Real Estate Rivalry – Clothes Stolen While In the Bath

This was one of the earlier videos where there is someone running around naked, trying not to be seen (and thus embarrassed). Ideally, one would have a seemingly public location, but anywhere not one’s home can work for that.

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Office Pact Gone Wrong

Here one gets to see the possible reaction one might have to the sort of antics one sees in my videos. Of course, it goes over the top, but one wonders just what those lower on the totem pole think of their office mates, especially as income inequality mounts. That will also be a theme in a new update coming very soon…

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Clothes Stolen – While Naked in the Sauna

There are plenty of shots of lovely naked female flesh in action in this one, straining to keep either open the door or trying to keep it closed. Of course, the ones keeping it closed have the advantage and so they keep it closed. Enjoy all of the lovely angles…

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Swimsuits Untied and Stolen While Sleeping

Never a good idea to fall asleep in a swimsuit with string ties when there are folks about who might tug on those ties. Tie swimsuits are also fun to see on the beach as you can imagine tugging on them yourself, making those suits fly free. Or maybe they will just get snagged on something and tug themselves. One can always hope.

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Undercover Cops – Stripped and Cuffed

As it has been said, it would have been nice to shoot this in an abandoned warehouse or somewhere seedy looking, but there are obvious reasons why such a location might be hard to come by. In any case, the action is tight and intense and there are plenty of interesting views here. Always love a scene were eventually everyone is handcuffed and bare-assed at one point or another.

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Quadruple – Hot Tub Clothing Theft

The nice thing about shooting at the hot tub place was the amount of space available to move around in and place the camera in – it allowed for all sorts of interesting angles. Speaking of which…

Here are some interesting angles (for the video which can be direct linked through here):

Clothes Stolen While in the Bathtub

Sometimes simple is best. Like a shower scene, a bathtub scene is also something some may think about while in the shower or bath, as that is a time when we are particularly vulnerable. Standing there naked, wet, and with soap in one’s eyes and the sound of running water, one can neither see nor hear the approach of danger. And when that danger is mischievous friends who like to take your clothes, one could get almost paranoid about it.

On the shooting side, it is fun to get interesting angles in the bath or just to see naked relaxation that you know is going to turn to desperation once the missing clothes are discovered. I should probably shoot more shower and tub scenes, though the downside is that then you have a model who is wet and that could slow down other shooting that day. Then again, if they all get wet… well, that’s another story.

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Door-to-Door Revenge

Alexandria once again brings the crazy back… or rather, Stephanie does, when she brings Alex back for this sequel. This one was particularly fun to shoot because of the three clothed girls using the naked Alex as target practice. They came up with an interesting scoring method. Also interesting to me was Stephanie referring to Alex’s pussy as a “cooch,” a term I am not sure I had heard before then.

While the targeting is just with spitballs, I did briefly consider whether different items should be used for that. But as it turned out, the spitballs, though small, showed up quite well. And the girls’ aim was very good. One of them stuck right near a nipple. Another I think stuck near her belly button. And Stephanie, I believe, nailed Alex right in her pussy.

As an aside, it is lovely that the room had over the door the apparatus that is just perfect for handcuffing hands above the head. I have used it a few times before, but this time was even more fun with the target practice.

Also worth mentioning, as I usually do, is that this is another revenge scenario where the motivation was a prior video. So the motivation is there for all to see.

Now, without further ado, are some stills from the video (video linked through here):

Door-to-Door Crazy

This video was inspired in part by my personal dislike (putting it mildly) for door-to-door salespeople. Not that it isn’t a sucky job. You really seldom see them in my area now, but you see the equivalent–kids claiming to sell something for some school or sport related thing. Sometimes I wonder if they are even legitimate, not that it matters. I never buy anything. I think you have to have a little bit of crazy in you to manage to knock on thousands of people’s doors and try to intrude into their living rooms and sell them something. Which brings us to Alexandria in this video.

As should be apparent from the Interview with the Sheik videos, Alexandria Von Strutter is very good at taking something and running with it. In this, she makes a very convincing crazy woman. If she had real, loaded guns I would have been very nervous standing near her with just how well she does the crazy in this video. I think she intimidated the other models a little as well, which is good for the scene.

It is always so wonderful when a model can surprise you and just chew up the scenery with real acting. All of them do a decent enough job, and even those who aren’t as committed to it as Alexandria have their wonderful moments where it really clicks, but it is still a joy to see it done so fully and effortlessly. Some models worry about the acting portion of doing video, having only done still image modeling. I must say, all of them manage to do a decent job at it.

And now, enough chatter – here are some images from the video (which can be found through here):