The Reporter – Gypsy’s Strip Search Pat Down

As promised, here is a return to the Reporter series with a strip search pat down of Gypsy wearing tight leather pants. Let it not be said that I don’t take suggestions to heart. I actually never thought much about using leather clothes before it was suggested, but when I found these pants and saw how they looked worn by various models, I must say, I liked how they looked. Of course, they look even better having those pants slowly peeled down, revealing panties… and then having those panties rolled down is of course the best.

There is little pretense here, it is really just getting Gypsy to where she is going to be stripped, searched, patted down, and humiliated, as the pat down is more naked groping than anything else. But then, that is what this particular series is all about.

The angles, from behind, from the side, from below, are all here, of course. They are what make this sort of strip search special and interesting to watch. And of course, having done it with some models, perhaps I should do it with more… stay tuned.

Here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Model Showcase: Lexi Amiss

I have only had the pleasure of shooting once with Lexi Amiss thus far, but it was definitely a good experience. She was prompt, and willing to dive right in, which is always appreciated. She was no stranger to being naked on camera, which is why I found something so amusing to start with.

When she first arrived, before Aiya was there, we discussed wardrobe and she showed me the considerable wardrobe she brought with her. I wanted to see some of it on her, so I selected some office items and asked if she could put them on. Then, despite the fact that we were minutes away from shooting where she would soon end up completely naked, she demurely went to the other room and changed. She did this with every wardrobe change before we started. Which just goes to show that even a seasoned nude model can feel some level of embarrassment or modesty when it comes to getting naked in front of someone she does not know. So perhaps she is not quite as comfortable being naked as one might think. Of course, that just makes watching videos where she is forced to strip a little bit more delicious.

And speaking of wardrobe, she had an extensive collection, which is always much appreciated. It amazes me the number of models who don’t have even basic wardrobe items. But I guess you have to start somewhere.

She made for an awesome boss getting revenge on a former boss. As I’ve said before – on-screen motivated revenge is a delight to watch.

I may shoot with her again as schedules permit.

Here are her lovely videos (which can be direct linked through here):

More Office Trouble – Part 3

More Office Trouble – Part 4

The Reporter – Strip Search Pat Down

The Reporter – Forced Stripping Interrogation

The Reporter – Aiya’s Strip Search Pat Down

The Reporter – Aiya’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

The Reporter – Naked Prisoners

Office Dress Code – Panties Off – Part 2

Here is the exciting conclusion. I must say that I found it terribly amusing to see how Stephanie played out this one. She has been in plenty of office stripping scenes before, so it is fun to see that her “character” as it were figuring out that it is better not to fight it. So she ends up managing to keep her clothes in the third act even while Kayla loses most of hers and poor Meredith loses all of hers. It is tough to be held responsible for everyone else’s mistakes!

Gypsy makes a properly imposing boss. She is gorgeous and really does “bitch boss” extremely well. She looked so natural at it, and she was great at giving stern looks that tell a peon worker, “do as I say or else.”

And of course, Gypsy looks extremely good naked, particularly with her hands cuffed behind her back. There will definitely be more of her to come.

As always, I welcome any feedback, good or bad. Also, let me know what models you’d like to see more of, and in what roles. I have more productions lined up, along with a lot of exciting material already shot. Stay tuned!

Here are some images from this second half (the video can be found through here):

Office Dress Code – Panties Off – Part 1

It is always interesting to work with new models. You never quite know how it will go. While you certainly know what they look like (for the most part) you won’t know how they will be at acting or how they will interact with the other models. Well, this isn’t entirely the case – for models who have done video before, I can see their work in that fashion (sometimes). But many of the models I work with have actually never done video before, or have done very little.

So it was an interesting treat to work with three new models at once (and one old standby – Rocker Doll, who is good, as always!) Everyone got along great and there was some good chemistry onscreen as well.

Kayla Ocean has done plenty of print modeling but little video. She dived right in. Gypsy Harper also had not done any video. She is a classic beauty and she is especially good at being a bitchy boss. You can definitely see employees falling into line behind her metaphorical whip. And Sea Legs (who was going by Pixie Dust at the time here, thus the moniker in the video) is just adorable. She also dived right in. More will be seen of all three of these beauties. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, for their debut, Gypsy does a wonderful job as the Boss in Part 1 of this two part video. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, in that you know something bad is in store for them all as they march back toward Gypsy’s office to demand their panties back. (Well, everyone but Meredith demands it, but one gets the feeling that she will still have to pay a price for their “insolence.”

In the meanwhile, here are some images of this video (which can be found directly through here):

Door-to-Door Revenge

Alexandria once again brings the crazy back… or rather, Stephanie does, when she brings Alex back for this sequel. This one was particularly fun to shoot because of the three clothed girls using the naked Alex as target practice. They came up with an interesting scoring method. Also interesting to me was Stephanie referring to Alex’s pussy as a “cooch,” a term I am not sure I had heard before then.

While the targeting is just with spitballs, I did briefly consider whether different items should be used for that. But as it turned out, the spitballs, though small, showed up quite well. And the girls’ aim was very good. One of them stuck right near a nipple. Another I think stuck near her belly button. And Stephanie, I believe, nailed Alex right in her pussy.

As an aside, it is lovely that the room had over the door the apparatus that is just perfect for handcuffing hands above the head. I have used it a few times before, but this time was even more fun with the target practice.

Also worth mentioning, as I usually do, is that this is another revenge scenario where the motivation was a prior video. So the motivation is there for all to see.

Now, without further ado, are some stills from the video (video linked through here):

Office Trouble – Full

I had forgotten that I had never put up a post about this particular video. So now that oversight has been remedied.

In my mind, this is an old classic, in that this was the very first office scenario I ever filmed. Sara Cole (also known as Lena Cole) does the crazy well – she reminds me of Alexandria Von Strutter in her ability to crank it up to “11” so to speak.

The scenario itself is one that I repeated and expanded upon. Also there is the absurdity of the clothes being gone – down the incinerator, as it is. Also nice is to see is where one model takes another’s clothes to clothe herself. A more interesting scenario would be this outside, perhaps with an escaped prisoner, which has been suggested to me (and I think I have seen one of those out there).

As with all of the office scenarios, a desk in a room has sufficed for an office. One of these days it would be nice to have a full office suite to play with for filming. Alas, I do not have one. I have looked into renting one, but finding one that is both reasonable to rent and also will afford enough of a privacy window to shoot without trouble is a challenge.

As always, I am looking for feedback. I will also do custom videos if you want to spend the cash to do so. I will still keep and release the videos here, but you will of course get your own copy and you will be able to see your scenario brought to life relatively quickly. While I try to also do videos by suggestion, there is no guarantee when those will be produced and then when they will be released. A custom I will try to do ASAP and get to you immediately upon completion.

Finally, a little preview – I am going to start doing additional posts here more often on things other than just the latest video. One series I am going to start is one on each model I have worked with. So stay tuned…

Here are some stills from Office Trouble (which can be found through here):

Interview for the Sheik – Sara

Having warmed up with the first interview, Alexandria comes up with even more probing and embarrassing questions to ask Sara. Sara answers them all, of course, but watch for the sometimes shocked expression on her face after hearing some of the questions.

I must say, having worked with many models now, that all of them have done a decent job of “acting” as it were, for these videos, but some of them have a special gift for it. Alexandria is one of those special ones. She did a wonderful job as the interviewer here, and as you will eventually see, she did a great job with some other scenarios as well. Stay tuned for that.

This brings me to a more general thought when it comes to acting for these videos. Given the nature of my process, it generally isn’t possible for me to do an acting audition with a model before shooting with her. Which is fine, since all of them have done ok in that area. But sometimes, for certain scenarios, you really need a particular set of acting skills, and there’s no way to know in advance what a models skill will be unless (as has been the case for a few) the model has other videos up that I can actually see. Otherwise, I need to shoot with a model once (or sometimes more) before I really get an idea as to what they can do. That in turn allows me to plan to “cast” a given shoot accordingly. So in that sense, every first shoot with a model is an audition of sorts. It makes it much easier to plan where there is a known quantity (not only with acting style, but also with whether the model will be reliable and show up… that could be a whole different post.)

That said, another part of the planning process is feedback. I am genuinely curious to know what you, my audience, think of the videos, what you like and don’t like, and what you would like to see more of. I read every comment (not like it is hard to keep up) and have used the suggestions therein. For example, there was a request for a pat down with leather pants. Well, guess what is coming soon?

So if you would like to see something in particular, see more of a particular model, see more of a particular scenario, or just make general suggestions, please comment. You can comment anonymously, as many do. Now, sit back and enjoy the show.

Here are a few images from this video (which can be accessed through here):

Hiker Robbed of her Clothes then Handcuffed

What a joy it was to get outside again, with green on the trees instead of bare branches. The only downside was the bugs, which are sometimes apparent in the video. But no matter, the trees were beautiful, and Stephanie was especially gorgeous walking out there naked, trying to hide behind the plants. That, of course, got harder once her hands were handcuffed behind her back.

One of the dangers of shooting out in nature is you never know what you will encounter. In this case, while we were on an ostensibly seldom-used path, three people (two men and a woman, all fairly young) happened to come down the path while we were shooting. So there was almost a real naked embarrassment and exposure shot there as they came up. Had I been thinking ahead, I could have caught that on video, though I did get the first few seconds of noticing they were coming. I couldn’t use that in the video, though, for obvious reasons.

Once they came up, we hid behind the trees, and may not have been noticed, except it was right by where Stephanie had taken her shoes off and I hadn’t picked them up yet, so they saw her shoes. Not wanting them to take her shoes (they commented on them), she came out of the trees and asked them not to touch them. Of course, she was completely naked at the time, and was trying her best to cover up behind the leaves. They noted this, and a rather amusing exchange occurred. They then went on their way. Unfortunately, they went further down the path, so a similar sort of encounter happened on the way back. For that, she just hid naked in the trees til they were past.

Then later, toward the end, we heard a bunch of what were probably teen boys doing skateboard jumps in the woods very nearby, so we had to move a bit to finish or they would also have gotten an eyeful.

But despite the risk and the close calls, it was fun and there are some absolutely gorgeous shots here. I got every good angle there is of Stephanie (and there are plenty!), and she looks quite worried about being seen naked… perhaps because she actually already was early on in the filming. And of course her worry went up considerably once she was handcuffed!

Without further ado, here are some sample images (and the video can be found through here):

Interview for the Sheik – Hope

In this age of sexual harassment lawsuits (and more importantly, genuine enlightenment as to such things) one would hope that being made to strip naked for an interview would be verboten. But in this case, the stripping really is part of the interview.

There is just something fascinating about watching a woman be asked some probing, or in some cases, deeply embarrassing questions while also made to slowly expose herself. In essence, you have a double exposure, as words can expose far more than the removal of clothing if they are the right words.

In some ways, while I have thought about doing this sort of embarrassing interview type shoot for a while, I did not do it because I hadn’t found just the right model to do the questioning. But Alexandria is definitely that model. She is quite good and manages to ask some pretty outrageous questions, surprising her interviewees. Sometimes the questions were so unexpected, they generated rather honest answers. Half of the fun of this is seeing not only what the answers are, but what the next outlandish question will be. Alexandria certainly delivers.

I think of this series of videos (there are three interviews done by Alexandria) is an experiment. It is definitely something I want to explore further, perhaps in some different ways. I have one way in particular that I have yet to do, but will eventually do (with luck). In the meanwhile, enjoy, and as always, I am interested in feedback. I am particularly interested for these videos because they are a bit different than the others thus far. Though I am curious to hear feedback on all of my videos.

Here are some sample images (for the video which can be found through here):