Model Showcase: Alexandria Von Strutter

Where to start? I know I have probably said some of this before (in the entries for her various videos) but Alexandria was truly a gem. She was a natural thespian, so she could just dive in with two feet into any role and do a kick ass job. I just had to tell her what I was looking for and then she was off. Timid, she was not. And she was very good at improvising and really throwing herself into a role. You can really believe she is totally crazy watching her go.

I would love to shoot with her again, but don’t know if that would be possible. She lives rather far away now and is quite busy with life, but if it could ever be arranged, I think she is game. But for now, we have the work she has done to enjoy. She was in only seven videos (and in the last she was only in it a bit, stealing clothes) but she makes quite an impression. She was the full package. Lovely, friendly, and very good at acting. Enjoy her work.

And before we get to her videos, just a small general note : yes, I am doing model showcase again. I never really planned on stopping it, but things just got so crazy I never really got back to it. I try not to do it unless it is for a model who has already had all of her videos released, mostly just so I know when I list the videos here it won’t become out of date. Maybe at some point I’ll bend that rule, but for now, I think it is a good one. And with now 40 models that I have worked with, there are plenty to choose from as this is only my fifth model showcase entry.

Here are her videos (which can be direct linked through here:)

Office Espionage

Interview for the Sheik – Hope

Interview for the Sheik – Sara

Interview for the Sheik – Stephanie

Door-to-Door Crazy

Door-to-Door Revenge

Clothes Stolen While in the Bathtub

Here are some more images of the lovely Alexandria Von Strutter:

Model Showcase: Tiffany Ray

Tiffany had no real prior acting experience, no improve experience, or anything like that to go on before she shot with me. She may yet have none. But what she did have was a willingness to just go for it and get into it.

Enthusiasm counts for a lot. What I also appreciated was her punctuality. It may perhaps surprise some to know that many models are not what you would call punctual. Some allowance can be made for those that have a long drive, but even then, one would hope that a person would plan accordingly. Tiffany had a long drive before every shoot and yet she was not only on time, she was a bit early every time. She said she always does that. Little things like that are very appreciated. There is nothing worse than waiting around for stragglers to show up when you have a shoot planned for a particular time. I appreciated Tiffany’s punctuality greatly – enough that it still stands out to me even now.

Tiffany was also quite good even when she was in a rather uncomfortable position, like when she was handcuffed with her hands above her head for the Real Estate Robbery Revenge clip. She had to be in that position for longer than the clip would indicate and she never complained.

So between her punctuality, her stoicism, and her ability to just dive right in, even when she really did not know anything about acting was really appreciated by me. Her clips include some of my favorites, including one of my early favorites, the Real Estate Robbery.

As always, feel free to comment, including whether you’d like to see more of her (or of any of the models in a model showcase).

Here are her clips (which can be found directly through here):

Office Intern – Part One

Office Intern – Part Two

Real Estate Robber

Real Estate Robber Revenge

Triple Stuck – WMV

Stephanies Clothes Stolen While in the Shower

Quadruple Hot Tub Clothing Theft

Ellie Clothes Stolen at the Hot Tub

Office Bet – Lost Panties and Skirts

Undercover Cops – Stripped and Cuffed

Swimsuits United and Stolen While Sleeping

Clothes Stolen While Naked in the Sauna

Here are some images…

Model Showcase: Lexi Amiss

I have only had the pleasure of shooting once with Lexi Amiss thus far, but it was definitely a good experience. She was prompt, and willing to dive right in, which is always appreciated. She was no stranger to being naked on camera, which is why I found something so amusing to start with.

When she first arrived, before Aiya was there, we discussed wardrobe and she showed me the considerable wardrobe she brought with her. I wanted to see some of it on her, so I selected some office items and asked if she could put them on. Then, despite the fact that we were minutes away from shooting where she would soon end up completely naked, she demurely went to the other room and changed. She did this with every wardrobe change before we started. Which just goes to show that even a seasoned nude model can feel some level of embarrassment or modesty when it comes to getting naked in front of someone she does not know. So perhaps she is not quite as comfortable being naked as one might think. Of course, that just makes watching videos where she is forced to strip a little bit more delicious.

And speaking of wardrobe, she had an extensive collection, which is always much appreciated. It amazes me the number of models who don’t have even basic wardrobe items. But I guess you have to start somewhere.

She made for an awesome boss getting revenge on a former boss. As I’ve said before – on-screen motivated revenge is a delight to watch.

I may shoot with her again as schedules permit.

Here are her lovely videos (which can be direct linked through here):

More Office Trouble – Part 3

More Office Trouble – Part 4

The Reporter – Strip Search Pat Down

The Reporter – Forced Stripping Interrogation

The Reporter – Aiya’s Strip Search Pat Down

The Reporter – Aiya’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

The Reporter – Naked Prisoners

Model Showcase: Pepper Kester

Pepper Kester is definitely someone special. She exudes raw sexuality and it isn’t a look or an act – it is just who she is. She loves to utterly devour other women, particularly women who have never been with another woman.

Pepper bragged that she went through every girl in her high school when she was in school, and I totally believe it after seeing just how she was with Ashley. Given how hot she is and how good she was at making Ashley nearly pass out from cumming so many times, I can’t imagine it was a bad experience for any of them.

It was a little surreal when she first arrived, as I had seen many of her videos. (Purely for research, of course). As a quick google of her name will attest, Pepper has been around and has done a lot of very high end, professional productions. So I was really appreciative of her coming to work with little ole me. She was very down to earth and a genuinely warm and nice person that anyone would enjoy just hanging out with.

Being such a veteran, I had to do little more than give a quick indication of what each scene needed and she ran with it, also taking the lead with Ashley. Before I tied Ashley down and left her at Pepper’s mercy, Pepper calmly explained to her the concept of a safe word and what was going to happen. Such is one of the joys of working with a true, experienced professional. Particularly where at the time, I was just getting started and barely knew which end of the camera to point.

Pepper may be in my neck of the woods again soon, in which case I may shoot more with her. She has that perfect ass that I see many lovely red-heads have, for some reason. Ok, plenty of other women have that too, but I especially notice it with red hair. Maybe it is the soft, round, fair skin. In any case, I hope you enjoy her videos. A link to each of her videos can be found through here.

Ashley’s First Time Lesbian Experience – Part 1

Ashley’s First Time Lesbian Experience – Part 2

Ashley’s First Time Lesbian Experience – Part 3

Office Slave – Part 1

Office Slave – Part 2

Office Slave – Part 3

Sleepy Head

Model Showcase: Rose Lorali

Rose is a very lovely girl who was very new to modeling when I shot with her. She had never done any video at all. In fact, she may never do video again, as she really prefers to do stills. It is not hard to understand that, in that the still pictures I’ve seen her in, even the more candid ones, she looks very lovely. Her pale white, perfect skin and her often-red hair (which goes well with her name) make for some truly beautiful images.

For not having done video before, she does a decent job acting in these. It was perhaps helped by the fact that, never having done video before, I think she was nervous about it. So she gives a good, natural performance.

For the short shots outside (from the end of the hot tub series), she was nervous as well, though even more so, she was freezing, as it was very cold and she was already not feeling well. I was quite impressed that she did it without complaint, other than to note after she was cold.

It should be noted that when she came to shoot, she had just gotten sick and was not feeling the greatest. There are many models who would have just bailed because of that, or given a half-hearted effort. But not Rose. She dove in with both feet and still came, despite many travel issues and despite not feeling the best. For that, I have always been very appreciative, especially because of what the shoot led to.

This shoot really led to the successful launch of my site. I had shot some stuff before, but was not quite sure where I was going with it (having just started with shooting at all). My shoot with Rose (and Aiya) in the hot tub place, followed up with More Office Trouble and the Stuck clips, really set the tone going forward. I had thought I would shoot mostly with solo models doing POV shoots stealing clothes and what not. That was how “Jogger Robbed of her Clothes” was shot, my first video. But with Rose here and Aiya becoming available, at the last minute, I decided to shoot everything with both of them in it. It makes for a much more interesting dynamic that way. And as can clearly be seen from the videos since then, with only one exception I can think of, they all involve at least two, and more often three, four, or even five models. Now, that makes for an expensive shoot, for sure. But that is another issue entirely (and one I won’t get into now). Suffice it to say that I don’t think I would have the site I have today were it not for the shoot with Rose (and Aiya) and so this shoot, especially “Hot Tub Clothing Theft”, is what I think of when I think back on opening my site.

In closing, I just want to say that I really enjoyed working with Rose and would again, though I likely won’t, since she does not really do video. Then again, that makes these all that more precious, as they may be the only videos she ever makes. In any case, she is still doing still modeling and doing quite well at it. Given her look and especially her drive and attitude, she will likely be very successful at it.

Rose is in the following videos (which can be directly linked through here):


Double Stuck

Hot Tub Clothing Theft

Sauna Clothing Theft – Rose’s Hot Tub Revenge

Double Hot Tub Clothing Theft

More Office Trouble – Part 1

More Office Trouble – Part 2