Mia Introduces Meredith to BDSM

Ever since Mia first dominated as the Bitch Boss from Hell Meredith was curious about the whole bondage and domination scene. She had never done any of that before and seemed to naturally take to the submissive role when Mia went all out Dom on her as the Bitch Boss. So of course, I was curious if she wanted to explore that theme further; she did. When Mia came back and shot with Meredith again the stage was set. In addition to the other videos we did, Mia agreed to give a little intro to BDSM to Meredith. This is that video.

This video is obviously very different from the rest in that it was not contrived in any way – this is Mia being Mia and Meredith being Meredith. (This is not unlike the videos with Pepper and Ashly where Pepper introduces Ashley to lesbian sex and where she also introduces her to forced bondage orgasms). I just set up the cameras and watched with interest as Mia literally showed Meredith the ropes. Mia is a firm, yet also gentle Dom, telling Meredith what she needs to know while gently pushing her to show her her limits and what it is all about.

What results is a lovely video that shows a true intimate moment between them. And after the bondage lesson is over, they snuggle together (Meredith still naked) while Mia explains more and Meredith asks questions, wide-eyed and curious. There was so much back and forth like that it was difficult to give it justice in the video description. It reads more like a transcript than anything else, though I could not put everything in there (nor would I really want to – it is more fun to just watch it and see how it unfolds).

So sit back, and enjoy. Here are some images (which of course cannot do justice to a video like this) and the video, as always, is through here: