Lindsey’s First Day – Trying Not to Lose It

There is a saying in show business about working with animals. Well, it doesn’t really apply here, but it did come to mind. This was inspired by Lindsey bringing along her bird for the shoot because there was no one to take care of the bird if she left her behind. So I got film of her playing with her bird, the bird doing tricks, and of course, as the object of blackmail material at her new job. The bird was reasonably well-behaved, not that most women would notice a bird when sitting at the office while naked from the waist down with Samantha Hayes going to town against their pussy.

I must admit that I wish I could have been under the table myself to see everything that was going on there, though the camera does get in there. Nothing was simulated here – I used a real bird, a real vibrator, and Samantha was really relentless in stimulating Lindsey’s pussy with that little vibrator. Samantha was under there the whole time you see it in the video and Lindsey was really trying her best not to lose it. Also not simulated, Samantha’s huge grin as she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She loved Lindsey’s pussy (and her tight, cute ass, and the rest of her for that matter). I always find that real, intense enthusiasm is what makes for an awesome video (see the First Time Lesbian Experience Videos and Office Slave videos (look for keyword Pepper Kester) for further examples of enthusiasm).

This video represents a milestone of sorts, in that it is the last of the videos from the group of shoots I was cycling through for updates for quite some time now. The next updates will be from shoots never before seen, including a lot of familiar faces (and asses and breasts and pussies) and some new ones as well. There are about a half dozen shoots with dozens of videos in this batch, including some truly breathtaking scenes and even some a little experimental. There are plenty of new favorites in this bunch, so I can hardly wait to get to them. But I am also enjoying releasing this video as I think it is also a favorite of mine – it is hard not to love Samantha getting to play with her favorite toy (which you could consider to be that pocket vibrator, Lindsey’s pussy, or both…) Enjoy!

As always, feedback of any kind welcome – feel free to comment on this video, or just things in general. Join the conversation!

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Bikini Swimsuits United and Stolen While Girls Passed Out Drunk

One of the lovliest inventions the world has ever seen has got to be the string-tie bikini swimsuit. It looks good just in itself, and it gives the small hope that maybe, just maybe, those ties will come undone and the wonderful beauty beneath will be exposed to the world.

So I always enjoy any video where a string tie bikini swimsuit can be showcased and, of course, where those ties get tugged just right and lovely breasts, ass, and pussy are on display. Here, we get a double dose, made even better with the two lovely ladies intertwined. And another of my favorite views at the end… the end. As in, bare asses, walking away from the camera.

Really, the themes in this video are simple, straightforward, and lovely to behold. I should do more. Oh wait, I already did.

As always, suggestions, comments, and observations on the world are welcome. I just recently did another shoot and in that I used many of the suggestions I have gotten here. I can’t wait to edit and post the new videos! Lots of great ones already done as well that will be up soon. Stay tuned.

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Spy Captured, Stripped, and Molested

I’ve always thought that the only orgasms worth having are real ones. I never saw the point of faking one in a personal relationship – what good does that do you, really? And on video, the rather obviously fake noise that many porn stars make I just find annoying. Very few people actually make noise in that manner, even those who are noisy when it comes to getting off. So in a video, either have a real orgasm or just don’t have one at all. Seeing someone enjoying the stimulation is enough. If it comes, well, it cums. While one can never know for sure except the person having the orgasm (or not), usually there are lots of tell-tale signs, the non-verbal ones, that show – and those are what make a video really hot. Not the moaning. The moaning sounds fake. In fact, fake porn video moaning may have slightly ruined real moaning, to the extent it might coincidentally sound similar to the fake stuff. So… what is the point, you may wonder? Well, just that I only want to film real orgasms and I let the models all know that. For a scene, I tell them, it is great if they do cum (if it is that sort of scene) but it is just fine if they don’t and no need to worry about faking it.

With the above in mind, it would seem that Samantha got to really enjoy herself in this one. She usually does, I think. So it is fun to watch her interrogation – and what it leads to. After seeing her delight in getting Lindsey off in the Test of Poise video, Samantha got her turn in this, and it is delightful to watch. It is also fun to see Samantha strapped and caught with a firearm to her pussy. The look on her face is priceless.

Love to hear suggestions, as always.

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Lindsey’s Job Interview – A Test of Poise

I have to say that this video is one of my all time favorites. It includes a lot of elements I like, all finally put together into one video, including one that is a first for me. Don’t read on unless you want spoilers – ok, of course you want spoilers. That’s why you read this, that’s why I put full video descriptions in. Which reminds me of something that I will get back to in a moment. First, this video.

Lindsey is just terribly cute, with the perfect, pert tight, yet rounded ass. That is my primary point of interest when I am looking at the aesthetics of a lovely naked female form. I just love a perfect ass, particularly seen from behind, bent over, or just standing with a perfect set of pussy lips visible between those cheeks. And here, Lindsey’s ass gets bared and seen from behind at a great angle for a good portion of the video. Even better, Samantha gets to play with those ass cheeks. And best of all, she plays up between those thighs with a vibrator (which is a first for my videos), relentlessly playing with Lindsey’s pussy and clit with it. You can see the raw delight on Samantha’s face as she plays. Samantha was not going to stop for anything. Back to that in a moment as well.

I want to take a second to praise Lindsey for being a real trooper. It isn’t easy holding a container of water on your head for so long. I did give her a few breaks, but for the most part, she just had to stand there and hold the water cup on her head almost the whole video (which is even longer than it appears, given the editing). It is not so much the weight, as just having your hands and arms above your head – they have weight of their own. It isn’t easy. She did it and didn’t complain. And she never dropped it, well, except once… getting back to Samantha. When I was taking a moment to set things up for a segment of the video, Lindsey was still standing there, hands on the cup on her head. It was not something that would be in the video as it was an adjustment period, but she kept it up there. And Samantha, bless her wicked heart, even though we were on a break from the video, she did not stop playing with Lindsey’s pussy with that pocket vibrator. Fortunately, I still had the camera on and so I caught what happened next. Lindsey’s knees went weak and she no longer could stand up, Samantha had to help her so she didn’t just completely fall over. Lindsey collapsed down into Samantha’s arms. Why couldn’t she stand anymore? Because Samantha made her cum, hard, and so standing became impossible. It is extremely hot to watch and also a bit of fun. But since it does not fit within the narrative of the video, I couldn’t leave it in there. But what I COULD do was include it at the end as an outtake, which I did in the video (it is mentioned in the video description but there it does not say what it is an outtake of).

So anyway, enjoy this video. It is one of my favorites and it ought to be yours too.

Getting back to descriptions as mentioned above. I might even post a separate post about this later, but I figured I would mention it now while I think of it. I have rather long descriptions for my videos. I do that because I like to let someone know, as much as possible, what they are getting if they buy the video. I try to be accurate and detailed, so it is clear. I thought that was only a good thing, but I’ve heard from some that they think my descriptions are far too long, that they just want to see the pictures. I do try to give an idea of the narrative from the pictures I capture and post from the video. I am curious what you all think about the video descriptions. So feel free to comment on that here – and as always, I am open to any other comments, suggestions, and remarks. I love feedback.

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Rich Bitch Lindsey – Stopped, Frisked, Stripped, and Groped

Now it is Lindsey’s turn to get the Rich Bitch rough treatment. Note how particularly good she looks wearing fancy business attire – she has such a lovely, pert little ass. Keep that in mind as there are going to be a few more videos where she rocks such an outfit that will totally blow you away – things I have not done before. But first, here is a little taste of what is ahead. Lindsey looking so cute and helpless as the rough “cops” feel her up rather blatently and cuff her.

I probably will explore this sort of theme more in the future, though for now, there is not much with it in the pipeline – maybe one more video with a group of Rich Bitches… but that probably won’t be out for a bit.

In other news, it is summer, and that means it is time to get in a fair bit of new videos produced. Which makes it a prime time for any suggestions anyone has to offer. I have already used so many of them, in large part and small, from just a few choice elements or wardrobe all the way up to entire videos. While there is often a bit of a time delay given when I produce a video and when it gets released, I do eventually work my way through all suggestions. And suggestions are free.

If you don’t have anything specific to suggest, I am always welcoming of comments and just general discussion of the videos or even general themes. Join the conversation! Spread the word to ENF sites as well – I occasionally have done so myself, but figure it is better to hear what you, the audience, has to say.

One last bit of news – I am working my way through the last of a cycle of shoots with this video and a handful of others. Once they are all out of the pipeline, a whole new rotation with a cycle of many new shoots will start to be released – with new themes, new models and some truly eye popping scenarios. Stay tuned!

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Rich Bitch Jemma – Frisked, Stripped, Groped, and Cuffed

Another Rich Bitch frisked video. I know there is at least one person who has been waiting a while to see this one. I don’t have too much to say about this video, mostly because of the lateness of the hour and a need to get sleep, but I wanted to get this out there.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. Don’t be shy.

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The Reporter – Phoenix Rose’s Strip Search Pat Down

Well, this is it… the last “Reporter Strip Search Pat Down” in the queue. (And she has quite a lovely ass…) This is not to say there won’t be more – I will do more when I shoot more with new models (which I am actually going to do rather soon). And while I do like the simplicity and great angles and views on these, I want to push the envelope and make them a little more interesting. The next ones will likely be a little more… intrusive, as it were. Don’t want those Reporters feeling like they are getting off too easy.

With that in mind, now is a particularly good time to offer suggestions as to what you would like to see in more of these – and don’t forget to say what you like of what is already in them as well. And as always, suggestions about things in general are also welcome. I am pouring through my Ideas folder now, and it has plenty of good ideas from readers like you – but there is always room for more!

On the horizon (as in soon) there will be some videos showing what happens next to some (or many…) of these poor Reporters who suffer the indignity of having their panties pulled down and their thighs felt up just to get an interview.

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Rich Bitch Samantha – Frisked, Stripped, Groped, and Cuffed

This one was fun to shoot – Samantha makes for an awesome “Rich Bitch” – she also looks like a pretty smoking hot slutty schoolgirl with that short skirt and thigh-highs. Jemma got particularly gropey here, as did Lindsey. As will eventually be apparent, all three of these models got their turn to be frisked and groped. While all of these sorts of videos include some groping, I wanted to turn up the intensity a bit with this one, so at times it goes from groping to more like molesting.

I still have about five videos I need to edit, and a whole bunch in the queue – so many good videos to come, though then every one is special. I welcome all feedback and suggestions. I am working on planning the next shoot, so if you want to try to get an idea in there or even a full video, just offer up some suggestions!

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The Reporter – Samantha Hayes’s Strip Search Pat Down

This was a long time coming, in that I usually have a strip search pat down for a new model in the first shoot. But no matter, it is worth the wait. Samantha is awesome, as she always is, and this particular pat down is a bit more heavy in the intimate groping department, which is also always fun to watch.

I should mention that what comes next… in terms of what happens to all these reporters after they go off for their promised interview, is going to be seen soon in a continuation of this series. So stay tuned.

As always, feel free to offer feedback. I read and save it all. I also save all suggestions in an ideas folder, and try to use them all. Of course, given the long queue of videos I have to release, it may seem like it takes a while to get to a particular idea, but I do get to them. And sometimes I even release something I’ve just shot as my next video, depending on my whims. I try to mix it up when I can.

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The Reporter – Jemma’s Strip Search Pat Down

This video marks the debut of Jemma Jordan. It is always a pleasure to get to work with a new model, and Jemma was no exception. One thing you will notice about this video (and all of them that she was in, come to think of it) is that they are a little more hands on when it comes to the usual pat down and groping. Or rather, a little more hands on in the more sensitive places. Just a little…

As always, I am glad for any feedback. I save it all. I save all suggestions as well. I intend to shoot them all, eventually. Of course, the more the suggestions fit within my usual locations and models, the easier it will be to shoot sooner, but I do like a challenge as well and I do want to shoot in more locations (though sometimes it is hard to do in the colder months!) So keep ’em coming! Anyone who wishes to just email me, you can put up a comment here with your email in it and I can keep it from publication and email you. I don’t put mine up on here just to avoid geting SPAMbotted.

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