Female Scientists Teleport Without Their Clothes – End up Naked

There are just so many juicy possibilities with a scenario like the one in this video: Teleportation (and a similar sort of transport, time travel) stories in science fiction lend themselves to this sort of possibility. After all, who can forget the iconic scenes from the various Terminator movies. Or in Star Trek: The Next Generation, where Ferengi transport women right out of their clothes. So many great scenarios!

So with so many scenarios, I decided to start with the most simple and straightforward one: teleportation accident where the women are transported – and their clothes are not – in fact, they are destroyed. All for a “safety” which, one supposes, is still better than being mixed up in something solid. Talk about getting something stuck in your zipper!

When I shot this I had only a vague notion of the special effects I wanted to use – so I used some green screen, placed on the floor. In hindsight, I really didn’t need that for a teleportation effect, but it still gave some possibilities by its presence. This is definitely a theme I will repeat. This would also be a fun one to do outside as well (but then, aren’t they all?)

I am particularly interested in feedback on this one, what people think of the execution, suggestions, and so forth. I may do a similar theme very soon. I am putting this out a little early in part to get feedback. I also just couldn’t wait to put this one out, as I really like this one. Also, there are some GREAT camera angles in this one – my favorites being when they are all on all fours, from behind… and then are naked. There’s a view I just love. Really, I would put that view in every single video if I could. There’s an idea…

Now, without further ado… feedback welcome!

Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (1)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (2)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (3)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (4)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (5)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (6)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (7)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (8)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (9)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (10)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (11)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (12)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (13)

TeleportNaked_BriH_Rose_JYng_Snapshot (14)

Skinny Dippers’ Clothes Stolen

The notion of skinny dippers taking off their clothes and jumping into outdoor waters to frolic whilst someone sneaks up and steals their abandoned clothes is an old one – it is really a cliche. But there’s nothing wrong with a good cliche if it is done right. The problem is that it is often played for laughs or with only implied nudity, and so that’s where I come in – making it real and showing it all.

One thing that isn’t apparent here is where the water is, because they don’t quite get there before the discovery is made. Doing this with the full water in view is another goal of mine, but it will require a better location. Still, this one is pretty good. It is a lovely day, sunny, if a bit chilly to be running around naked outside. Especially when one loses one’s clothes!

In any case, in the bright sun, there are some great visuals, only a handful of which you can see here in the samples. Enjoy!

Images from video (which can be direct linked through here):

Two Hikers Robbed of Their Clothes and Handcuffed

There’s definitely something lovely about the great outdoors. And that isn’t even including any naked, lovely women who have their clothes stolen and their hands cuffed behind their backs.

Given how lovely all of those things are in combination, I ought to try do do more of these (and this obviously isn’t the first.) Apparently the woods just aren’t safe for lovely women hikers when it comes to them keeping their clothes.

I don’t have too much more to say except that this is a good one. Without further ado, here are some images (for the video which is direct linked here):

Hitchhiker’s Revenge – Robbers Stripped and Stranded Naked on the Road

As I have often said, tales of revenge where you see the full reason for the need for revenge (in the previous video) are quite interesting, not the least of which because there can be real motivation there.

In this case, not only is there revenge, but it is a double revenge, as now both of the robbers from the first video end up stripped naked by the side of the road and then left to walk naked as their robber drives off with their car.

This one is a little shorter than the original, but then that is because there is no preliminary pickup – the action gets going right from the start as the would-be hitchhiker immediately pulls her gun when they stop for her and once they see her and recognize her, she wastes no time in getting her revenge.

Without further ado… enjoy. Images are here (for the video which can be direct linked through here🙂

Hitchhiker Robbed, Stripped Naked, and Stranded on the Road

I have always found the image of someone being stripped naked by the side of the road and then left there as the car drives off to be a particularly forlorn and exposed image to see. And that is exactly what you will see here.

This takes on a slight twist of the usual story about not picking up hitchhikers. In this case, it isn’t the hitchhiker who is the problem – it is the people who stop for her.

Also of note is just how long ago this was shot. It sometimes seems like the time horizon gets further and further out as I have more and more material to release. This is ultimately a good thing as it lets me sit back and relax a bit when it comes to production. I also have more time to think of more interesting scenarios. Ultimately, I have determined that I would rather short something interesting than shoot at all, so now I have the luxury of waiting for the right inspiration. I have some truly awesome things in the pipeline. I can hardly wait to release it all. Enjoy.

A light taste of Images here (for the video which is through here):

Spy Caught in her Panties

It is lovely to see so much green and warmth now, contrasting so starkly with the landscape currently outside in the true dead of winter. So sit back and enjoy looking at a landscape far warmer and more welcoming. And that is before you factor in the lovely nearly naked (and eventually totally naked) women.

There is something sexy about a woman outfitted in killer gear, such as twin pistols on her hips. This is made even more sexy when that woman is just wearing hot, skimpy panties and a flak vest. She can look so good that way you almost don’t need or want to see those last little protections peeled off. But peeled off they are.

So enjoy this little homage to warmer days. As always, feel free to offer suggestions. Given the lag time between when I get them, when I shoot, and when I finally release new videos, it may not seem like they come to pass, but they do (and some already have). And then if you want something faster, ask me about customs.

Here are some images:

Hiker Robbed of her Clothes then Handcuffed

What a joy it was to get outside again, with green on the trees instead of bare branches. The only downside was the bugs, which are sometimes apparent in the video. But no matter, the trees were beautiful, and Stephanie was especially gorgeous walking out there naked, trying to hide behind the plants. That, of course, got harder once her hands were handcuffed behind her back.

One of the dangers of shooting out in nature is you never know what you will encounter. In this case, while we were on an ostensibly seldom-used path, three people (two men and a woman, all fairly young) happened to come down the path while we were shooting. So there was almost a real naked embarrassment and exposure shot there as they came up. Had I been thinking ahead, I could have caught that on video, though I did get the first few seconds of noticing they were coming. I couldn’t use that in the video, though, for obvious reasons.

Once they came up, we hid behind the trees, and may not have been noticed, except it was right by where Stephanie had taken her shoes off and I hadn’t picked them up yet, so they saw her shoes. Not wanting them to take her shoes (they commented on them), she came out of the trees and asked them not to touch them. Of course, she was completely naked at the time, and was trying her best to cover up behind the leaves. They noted this, and a rather amusing exchange occurred. They then went on their way. Unfortunately, they went further down the path, so a similar sort of encounter happened on the way back. For that, she just hid naked in the trees til they were past.

Then later, toward the end, we heard a bunch of what were probably teen boys doing skateboard jumps in the woods very nearby, so we had to move a bit to finish or they would also have gotten an eyeful.

But despite the risk and the close calls, it was fun and there are some absolutely gorgeous shots here. I got every good angle there is of Stephanie (and there are plenty!), and she looks quite worried about being seen naked… perhaps because she actually already was early on in the filming. And of course her worry went up considerably once she was handcuffed!

Without further ado, here are some sample images (and the video can be found through here):

Jogger’s Revenge – Robber Robbed of her Clothes

I know I’ve said it before, but it is always satisfying to see revenge on screen where the motivation for revenge has been previously seen on screen.

Also, Aiya is just such a lovely woman with such a heavenly ass, so it is great to see her bare assed out in the woods with nothing to cover herself for miles. (And she is a good pairing with Sara’s also-perfect ass, as seen in the first video, Another Jogger Robbed of her Clothes).

And while spring was finally in the air, allowing this shoot, it was still not blooming, so the trees are bare. I like the green, so it was disappointing that the landscape looked so bleak. Then again, it does reinforce the bleak prospects for getting home without being seen while bare assed naked. This is especially so because the trees themselves are essentially naked, providing little cover from prying eyes. In fact, anyone could have seen her walking naked on the trail and from quite some distance, given the lack of cover.

Now that the leaves are in full bloom, it is time to go out and get some greenery to go with the beautiful naked ladies.

Here are some images (video can be seen through here):

Another Jogger Robbed of her Clothes

It was such a relief when the weather finally turned warm enough to actually go outside and shoot again without risk of a poor, naked model freezing her nipples and clit off.

The trees are still mostly bare here, which was unusual for so late in the spring, but then it was such a late coming spring.

The only difficulty now is finding places outside to shoot that will not present the problems one might encounter with having a bunch of naked women running around in public. While some may not mind seeing lovely ladies bare it all, there are plenty of prudes and all it takes is one to call the police.

Still, where there is a will there is a way, so hopefully there will be some more outdoor shoots soon, coming to a studio very near you…

One last note – it was raining out, not hard, but enough to hear the patter of rain. I always find that somewhat relaxing. I doubt poor naked Sara found much comfort in the rain.

Here are some images from this video (video can be seen through here):

Double Hot Tub Clothing Theft

There is something to seeing shared adversity–particularly where the adversity shared is being a beautiful woman who has had her clothing stolen. Watching said beautiful women naked, trying to cover up, while also discussing their predicament and what they can do about it is also interesting to watch.

I had fun with shooting from various angles, as I often do. One of my favorites was the POV shot from between the legs, shot as a reverse angle so I got this for both Rose and Aiya. Nothing like the lovely naked legs, ass, and pussy to frame the full image of a beautiful naked woman.

As a final note, it was fall, and quite cold, when the outdoor scene was shot. I can only imagine how cold ground feels when naked and exposed like that in the great, frigid outdoors.

Site Note: Feel free to comment! Thus far, no one has been brave enough to offer one up… I don’t bite. Much. I am curious for feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I am open to suggestions for future shoots as well.

Here are some images to enjoy:

Can find direct link to this video through here.