Schoolgirls Handcuffed, Schoolgirl Skirts Up, Panties Down

I must admit I like short, loose skirts. They are such a tease in themselves, with promises of a glimpse of sweet panties with every step. That promise is certainly fulfilled here.

I have to give it to Hailey and Kailey here – being handcuffed, sitting with your knees on the edge of a couch, your head on the back, was not very easy for them to do, but they did it. And they looked fantastic doing it. And what more can one ask?

This is I think the second time these schoolgirl “uniforms” have showed up in my videos. I got these and of course put them to good use. Expect to see more of them on various models in the future. As always, feedback is welcome.

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The Reporter – Kayla’s Strip Search Pat Down

Haven’t seen Kayla Ocean in a while… so now she is back… and it is her turn for a pat down. It had occurred to me that she had done many of these but never had one done to her herself. Solved!

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The Reporter – Kaylee’s Strip Search Pat Down

I have to say, I think I prefer this location for these pat downs. I am not quite sure why. Maybe it is it is because such a location was where I did the first of these. Certainly, it has a nice area for doing them in. Though the other locations are brighter, likely because of the white walls, I think the darker tones of this location lends itself to the subject matter. You don’t think of bright white, clean walls when you think of a third-world dictatorship (right or wrong).

Ok, enough random musings. As these particular videos are pretty straightforward – seeing one gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect (with some exceptions) I don’t have too much to add. I saw a comment on the previous one about how it is nice to see women in powerful clothes, like business clothes, stripped of their dignity. With that in mind, I have done a bunch of variations on this theme with just such a thing in mind. And soon I will be doing a few more. Also, it is a bit of a tease to mention this, since it will take some time for all of these to be released, but there are some videos with some of that theme that are not even strip search videos, but are a different sort of scenario altogether, including several in a new mini series. Enough teasing now, on to this video. As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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The Reporter – Hailey’s Strip Search Pat Down

These Reporter series clips really speak for themselves at this point. It is interesting to see how they evolved. Honestly, I did the first ones mainly because I had a shoot where a model didn’t show up (an all-too-often occurrance) and so I could not do what I had planned, and needed to come up with something I could do with just two models. The first two were part of an interrelated storyline, which is something I have thought about doing again, but haven’t yet simply because I tend not to have time and have so many other storylines I’d like to do in a given shoot. It may amaze some to learn just how long some of these clips take to shoot. These aren’t just turning the camera on and doing a straight shot of five or ten minutes for a clip (like generally most clips are). They involve lots of shots, angles, sometimes multiple takes, and so on, more like making a real movie. I think that makes them come out so much better, and more interesting, than most clips one buys, but it takes time, and lots of money (given the number of models and the fact that only a handful can be made in a day). But now I greatly digress…

These clips are nice in that they are a format and storyline I am very familiar with, that can be done relatively quickly, and I know what shots I want to do with them, having done so many. Some models I have shot with a lot also are very familiar with them and have played the guard role many times, which is also nice, as I don’t need to explain it to them. Some are quite good at it. So now, I am looking for feedback – about all of these clips. What do you like about them? What shots and angles do you like? What would you like to see more of? What haven’t you seen that you would like to see? Would you like more integrated into a larger storyline, like the first? I am always looking for feedback. It still amazes me that I get so little… one can always post anonymously. Here is your chance to give some input.

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Kaylee’s Turn: Hailey Handcuffed and Swimsuit Stripped at the Spa

The thing about revenge is, it can start a cycle of back and forth, escalating until things get really out of control. In other words, fun! In this case, Kaylee gets revenge by taking things up a notch, though not too far above what was done to her if you just consider the use of handcuffs and the addition of a “helper.”

It is also fun again to see stripping of a swimsuit from a handcuffed woman who can do nothing about it. One of the things I love about tie-on-the side bikini bottoms (and tops for that matter) is that they just look so lovely with those ties at the hips – though of course, they don’t always stay there for long. Just one gentle tug at those ties and the swimsuit is at her ankles. Kaylee here gives a gentle tug at both sides – she can afford to be slow and gentle as she has Hailey right where she wants her, handcuffed and helpless.

While this is the last of the hot tub hijinks with these two (for now at least) you will definitely be seeing more of them soon. Stay tuned. As always, comments welcome, suggestions welcome. Don’t be shy.

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Hailey’s Revenge: Kaylee Handcuffed and Stripped of her Swimsuit at the Hot Tub

As promised, here is more of both Hailey and Kaylee – as Hailey now gets her revenge for what Kaylee did to her from the last video with them.

I have said it before and I will say it again: it is always more interesting when you can see the motivations behind a scenario. Here, the previous little adventure shows why Hailey is out for revenge. And of course, as often happens with revenge, the ante gets upped. Kaylee is not just stripped, she is handcuffed. So she is not only naked, she can’t do anything about it and can’t get away. Of course, this can only ultimately mean one thing – Kaylee will have even more payback to dish out for the next time. And yes, there is a next time. Stay tuned.

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Hailey’s Clothes Stolen at the Hot Tub

It had been a while since I went to the lovely hot tub. It is a nice, big place with plenty of room to shoot, and that is not to mention the fact that it is nice and warm.

This is also two new models, Hailey Long and Kaylee Hurley, both of whom you will see more of! (In more ways than one.) So while the scenario may be familiar, both models are new and it is always fun to see just what a different take they will have on things. Hailey surprised me by grabbing the plant for cover. Carrying objects like that is a bit of a cliche in such scenarios – especially where they manage to somehow hide all the naughty bits. In this case, the plant does not, and of course, the thorns lead to her dropping it as cover.

So, without further ado – enjoy. Images here (for movie direct linked through here):