Real Estate Robbery Duet

This one was fun. I particularly liked George’s little flourishes, stealing little things here and there from the house, even though that is arguably pointless given that they just outright rob the real estate agents later.

This is the last of the first series of real estate related videos that I have done. I shot it a while ago now, but the queue for videos is a long one. I actually have a whole new series with a slightly different real estate theme that I will be starting to release soon. They are a fun one and I look forward to letting it loose. In the meanwhile, enjoy.

As always, feedback of any kind is welcome. As are suggestions, ponderations, and musings.

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Samantha Caught Naked from the Bath

Simple in execution and story, but always fun, are the scenes involving baths and lost clothes. In this case, the clothes aren’t really stolen, just made inaccessible by a pesky door that just seems to want to close and lock when most inconvenient for a wet, naked, lovely woman. And just in time for some unwanted spectators, male and female.

There isn’t too much to say about this one that wouldn’t be obvious. One thing that does spring to mind is that Samantha, with her long, luxurious hair, actually dunks it all the way into the water, making it a real bath and a real washing. Hair like that takes forever to dry, so I must admit that I was hesitant to ask her to fully dunk it. In fact, I didn’t ask for that at all, she just went ahead and did it anyway, which gives the whole thing a more natural look and flow. Truth be told, I was rather surprised when she did it, but I am quite happy with the result. I am sure you will be too.

As always, feedback welcome – either for this video, or for in general. I always read every comment and take them all to heart. I have gotten many a good idea from them. I implement every idea I get as soon as circumstances allow, though it may be some time before they show up here given that I have plenty of videos done, but not yet released. It is always fun to finally get one out there that has been germinating for a while. Like this one! Enjoy!

Images from the video (which can be direct linked through here):

Swimsuit Caught in Locked Door and Pulled Off

This one was fun to shoot and the shot with getting the swimsuit caught, and then once caught, it completely coming off as Penelope tried to get free was all done in one shot, first try. It came off beautifully. I am going to have to make more concepts like this as well. There is just something about string bikini swimsuits (and panties in general) that just makes you want to see them pulled loose – or in this case, see them get caught in something, and then pulled off. Judging from various things one sees posted online, swimsuits coming loose like that are not exactly uncommon. And thanks to the miracle of camera phones, we now get to see them when they happen.

I am, as always, welcome to suggestions as to what to shoot. I do try to shoot every suggestion I am given, though obviously the more elaborate or specific it is, especially with models or scene, the longer it will take to get to it, for obvious reasons. I do keep track of them all, and have a nice little catalog of suggestions. And some of those have already come to fruition.

I also am open to criticism as well. I do not claim perfection in anything I do. I try to do the best I can and get better with each video. I am also curious to hear about feedback about the little things – like are there any particular shots you like in a given video. I try to find at least a few interesting angles or shots for every one, though for some, like the Reporter series, the angles tend to be set by that particular genre.

Now enough about this, enjoy the video (which can be direct linked through here):

The Reporter – Phoenix’s Strip Search Pat Down

I just realized that it has been about three whole months since I have released a strip search pat down video. So I suppose it is about time that I did. I do still have plenty that have been done that are not yet out. What is exciting about most of those is that they include elements that have been asked about here before (in comments). So finally, without much further ado, here they were. What you will see here that was requested is a lot of digging around in pockets to find contraband – and there is plenty of stuff to find, though perhaps none of it is truly contraband (lucky for the lady strip searched!)

It is funny that I did not think of looking much in pockets myself. I could claim it was because women never seem to have any pockets in their clothes, but that really isn’t true, since I tend to forget that – what use are clothes with no pockets! But once clued into this, it does make for some interesting shots. Digging deeply into one’s pockets, particularly when those pockets are in tight jeans, requires something akin to groping in its own right, beyond the groping that one can call a pat down. It also gives some interesting possibilities for what might be found therein. That gives me some more ideas for the future, now that I think about it. Just in case what I am thinking is not what YOU are thinking, feel free to offer suggestions. After all, as this video shows, suggestions DO get incorporated into videos, even if it does sometimes take a while for them to show up live.

So now, without any MORE ado, here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Forced to Strip at Job Interview

I have already done many scenarios where you see office workers put up with far more than they should at work because they fear losing a job. This video takes a look at that on the front end – just what are people willing to do just for the chance to get a job in this economy. I think having all three of them interviewed at once makes it more interesting. Here, you can see where competition can spur all of them to do something that they may not have done alone. What better way to contrast oneself against other candidates than by being the first one to fall in line, as it were.

Another fun thing here is that none of them know what questions are coming next – George just had a great deal of fun with it. One wonders just how much their answers are real or how much they are just playing along to stay in the running. They certainly had me convinced many of those answers were genuine.

Again, enjoy – here are some pictures (for the video which can be found through here🙂

Strip Poker

This week brings three totally new faces (and two new bare asses) and one relatively new face and bare ass, though you will have to see it through to the end to see if it ends up bare this time. This week also includes as one of the new faces something only occasionally seen here – stubble – as in, a male face. George is here, adding to the embarrassment factor of one or more lovely ladies ending up sans panties.

Also something new is a game of sorts. Of course, it isn’t real poker, and it remains to be seen if it is even the way strip poker is played, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter what the rules are as long as they are consistent and they give everyone a chance of ending up naked. This whole setup required a lot more shots to make it interesting and show the players and their hands. It was therefore fun to shoot, even though it took a while.

As always, I am interested in feedback – what people like, don’t like, or would like to see. I’ve wanted to do a strip poker scene for some time so it was fun to finally get one in. Enjoy!

Here are some images (for the video, which can be direct linked through here):