Model Showcase: Lexi Amiss

I have only had the pleasure of shooting once with Lexi Amiss thus far, but it was definitely a good experience. She was prompt, and willing to dive right in, which is always appreciated. She was no stranger to being naked on camera, which is why I found something so amusing to start with.

When she first arrived, before Aiya was there, we discussed wardrobe and she showed me the considerable wardrobe she brought with her. I wanted to see some of it on her, so I selected some office items and asked if she could put them on. Then, despite the fact that we were minutes away from shooting where she would soon end up completely naked, she demurely went to the other room and changed. She did this with every wardrobe change before we started. Which just goes to show that even a seasoned nude model can feel some level of embarrassment or modesty when it comes to getting naked in front of someone she does not know. So perhaps she is not quite as comfortable being naked as one might think. Of course, that just makes watching videos where she is forced to strip a little bit more delicious.

And speaking of wardrobe, she had an extensive collection, which is always much appreciated. It amazes me the number of models who don’t have even basic wardrobe items. But I guess you have to start somewhere.

She made for an awesome boss getting revenge on a former boss. As I’ve said before – on-screen motivated revenge is a delight to watch.

I may shoot with her again as schedules permit.

Here are her lovely videos (which can be direct linked through here):

More Office Trouble – Part 3

More Office Trouble – Part 4

The Reporter – Strip Search Pat Down

The Reporter – Forced Stripping Interrogation

The Reporter – Aiya’s Strip Search Pat Down

The Reporter – Aiya’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

The Reporter – Naked Prisoners

The Reporter – Naked Prisoners

And so now comes the conclusion to the tale of two reporters. I wonder if there is interest in this clip just for the story reason of seeing the final fate of the poor reporters. I must admit, when I see multi-part stories, be they in clip form or other forms, there is always an element of curiosity to see just how it turned out. Cleverness counts there.

In this case, I don’t know that I would call this clever, except for the editing at the beginning as Aiya is thrown in with Lexi… by… a mysterious guard. But it can’t all be about cleverness. In this case, it is about the visuals of two lovely ladies who are naked prisoners, seemingly put on display for no other reason than to humiliate them and make them uncomfortable.

Here, it is not about movement, it is about stillness. It is about how long they can stand there, naked, exposed, with their hands above their head. But the shots are not still. I still covered them from many interesting angles which, in the end, is half of the fun of shooting – capturing a new and interesting perspective, smoothly integrated into the story you are telling on film.

Production note: A little later this week, I will release one big mega clip that includes all five of “The Reporter” films. They are sticthed together with a little explanatory text between each one, so you don’t need to have read the site blurbs to know what the storyline is. I almost considered just releasing that (with this final part) and not releasing the final part on its own, as it doesn’t mean so much without the other parts. But then I figured there was really no good reason not to release that on its own. And this allows anyone who is just interested in that part (especially those who have the first four parts) to get it on its own. After that, some fresh new faces (and bare asses) will be popping up here. Stay tuned…

Here are some stills from this clip:

The Reporter – Aiya’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

It will be fun to do a very intense interrogation scene with forced stripping. Not that this one wasn’t also fun, but there are so many deeper degrees one can go. This one started to head that way when Lexi gave Aiya a good hard slap on the ass – it ended up being so hard it left a very visible red handprint on Aiya’s ass. Nothing like enthusiasm and getting into the spirit of things! Perhaps I ought to run my own version of the Stanford Prison Experiment – but just with hot women like this. I am pretty sure I saw a film along those lines somewhere already.

In this, the storyline almost comes to a close. There is but one scene remaining, the one that (sort of) answers the question as to what happened to Lexi. Stay tuned for that.

In the meanwhile, feel free to comment – on this or any other video. Or about the site in general. I am always looking for suggestions, feedback, and critiques. I do this for the art, after all. I like to make videos that are interesting to me, both conceptually and visually. I like getting interesting shots and angles. As I stated in the first one of the interrogation videos, what inspired this was just how wonderful I thought a sweet ass would look hanging off of the edge of the little white table. And I was right…

Take a look and see for yourself…

The Reporter – Aiya’s Strip Search Pat Down

Symmetry is a beautiful thing. Literally. (Look it up.) So is seeing one beautiful woman stripped down and felt up by another, all for “safety”.

I don’t have much to say about this one – it is short and sweet, like the first. And it has all sorts of lovely angles, also like the first. I hope you enjoy it.

The Reporter – Forced Stripping Interrogation

It has been said that the art of interrogation is about stripping away a person’s defenses. And so what better way symbolically to strip them away than by stripping away one’s clothes, until one is naked and defenseless.

Of course, one wonders if this particular guard in this particular scene really cares about the answers or just wants to strip away the dignity of the reporter. It is almost worse (and perhaps more delicious) if it is unnecessary for any purpose other than that.

What I find most interesting here is the tiny little table that Lexi sits on for the interrogation. It seems tailor-made for a bare ass to be hanging off of its corner, with just enough surface to hold an embarrassed naked female as she sits and awaits her fate. Her bare ass looks so delicious sitting on the end of the table when viewed squarely from behind.

Here are a few images:

The Reporter – Strip Search Pat Down

There is something very sexy about seeing a woman get patted down, particularly by another woman. Of course, this is even sexier when the woman doing the pat down inappropriately uses her power to strip her charge of not only her clothes, but her dignity.

While this one is short, it is also sweet, and it captures the search, and the stripping, from all the angles, including a deliciously interesting angle from below.

One of the points of interest thematically is that the stripping in this little vignette is obviously unnecessary. It is done just to mess with the reporter. It brings to mind the more universal question, just what is a person willing to do for ambition. And in end, is ambition really worth the humiliation? I suppose Lexi may find out soon about that.

Here are a few stills to tantalize:

More Office Trouble – Part 4

There is just something about a woman in a business suit with a short, tight skirt, particularly with black thigh-high stockings, that is so ridiculously sexy. And when said suit and stockings are on a woman as hot as Aiya, it is scorching. It is almost a shame to have to see her take it all off–but then, that is also what we want to see. Because ultimately, what makes such scenarios as these interesting is the desire many of us have to see certain individuals we may have worked with slip out of their proper office clothes and into… nothing.

It isn’t necessarily that one wants to do anything else – though perhaps in some cases you do. But the realities of life (or one’s own particular attributes) mean that such things are beyond the possible. And yet – we can look. And even with the clothes coming off, all we are really doing is looking, and enjoying the aesthetic beauty that some lovely women are blessed with, be it by genetics, a severe workout schedule – or both.

In this part, Aiya not only loses her clothes, but her dignity, as Lexi makes her stand very exposed while Lexi all but ignores her. There is something sexy about that as well. I filmed Aiya from several different and interesting angles, including a favorite one, from between Aiya’s legs, looking up at Lexi as Lexi works.

I also especially like watching how Aiya’s ass moves as she makes the coffee. She has such a wonderful tight, yet round ass. If I were to commission a sculpture of the perfect female form, I think it would have her ass (and ok, the rest of her as well – she is lovely from head to toe). Of course, so is Lexi, but in this part, she is the one with the upper hand. And the clothes.

As usual, here are some stills:

More Office Trouble – Part 3

It is interesting to note the hierarchies of an office. They can vary somewhat, but one definite constant is that no matter how an office is organized, interns rate at the very bottom. That is not to say that interns aren’t always treated poorly – they aren’t – but even when they are treated well, they still get the crappiest jobs because, well, someone has to do them. Of course, when the job is getting clothes for the boss, well, that can really suck.

One obvious difference of note between parts 1 and 2 and what you will see in 3 and 4 is that it is a much better office arrangement. There is a manager’s desk, with a computer. Even the intern has her own desk, small though it is. (And I have seen interns stuffed into the most uncomfortable of spaces – often they get the empty office that is otherwise being used as storage – if they are lucky.) Of course, the only thing worse than being in an uncomfortable corner with a tiny desk is being there naked. So for this, not only do you see the intern at her desk working to start, she returns there naked at the end. This is also nice to see.

One supposes it is fortunate that everyone thus far at the company is close enough in size that they can swap clothes. Of course, that’s what happens if you only hire hot women as workers. Interestingly, one office I worked in, the hiring manager did exactly that. It was a project with multiple vendors, so there were other groups not from that company as well. I was in one of the other groups. The women hired for that one group came to be known as that manager’s “harem”. Mind you, there was never any indication (at least to me) that he was doing anything untoward. Not that I would have known if he was. And as far as I could tell, the hires were all competent. They just also all happened to be really hot. I can’t say I minded much when I worked with them.

And now, some pics from the video: