal poll. Who would you like to see more of, particularly amongst the new models, but really any of the models are up for consideration. Not all are still available, but most are. Don’t be shy! Speak your mind.

And as always, all comments and suggestions are welcome.

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More Bikini Swimsuits Untied and Stolen from Girls Passed Out Drunk

It is always exciting to debut with a new model – or in this case, triple the fun, as this marks the debut of three new models – three new to me, two new to shooting in general, one who had never shot before at all. All three did very well for their first shoot. This was not the first video they did, but it was short and sweet, and is a good introduction to them all.

As I have said before, what is great about string tie bikini swimsuits is the ties – one quick tug here, another quick tug there, and breasts, ass, and pussy can spring free. While this would be especially fun outside or at a pool, it is still fun when it makes stripping so easy, even on someone laying down (or passed out).

I must say all three of these ladies look lovely in their bikinis. I will definitely have to get more with them in (and out) of them. I will have more to say about them as I release more of their first series of videos, but for now, I will just let this video speak for itself. Well, except I want to note one thing.

In many of my videos, the video ends with one or more naked ladies going out the door, or looking about to go out the door – either walking out or even dragged out. But generally where the door starts to open is where the video starts to end. After all, actually going out into a public hallway naked could lead to rather public exposure. In this case, I was rather surprised to see Chloe and Riley open up that door and just keep on going, out into the hallway, the door closing behind their naked asses. I guess I did not say just how far to go, so they took it all the way. It was awesome – and luckily, no one saw them and screamed as they went into a very public hallway, exposed in both directions. I included some bonus footage at the end of them coming back in after the end of the video, which catches some of their commentary on doing that. Which brings me to one more comment.

With this series of videos, I have included several that have bonus footage of one sort or another at the end. Well, several of them have it. I often have great shots or angles that I just don’t or can’t use (as can’t use it all, particularly in editing) that give great views or some other fun things, and those shots never see the light of day. So I decided, why not let all of you enjoy them just as much as I do. The bonus footage here is short, but on some of the others it is a bit longer. I may start doing more of that, in general.

Now, without further ado, enjoy three new models. As always, comments, suggestions, and thoughts are welcome!

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BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (1)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (2)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (3)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (4)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (5)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (6)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (7)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (8)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (9)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (10)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (11)

BikiniSwimSuitsUnited2_Chloe_Riley_Violet_Snapshot (12)

Bikini Swimsuits United and Stolen While Girls Passed Out Drunk

One of the lovliest inventions the world has ever seen has got to be the string-tie bikini swimsuit. It looks good just in itself, and it gives the small hope that maybe, just maybe, those ties will come undone and the wonderful beauty beneath will be exposed to the world.

So I always enjoy any video where a string tie bikini swimsuit can be showcased and, of course, where those ties get tugged just right and lovely breasts, ass, and pussy are on display. Here, we get a double dose, made even better with the two lovely ladies intertwined. And another of my favorite views at the end… the end. As in, bare asses, walking away from the camera.

Really, the themes in this video are simple, straightforward, and lovely to behold. I should do more. Oh wait, I already did.

As always, suggestions, comments, and observations on the world are welcome. I just recently did another shoot and in that I used many of the suggestions I have gotten here. I can’t wait to edit and post the new videos! Lots of great ones already done as well that will be up soon. Stay tuned.

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Hot Tub Truth or Dare

As noted in the video description, this is a very different sort of video. It was fun for me to shoot as I did not know what was going to happen. It was also fun because it was the models really just hanging out and being themselves, which if you are like me, is something I am always curious about when I see a video – what is this person (or these people) like as themselves, rather than just seeing them playing a character or role.

This was also something I did at the suggestion of Dallyce (though I had actually been thinking about doing such a scenario as well). She actually has lots of interesting suggestions. Speaking of which, I am always interested to hear yours. And also interested in hearing feedback. Like, for example, what do you think of the concept in this video? Would you like to see more of something like this? Or even just interviews of models. I actually try to get an interview before shooting for the first time (but for various reasons don’t always manage to) or after shooting sometimes as well. I have a little library of these, but have never released any of them thus far. One of these days I may get around to doing something with them if there is any interest.

You may note that this video is coming out a bit earlier than normal for an update. The reason? I just felt like it, really. And was up anyway, so figured, why not. I am about a month away from releasing videos from a whole batch of shoots never before seen, though there are some very nice videos to release before that. I sometimes like to save the best videos from a shoot for last. But not always. Anyway, without further ado…

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Voyeur Unties and Steals Bikini Swimsuits from Sleeping Girls

Aa is likely apparent from looking way back here on this site, I have always liked this hot tub / sauna location for shooting. There is a lot of room to move around, plenty of interesting places to do things, even just the “grass” (as I like to think of the open area with the green flooring). This video is a first in that it is a voyeur POV style for most of it but there is an additional voyeur (Mike) who is also there with “you” as you watch the women undress… and of course as you participate in taking the bikinis off of the sleeping women. I am curious as to thoughts on this particular style – thus far this is the only time I have shot that, though I have done some POV style shoots where the “you” is the one observing and stealing clothes, they were all “lone wolf” types.

I also have to say it is nice to see hot women in bikinis – those that really show off their bodies as opposed to the more odd suits. I guess I have pretty basic or classic tastes in that regard. I don’t like the pure thong suits or the weird one piece suits that cover very little simply because I think they look so unnatural – like no real woman would wear those to a beach. Whereas a more typical suit you could imagine any woman (with the body to show it) would wear to any beach. To me, seeing a suit that looks natural makes it seem more realistic – and more in line with the women you may see at the beach whom you wish would get caught up in the sorts of scenarios I shoot. Gotta have some level of authenticity for grounding, I think, especially if a scenario seems otherwise unlikely.

Looking at this again I am definitely going to have to go back here soon (though there are several videos at the hot tub yet to be released…)

As always, comments and suggestions welcome (and thank you to the most recent comment with another suggestion – two men at a party showing off their respective dates was a good one!)

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Swimsuit Caught in Locked Door and Pulled Off

This one was fun to shoot and the shot with getting the swimsuit caught, and then once caught, it completely coming off as Penelope tried to get free was all done in one shot, first try. It came off beautifully. I am going to have to make more concepts like this as well. There is just something about string bikini swimsuits (and panties in general) that just makes you want to see them pulled loose – or in this case, see them get caught in something, and then pulled off. Judging from various things one sees posted online, swimsuits coming loose like that are not exactly uncommon. And thanks to the miracle of camera phones, we now get to see them when they happen.

I am, as always, welcome to suggestions as to what to shoot. I do try to shoot every suggestion I am given, though obviously the more elaborate or specific it is, especially with models or scene, the longer it will take to get to it, for obvious reasons. I do keep track of them all, and have a nice little catalog of suggestions. And some of those have already come to fruition.

I also am open to criticism as well. I do not claim perfection in anything I do. I try to do the best I can and get better with each video. I am also curious to hear about feedback about the little things – like are there any particular shots you like in a given video. I try to find at least a few interesting angles or shots for every one, though for some, like the Reporter series, the angles tend to be set by that particular genre.

Now enough about this, enjoy the video (which can be direct linked through here):

Kaylee’s Turn: Hailey Handcuffed and Swimsuit Stripped at the Spa

The thing about revenge is, it can start a cycle of back and forth, escalating until things get really out of control. In other words, fun! In this case, Kaylee gets revenge by taking things up a notch, though not too far above what was done to her if you just consider the use of handcuffs and the addition of a “helper.”

It is also fun again to see stripping of a swimsuit from a handcuffed woman who can do nothing about it. One of the things I love about tie-on-the side bikini bottoms (and tops for that matter) is that they just look so lovely with those ties at the hips – though of course, they don’t always stay there for long. Just one gentle tug at those ties and the swimsuit is at her ankles. Kaylee here gives a gentle tug at both sides – she can afford to be slow and gentle as she has Hailey right where she wants her, handcuffed and helpless.

While this is the last of the hot tub hijinks with these two (for now at least) you will definitely be seeing more of them soon. Stay tuned. As always, comments welcome, suggestions welcome. Don’t be shy.

Images from this video can be here (with direct link to video here):

Hailey’s Revenge: Kaylee Handcuffed and Stripped of her Swimsuit at the Hot Tub

As promised, here is more of both Hailey and Kaylee – as Hailey now gets her revenge for what Kaylee did to her from the last video with them.

I have said it before and I will say it again: it is always more interesting when you can see the motivations behind a scenario. Here, the previous little adventure shows why Hailey is out for revenge. And of course, as often happens with revenge, the ante gets upped. Kaylee is not just stripped, she is handcuffed. So she is not only naked, she can’t do anything about it and can’t get away. Of course, this can only ultimately mean one thing – Kaylee will have even more payback to dish out for the next time. And yes, there is a next time. Stay tuned.

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Spy Captured, Stripped, and Interrogated in the Shower – Part 3

At long last (as if it was that long a wait) here is the third and final part of this epic series. As mentioned in the video description, watch for Mia’s reaction each time the water stream hits her pussy. She definitely had some trouble holding it in there because being bound with Gypsy aiming the stream right at her recently pierced clit, she felt every little pulse and gurgle of that water stream and she repeatedly got quite close to cumming. It is fun to watch her expressions of surprised pleasure and then frustration as the stream moves achingly toward, and then even more achingly away from her pussy. Watch Gypsy’s face as well.

And then there is the joy of seeing Mia’s lovely body spread out naked and bound, and dripping wet. She looks fantastic with the water running over her. She looks fantastic with it dripping off of her.

Then, for the final segment, when she is in the spotlight, so to speak, and she turns and pushes her ass out toward it as she struggles to escape, the light ends up giving a momentary oh-so-perfect illumination of her ass and her pussy from behind that is art-gallery worthy, in my humble opinion. Not my shot so much as just how lovely she looks.

So now, without further ado, here are some images from this last part of the video (which can be direct linked through here):