Double Stuck

Ok, just to get it out of the way upfront, yes, the video “Stuck” was very silly in concept, though mostly because of the methodology of what got Rose “stuck” – her hair on the table. But one must admit that the same effect could have been done with a better Macguffin to explain how she got stuck bent over. And perhaps I shall find such a Macguffin in a suitable location to do something like this again.

But now this second stuck video – “Double Stuck” is slightly less ludicrous. There are probably more ways to get stuck under a bed than bent over a table. And with Rose on her back it provides a lovely view. Moreover, Aiya this time takes pity, so after pantsing Rose, she tries to help and, of course, gets stuck herself. Thus, the lovely image of two lovely ladies bereft of attire from the waist down, this time from the front.

I must admit, there is something lovely about a beautiful lady with a beautiful ass bent over and exposed. And equally, there is something lovely with a view from the front. I think it also adds to the exposure seeing the pants and panties at the ankles. Given that one can’t really walk or do anything practical with pants and panties in that position, the view all by itself tells you that it was unplanned and probably involuntary. Completely naked, or even completely without pants, you might think that it was planned or there is no care in the nudity and exposure. Pants and panties at the ankles, you know something is up. Which brings to mind other sorts of still photos that can capture the essence of unexpected or involuntary nudity. The classic of course being the embarrassed look with hands trying to cover up. And I do like those – but I would have to say I probably find the imagry with the clothing at the ankles equally compelling on that theme.

It will have to be explored further. And perhaps I shall ponder what other visual queues can make one instantly think that exposure was not planned or intended.

Can find direct link to this video through here.