The Reporter – Luna’s Strip Search Pat Down

This one is nice, simply because I think Luna looks so good with her cute ass sticking out as Dallyce gives her the treatment. I like her black pants as well, which do a good job of accentuating her lovely ass.

I otherwise find myself having little to add to this one. Which is probably a sign I need to come up with some more scenarios related to the reporter series, sort of like with how it started, where it led to interrogation and being taken prisoner. That did make them more interesting. So many ideas, so little time… more to come.

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Schoolgirl Gang Initiation

For this I thought it would be an interesting variation to have the so-called “innocent looking” schoolgirl outfitted women be the ones who were actually the menace. It was also a great showcase for Dallyce, who does menacing EXTREMELY well, as you will see here, as well as in future videos.

As always, I am open to commentary.

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Cops Cuffed and Pantsed

I hadn’t done a real “actiony” video in a while. I had a notion of a shootout where hostages are taken and that gets the cops to surrender, and thereby end up surrendering their panties. In fact, I have several variations on this theme I have been thinking of doing. This one was a rather basic one, at the end of a long day, so it was not as elaborate as I would like, but then, it is good to leave more for next time. What this videos DOES do is some pretty damn cool action poses (with an actual slow-mo intro) for the two bad-ass cops who come to the rescue of the rookie. And then there is a nice pantsing and handcuffing. I will never get tired of seeing hands cuffed behind a lovely woman while over her bare ass. This is no exception.

One bit of feedback I am curious about is how my various attempts at action sequences have fared. There are probably at least half a dozen videos where there is action and a shootout of one degree or another – I think all the rest of them are with shootouts outside. There are obviously great limitations using lovely ladies who are not stunt people and also given my rather meager budget for action, but I do try.

Now, without further ado, here are rather a lot of photos from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Stripped Naked While Playing an FRPG – Fantasy Role Playing Game

Fantasy Role Playing Games have come a long way since the 1970s, when Dungeons and Dragons was the only game in town. It went from being a niche thing (wrongly labeled as evil or wrong) to being a nerd thing to, to the great surprise of many, to being not only mainstream, but even a little cool. With that evolution the game has also gone from something just played by socially awkward teen boys in their basements to something played out in game stores and living rooms, including both younger and older players and, increasingly, including female players. There was some growing pains with that, as many of the socially awkward teen boys did not know how to relate to women. Before actual women played, they would sometimes do strange things with women characters in game. I am making a gross generalization here – and really, such things aren’t limited just to gaming. The fact is, socially awkward teen boys do this sort of thing in general. One hopes that with many more women playing, such things will be left by the wayside. I say all this to preface this video because this video is really a teen boy dream gone wrong (or right, depending on your point of view).

More female involvement in gaming is a very good thing. This video is really just a bit of fun with the notion of teaching the game to people who know nothing about role playing, and taking advantage of that ignorance in a rather extreme, yet fun way. Boys not only getting to game with women, but with beautiful women, in fact, with five beautiful women. And not only are they beautiful, but, through the machinations of the game, they all end up naked. Not just in game, but in fact. Now, everyone who has gamed eventually ends up with a naked character at some point. This was probably especially true in the early days, when there was some particularly nasty traps. One particular module comes to mind that was a real death trap that included teleportation of characters one way and all of their gear another, leaving them naked and helpless, all of their gear at the end of the dungeon. I’m sure that early trap inspired many more. And beyond traps, there is capture, where one wants to separate adventurers from their magic items.

The game may have changed (and there are many more games now – Pathfinder, various editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and even the super cool Hackmaster) but the desire by game masters to put their players into nefarious predicaments naked has not changed. This video is a fun exploration of that combined with real, lovely naked women, for a treat that probably no real game will ever see – five completely naked models playing a fantasy role playing game. Well, one like this, anyway.

I had a notion of doing a video like this for some time, but for various reasons it was hard to set up. For one thing, shooting with so many models is very expensive. Plus on top of the lovely women, this video also required at least one trickster male GM (and luckily I had two!) So for the longest time, this video was just a vague notion in my mind, one that I never thought would come to fruition. But then, the stars aligned and I got the chance and jumped at it. What resulted has got to be the awesomest thing any teen (or formerly teen) boy (and many girls) ever could hope to see sitting around an FRPG tabletop. I will likely consider this video to be a signature achievement for that reason. Everyone involved did a superb job, and the storyline itself, while contrived, actually fits many actually-seen sorts of predicaments one sees in playing an FRPG. In addition to the nasty teleport trap noted above, there are other tropes as well. The invisibility is actually my favorite in that it actually is the one that seems most logical. Outside of FRPGs, invisible people generally have to get naked to get the benefit of their transparency, their clothes being still visible. So in that respect, the invisibility trick is the one that is easiest to pull off because actually, to a non gamer, having to get naked makes more sense than what is typically seen in game.

Now, a warning to all the role playing purists – the game they play as described doesn’t actually really fit any real game system. In fact, really, the explanation at times I think doesn’t make sense, but then, that is to the ear of a gamer. The whole point is, the two would-be game masters are messing with the female players, making up rules as they go just to get them naked. So to the extent you might get upset about no particular system being followed, don’t. The point is about tricking the women into getting naked, not into teaching them the finer points of gaming. Though to be fair (and to make this the video that it is) there ARE some pointers that are actually good. The need to keep watches. The need to keep the party together and not go off on your own. And so on.

I could go on and on about this (and may add more thoughts later), but suffice it to say, I am extremely satisfied with this video and if I never made another video again, I would feel I had reached my pinnacle with this release. (But don’t worry, there are many many more videos to come…)

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Party’s Over – Revenge of the Wage Slaves

In my long tradition… no bad deed goes unpunished, and so here is the revenge of the two previously humiliated office mates from the earlier video, Price of Admission: Their Panties. In this, the two previous victims come to get their revenge on a hapless Margery. One might wonder why they go after her when the boss is the real culprit. Well, the boss is behind lots of security and so they really can only go after Margery. Margery, though, was also merely a pawn, so you really get to see the revenge of the worker bees over the bitchy queen bee in this one. In this age of rampant inequality, I am guessing that this sort of scenario is far more satisfying than what you might see in that silly under cover boss show. (Disclaimer: I’ve never watched it.)

Luna Vera does an outstanding job in this – she really likes to get into things. At times she would scream so loudly for help or for them to let her go I wondered if someone might actually call the police. She plays a good bitchy boss and also a good victim.

I have to say I found both this video and the one preceding it to be fun and interesting to do. I am always trying to think up new and interesting scenarios. One could almost call this one socially relevant (but not really…) given the aforementioned inequality and difference in power between employers and employees these days. For that reason this was also a little fun to do, sort of like the Rich Bitch Gets Stripped video was fun. (And of course Mia Vallis was very good in that one).

So without further ado, here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here🙂

Price of Admission – Their Panties

This one was a fun video to shoot. I really liked the concept. And while it would have been even more fun if there was actually a huge party of people, I think there was quite enough people to get the point across. In a way, a smaller party is more intimate and embarrassing because in a really big party, it is easy to lose oneself in the crowd, as it were, but at a small, more intimate gathering, you are going to be with the same people the whole night, and they are definitely going to remember you. Of course, it is even worse in the setting of a work party where you will see everyone at work the next day.

While this was not the first video with these models that has been put up, this was the first one we shot, and they all do an awesome job with it. Luna, as you will see in the videos to come, is very good at whatever persona she needs for the moment, be it domineering or scared and submissive. Dallyce and Kelsey do the deer in the headlights thing well as they realize what they are going to have to do. In later videos, they both show just how domineering they can be.

There is always a bit of chaos in shooting video, particularly without so-called professional actors, and the chaos is increased geometrically with the number of people involved, but with everyone here it was all under control and everyone does a great job. They went with it and it came out great. I look forward to releasing the rest of what we shot, though it will be some time before all of them are out. For now, enjoy this, the first real story video (the strip poker, while fun, was more of a game, fun though it was.)

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Another Round of Strip Poker

As noted in the description, this video is a departure from all of the others in that it is totally unscripted beyond the barest outline of what the rules for strip poker should be. I had some concept of a direction I could make it go, but then once it got going, it had a momentum all its own and so it just played out straight, with everyone genuinely trying their best to win – or at the very least, dictate who loses. The way it progresses it is really hard to see who the ultimate winners and losers will be – though with all of the clothes that come off of everyone, perhaps it is the viewer who is the ultimate winner. In any case, fun was had by all and it is interesting and fun to see just how fortunes ebb and flow until it comes down to the wire at the end and there are two losers.

I won’t say here who the big losers here – that is in the spoiler text on the page if you really want to know. The pictures here don’t really tell you who won as everyone lost most of their clothes by the end. Oh, and as should be obvious, everyone in this video is new to this site. Suffice it to say that you will see more of all of them – there are some great videos to come with them all, including, eventually, what I consider my magnum opus – or at least, what was a really cool concept that I finally got to shoot. Let’s just say it involves dice and miniatures and leave it at that for now.

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