Hitchhiker’s Revenge – Robbers Stripped and Stranded Naked on the Road

As I have often said, tales of revenge where you see the full reason for the need for revenge (in the previous video) are quite interesting, not the least of which because there can be real motivation there.

In this case, not only is there revenge, but it is a double revenge, as now both of the robbers from the first video end up stripped naked by the side of the road and then left to walk naked as their robber drives off with their car.

This one is a little shorter than the original, but then that is because there is no preliminary pickup – the action gets going right from the start as the would-be hitchhiker immediately pulls her gun when they stop for her and once they see her and recognize her, she wastes no time in getting her revenge.

Without further ado… enjoy. Images are here (for the video which can be direct linked through here🙂

Cyberstalker forces Officeworker to Lose her Panties

This was a fun video to shoot. I even considered putting in actual screenshots of the messages coming in, but ultimately decided it would be more interesting to listen to Meredith repeat the messages or simply react to them, and so for some of them, you are guessing as to what the messages actually are until you see how she reacts or what she actually does. I considered putting in a spoiler warning for anyone who wants to watch without knowing just how far the mysterious instant messenger person will try and take her, but ultimately decided against it.

As an aside, it is interesting to note how hard it can be to do a proper upskirt shot or angle because so often (particularly with black skirts) and the desk itself, it makes it so dark you can hardly see anything. Here, the lighting is actually pretty good (and the white panties help as well) so you can actually really see everything that is going on. While sometimes leaving a little to the imagination can be fun (at least initially) I ultimately like to really show what is going on as much as possible because to me, that is what makes my videos different from more mainstream fare that deals with forced stripping or clothes loss, where it is all implied.

So sit back and enjoy – I think this is one of my favorite videos now – with all of the elements in it that come together nicely, including a very lovely performance by Meredith.

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here):

Rich Bitch Gets Stripped

With the widening gap between rich and poor in this country, and around the world, this video represents the first chapter in my political manifesto. Just kidding. Still, it does give one a good and current storyline to use for an excuse to see someone taken down a peg (and stripped naked) who may have it coming.

Mia Vallis does an excellent job of playing the part of a rich bitch, complete with disdain for the “little people” and many references to designer labels and clothes I had never heard of. She plays it to the hilt, making anyone who sees her performance quite eager to see her Rich Bitch persona get what’s coming to her.

Meredith does a good job herself in explaining to Mia just what it is she (as a Rich Bitch) just doesn’t get about people who are less fortunate than her. She also strips her with relish, enjoying messing with her, touching the clothes (and especially the shoes) like she is contaminating them. It is a lovely scene.

One may also get some enjoyment out of seeing Mia stripped naked after seeing her in full dom mode in her first released video, Bitch Boss From Hell. While this is not a sequel to that video, one can guess that Meredith liked being able to turn the tables. There will be more of that to come.

Here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Triple Table Stuck

It has just occurred to me that with all of the rather silly storylines for the “stuck” series of videos, this is the first one where the first model is, in fact, actually and helplessly stuck. Poor Gypsy is handcuffed with two sets of handcuffs to the heavy metal frame of a table that she is bent over. As she was the first one stuck in this video, she had the longest to be there and she could not escape, so it felt like a very long time indeed to her. I almost felt bad for her, if I were not so distracted by the lovely sight of her bare ass from behind.

There were a few technical difficulties with filming this one. First, there was a knock at the door and there might have been someone stumbling into the scene who would have gotten a real eyeful. As Gypsy was very securely cuffed, there was nothing she could do about it. That was amusing. The second was in removing Meredith’s panties. For whatever reason, a long thread from somewhere got stuck and it was almost a scene of her panties being ripped off of her body. But glitches aside, the visuals are lovely as we add yet another video to the “Stuck” franchise. More to come in that arena.

Meanwhile, here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Boss Bitch From Hell – Dominates and Humiliates – Part 2

As should be apparent from the description of the video, each time Gypsy and Meredith leave Mia’s office and come back, Mia ups the ante. As I said in part 1, I had no idea exactly where Mia was going with it, and neither did Gypsy or Meredith. Though she did finally tip her hand for the final office visit. Unfortunately, what she said she was going to have them do they weren’t willing to do – not surprising, given just how extreme it was. But she still pushed them a little further than before and it makes for an extremely hot scene.

While I have plenty of scenarios yet to shoot and I always like coming up with new ones (or using great scenarios suggested here) there is something fun about being just a voyeur, watching to see what unfolds, not knowing where it is going. It made Mia (and other models as creative and talented) quite fun to work with. You will be seeing more of her soon (in every sense of the word…)

Here are some lovely images from this video, which can be direct linked through here:

Bitch Boss From Hell – Dominates and Humiliates – Part 1

Sometimes models require a lot of direction, sometimes very little but the basic outline of a plot. And then there is Mia Vallis who, when it comes to being a domineering bitch in a scene, is in a class by herself. I barely had to say anything to her at all and she just took it from there. I was as surprised by what happened in the scene as the other two models, Gypsy and Meredith, were. Mia was a ruthless bitch and it made for a very good video. You’d never guess that Mia herself is mostly submissive, perhaps because she only submits to men. Women, on the other hand, watch out!

This video is therefore a joy to watch not just for the scene itself, but to watch for the genuine reactions from Gypsy and Meredith, who had no idea what to expect and who had never done any videos with Mia before where Mia was in control. And Mia makes for quite the dom, standing over six feet tall, pure amazon hotness and oozing sexuality.

Of course, turnabout is fair play, so Mia gets her own domination in other videos. But not here, not even close. So enjoy – the final part, part 2, is next.

Here are some images from the video, which can be direct linked through here:

Roommate’s Revenge

I’ve always liked videos where there is just one embarrassed naked woman (or even man) where everyone else is fully dressed. It adds contrast to the embarrassment. This can even be captured nicely in a still photo – I have seen many that are amongst my favorites that have just this sort of scenario. The beauty of video is that you can have embarrassment in motion and there is plenty of that in this video. I love it when the embarrassed naked female is hiding, running, jumping behind cover, all while bare assed naked, seconds away from discovery by multiple, comfortably clothed individuals.

Now as I’ve said before, it would be even more fun to do something like this out where there is chance of exposure in public, to many other individuals. But barring that, exposure to even just a handful of people even in a relatively enclosed area is embarrassing enough. Like if one is in one part of one’s own house naked when unexpected company comes over. Such things are actually probably somewhat common, especially as compared to some of the more outlandish scenarios in some of these videos.

I had a lot of fun with the angles in this video, with lots of interesting shots and views, particularly when Meredith is hiding behind the couch. One of the best is from directly behind her when she is leaning forward on her hands and knees before bouncing back. One could get all sorts of lovely ideas from taking in such a view.

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions. Enjoy.

Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Snooping Spy’s Revenge – Stephanie Kidnapped

I have said it before that it is always more fun to see the motivation for revenge before then seeing the revenge itself, because then you feel that extra verisimilitude. You wonder if even beyond the scene, if the model wants some measure of revenge for what was done to her.

Now here, much of what was done before was off screen – at least the worst of it – but it was still there in the scene and the dialog and it hangs heavy in the dialog of this scene. Meredith truly looks like she wants some payback for what was done to her before. And even better, Stephanie looks very much like she is worried, even scared, of what lies in store for her.

I have to say that the looks between them, the dialog, and the pure oozing menace in this video and the one before it are truly delightful – they did a wonderful job and there is an evil sort of chemistry between them. This is definitely something I will have to explore with them further.

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions.

Here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Snooping Spy – Stripped and Interrogated

If you like a little action with your stripping, this is a real treat. It takes real physical acting to pull off anything resembling a decent action sequence, and Stephanie and Meredith both do quite well. They also had a blast doing it.

The trickiest part was the part where, while Stephanie is disarming Meredith, Meredith grabs Stephanie’s gun, pushes her to the ground and runs. That could have resulted in bruises and a not very convincing set of moves, but incredibly, they pulled it off perfectly in the very first take. I was going to put in some stills from that part of it but there were already plenty and to really do it justice you want to see it in the video in motion. I am definitely going to have to do some more action sequences after this one, as it certainly livens things up.

Feedback, as always, is appreciated. I’m particularly curious to hear any regarding this one given its rather ambitious blend of story, action, a shootout, and then a kick ass capture and interrogation where Meredith looks genuinely terrified as to what she is in for. Enjoy.

Here are images from the video (which can be directly linked through here🙂

Double Stuck – Take Three

There is something to be said for simplicity. There is a simple purity to my “Stuck” videos, abstract though they may seem, in that it does not really matter exactly how the poor women get stuck, it just matters that they are and that someone decides to take advantage of the situation with a little de-pantsing. I also like that the clothes don’t really come off, they just get pulled to the ankles, where they are still there, and so close… and yet totally useless for covering up the vital bits – namely, bare ass and genitals. They also act as a sort of bondage of their own, as they limit movement (not that it matters so much when you are stuck).

Another fun thing about these videos is the opportunity for some interesting angles and a thorough visual enjoyment of the predicament. With this video in particular I got some very interesting angles and shots (which are only hinted at in the preview pics). As an aside, the conversation between Stephanie and Meredith is interesting as well as they discuss their situation.

So lay back and enjoy. Images are here and the video can be direct linked through here.