Panties Pulled Off and Groped While Sleeping

Sometimes simple is best. I’ve always liked the look of sleeping in a short tank top and skimpy panties. Thinking of this made me think back to college days when this was how many women slept in the dorms – and how they looked when we all had to go outside for a fire drill. It was enough to make one tempted to just pull that fire alarm on purpose… but of course, that would be wrong. Now there would be a fun video to do. I wonder if there is a dorm for rent for a reasonable price.

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Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Miia Gore – Stuck

This is back to one of the basics, one of the first concepts I shot in the genre. It is simple and rather silly, to an extent, but sometimes simple is best. I do plan to go back and explore this particular concept in greater detail and with more specific (and less abstract) means of actually being “stuck.” But for now, here’s some retro.

As always, suggestions are welcome. I save them all and my intention is to do them all, eventually. Some require particular locations or even particular models, which of course makes it harder to arrange. But I like to push my creativity and I am also curious what others might be interested to see. With suggestions, not only am I looking for concepts, but tell me about shots, angles, images you would like to see. The more specific you are with such particulars, the more likely you are to enjoy what finally comes out. And again, I am curious what you all are interested in. Now, without further ado…

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)