Bondage Torture Massage

Sometimes you just can’t control what happens when personalities take precedence over concept. This video was conceived to be more sensual (if a little on the crazy girlfriend side), but once Mia Vallis had Meredith tied up naked and at her mercy, she just couldn’t help but make it less about massage and more about torture. Meredith goes with it, though I am sure she would have enjoyed a massage (as would we all…)

In the end, Meredith got quite a lesson from Mia (not just from this, but from Mia’s BDSM tutorial which was that same day). As is true with all of their videos together, their chemistry is great fun to watch.

Without further ado, here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here🙂

Mia Introduces Meredith to BDSM

Ever since Mia first dominated as the Bitch Boss from Hell Meredith was curious about the whole bondage and domination scene. She had never done any of that before and seemed to naturally take to the submissive role when Mia went all out Dom on her as the Bitch Boss. So of course, I was curious if she wanted to explore that theme further; she did. When Mia came back and shot with Meredith again the stage was set. In addition to the other videos we did, Mia agreed to give a little intro to BDSM to Meredith. This is that video.

This video is obviously very different from the rest in that it was not contrived in any way – this is Mia being Mia and Meredith being Meredith. (This is not unlike the videos with Pepper and Ashly where Pepper introduces Ashley to lesbian sex and where she also introduces her to forced bondage orgasms). I just set up the cameras and watched with interest as Mia literally showed Meredith the ropes. Mia is a firm, yet also gentle Dom, telling Meredith what she needs to know while gently pushing her to show her her limits and what it is all about.

What results is a lovely video that shows a true intimate moment between them. And after the bondage lesson is over, they snuggle together (Meredith still naked) while Mia explains more and Meredith asks questions, wide-eyed and curious. There was so much back and forth like that it was difficult to give it justice in the video description. It reads more like a transcript than anything else, though I could not put everything in there (nor would I really want to – it is more fun to just watch it and see how it unfolds).

So sit back, and enjoy. Here are some images (which of course cannot do justice to a video like this) and the video, as always, is through here:

Sleeping Mia Stripped and Bound Naked to the Bed

Mia looks particularly lovely completely naked with her arms and legs tied to a bed. Of course, Mia looks lovely in any pose or position and in any state of dress. She also looks ripe for tickling, but alas, could not be here (well, except for a little bit…)

I think Mia and Meredith have good chemistry together. They are an interesting pair to match up, given their differing statures, and Mia’s particular brand of domineering (over women at least) personality. That is what makes all of the videos with both of them together particularly fun to watch. Speaking of their chemistry, there is a bonus update in the works that will showcase that rather beautifully. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here🙂

Sleeping in Babydoll Nightgown when Stripped and Robbed

As I have mentioned before, with Mia Vallis, all you really need to do is set the scene and let her do the rest. She is truly a sight to behold. I think one can see genuine fear in Meredith’s eyes as Mia pulls her about and yells her demands at her. Mia is the definition of domineering, made all the more manifest by her towering stature combined with her even more towering and firm personality.

Also what I like about this video is that there are all sorts of little shots that I think came out just beautifully. Lovely angles, things that I only tease at with the sample photos below, but which are well-described in the text for the video. Shots of Meredith’s ass and pussy from behind. Angles of her sitting, her legs curled up, on the floor. Her looks are priceless, and the angles are wonderful. For me, nice little shots from different angles are what really make a video memorable and a favorite. This one has lots of nice little shots that I think really make it beautiful in a way that just makes me smile.

As always, I welcome feedback. I read it all and take it all in, though sometimes it may take a while to manifest. Fear not; it is all there.

Without further ado, here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here🙂

Mia Ambushed Naked in the Bath and Cuffed

I must admit I am always in awe of just how amazingly perfect Mia Vallis’s body is. She has perfectly proportioned breasts, a perfect ass, and all in a statuesque, tight, tall, toned body capped off with the cutest face and a warm smile. Not that every model isn’t cute and lovely to behold – but one seldom finds it all in such a tall package.

Musings on her form aside, this is another fun ambush video. I will never tire of all of the uses one can have for handcuffs. They make for a very sturdy form of bondage that can be quickly put on and thus quickly eliminate any means a naked lovely woman may use to cover up her form.

Having a room with a big gurgling tub I just had to take advantage of it and use it for several different scenarios. As I recall, this may be the last of them from this group. So enjoy seeing Mia’s naked, wet, dripping body here because it may be a while before you get to see it in such a state again (at least here).

As always, I welcome input and suggestions and criticism.

Images for this video are here (and the video itself can be found through here):

The Reporter – Mia’s Strip Search Pat Down

As it may be apparent by now, every model gets a chance to be a reporter… some more than once. It is always fun to do and there are lots of interesting angles. One question I do wonder about is, in addition to if there are models anyone would like to see go through this sort of search (with some variations of course, because I don’t want to just do the same thing with the same model) – and I do want to know about that – I also wonder if there are favorite models to do the searching.

In any case, this is particularly interesting to watch because Meredith is so short while Mia is so tall – Meredith could almost just climb Mia like a mountain (and I’m sure she would enjoy doing so!) There is just so much of Mia to explore. I must admit she has a particularly lovely ass and I think she is the most perfectly proportioned tall woman I have ever seen. Fortunately, there is more of her to see in the months ahead.

Also coming up soon are some new faces and some new and interesting storylines with faces new and old. I do realize that it would be nice to have a change of scenery, and that will be upcoming as well.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here):

Meredith Caught Naked in the Bathtub at Knifepoint

Mia is doing here what Mia does best, and that is dominate. And Meredith meekly goes along (as she knows what is good for her). As I look at this, I also realize Meredith is quite lucky to be so short – she can fully stretch out and enjoy just about any bathtub or hot tub. Mia does not have that same luxury. Perhaps that is why she is so hard on Meredith as she relaxes in the bath…

Here are some lovely images from this clip (which can be direct linked through here):

Mia’s Clothes Stolen While in the Shower

Mia goes all out in this one, really taking a full shower, doing everything she does when showering, including washing and even conditioning her hair. She also pays special attention to washing her pussy, in part due to it being so recently pierced with a clit piercing that required some extra tender loving care.

And after the shower was over, Mia was genuinely cold, wet, and miserable to be naked, and it shows in her face. It was not a warm room and she was literally dripping wet all over the floor with each step.

Now, everyone I shoot with is a beauty, but there is something about Mia’s amazonian form and her perfectly proportioned ass that is just a wonder to behold. Watching her strut about naked and glistening wet was a truly wonderful experience – an experience everyone can now share.

As always, feel free to offer suggestions. I find more and more that I use at least several (or more) suggestions every shoot I do now. I have quite a few videos in the pipleline, which is a wonderful luxury with such a frequent update schedule. 2014 is going to be a wonderful year. I have already shot with at least two new models that have yet to be seen here and I have at least a half dozen more scheduled to shoot soon. And, of course, there will be plenty of old favorites as well. Stay tuned!

Without further ado, here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Spy Captured, Stripped, and Interrogated in the Shower – Part 3

At long last (as if it was that long a wait) here is the third and final part of this epic series. As mentioned in the video description, watch for Mia’s reaction each time the water stream hits her pussy. She definitely had some trouble holding it in there because being bound with Gypsy aiming the stream right at her recently pierced clit, she felt every little pulse and gurgle of that water stream and she repeatedly got quite close to cumming. It is fun to watch her expressions of surprised pleasure and then frustration as the stream moves achingly toward, and then even more achingly away from her pussy. Watch Gypsy’s face as well.

And then there is the joy of seeing Mia’s lovely body spread out naked and bound, and dripping wet. She looks fantastic with the water running over her. She looks fantastic with it dripping off of her.

Then, for the final segment, when she is in the spotlight, so to speak, and she turns and pushes her ass out toward it as she struggles to escape, the light ends up giving a momentary oh-so-perfect illumination of her ass and her pussy from behind that is art-gallery worthy, in my humble opinion. Not my shot so much as just how lovely she looks.

So now, without further ado, here are some images from this last part of the video (which can be direct linked through here):

Spy Captured, Stripped, and Interrogated in the Shower – Part 2

As noted in part one, this is part of a three part, epic video. I won’t repeat my entry there but to note that there is a lot of great angles and shots across all three of these videos.

This video, part 2, is where the interrogation moves from Meredith caressing Mia with her eyes to Meredith caressing Mia with the blade of her knife. She goes over every nook and cranny and it was a delight to watch. For those who love feet, she paid extra special attention to both of Mia’s feet in turn. And of course, Mia’s breasts, nipples, and pussy also were not left wanting. Well, perhaps they were left wanting more.

It is interesting to watch not only Mia’s expressions, but to watch Gypsy’s as well as she watches Meredith’s slow caressing of Mia with the knife. Enjoy!

After this is the third and final part, where it is time to get wet…

In the meanwhile, here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):