Schoolgirls Handcuffed, Schoolgirl Skirts Up, Panties Down

I must admit I like short, loose skirts. They are such a tease in themselves, with promises of a glimpse of sweet panties with every step. That promise is certainly fulfilled here.

I have to give it to Hailey and Kailey here – being handcuffed, sitting with your knees on the edge of a couch, your head on the back, was not very easy for them to do, but they did it. And they looked fantastic doing it. And what more can one ask?

This is I think the second time these schoolgirl “uniforms” have showed up in my videos. I got these and of course put them to good use. Expect to see more of them on various models in the future. As always, feedback is welcome.

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The Reporter – Kayla’s Strip Search Pat Down

Haven’t seen Kayla Ocean in a while… so now she is back… and it is her turn for a pat down. It had occurred to me that she had done many of these but never had one done to her herself. Solved!

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The Reporter – Merediths Strip Search Pat Down

Here’s another lovely entry into the ever popular reporter series. This time it is Meredith’s turn for an obnoxiously groping and unnecessary strip search pat down. While she does not say it, it would appear that Meredith may have almost liked to feel Kayla’s hands running up her and down her body. Watch how her hips move and you’ll see what I mean. And if you watch closely, it appears that Kayla takes the opportunity to get a little more intimate with her groping a few times. So perhaps it was Kayla who was really getting the enjoyment here.

In any case, sit back and enjoy. There will be more of these, of course, and even some new and interesting variations on this theme in the future – but that is some ways off at this point. As always, suggestions are encouraged. A few were incorporated into this one. Many more will be seen in the weeks ahead…

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The Reporter – Stephanie’s Strip Search Pat Down

As promised, here is another in the Reporter Strip Search Pat Down Series. As noted before, this really amounts to just a good excuse to get a delicious strip search pat down with plenty of groping from lots of interesting angles. While Stephanie was in one of these before, it was not quite the same as it was a video with both Stephanie and Odette Delacroix and the angles, while good, were not the full complement. Plus, Kayla Ocean is particularly good at the stripping and groping. I think she’d happily do much more if she could. Look closely to see just how much she tries to get away with. Finally, I think I will never tire of seeing Stephanie’s lovely bare ass.

The tight leather pants are evident here, as I have used for the more recent pat downs. I will eventually be doing some with regular jeans as well as some other suggestions for the pat downs I have gotten, though that is further down the pipeline.

I have a few other ideas in this genre that I will also be exploring at a later time. As always, I am open to suggestions. Store scenarios, for example, come to mind.

Without further ado, here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here):

Roommate’s Revenge

I’ve always liked videos where there is just one embarrassed naked woman (or even man) where everyone else is fully dressed. It adds contrast to the embarrassment. This can even be captured nicely in a still photo – I have seen many that are amongst my favorites that have just this sort of scenario. The beauty of video is that you can have embarrassment in motion and there is plenty of that in this video. I love it when the embarrassed naked female is hiding, running, jumping behind cover, all while bare assed naked, seconds away from discovery by multiple, comfortably clothed individuals.

Now as I’ve said before, it would be even more fun to do something like this out where there is chance of exposure in public, to many other individuals. But barring that, exposure to even just a handful of people even in a relatively enclosed area is embarrassing enough. Like if one is in one part of one’s own house naked when unexpected company comes over. Such things are actually probably somewhat common, especially as compared to some of the more outlandish scenarios in some of these videos.

I had a lot of fun with the angles in this video, with lots of interesting shots and views, particularly when Meredith is hiding behind the couch. One of the best is from directly behind her when she is leaning forward on her hands and knees before bouncing back. One could get all sorts of lovely ideas from taking in such a view.

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions. Enjoy.

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The Reporter – Gypsy’s Strip Search Pat Down

As promised, here is a return to the Reporter series with a strip search pat down of Gypsy wearing tight leather pants. Let it not be said that I don’t take suggestions to heart. I actually never thought much about using leather clothes before it was suggested, but when I found these pants and saw how they looked worn by various models, I must say, I liked how they looked. Of course, they look even better having those pants slowly peeled down, revealing panties… and then having those panties rolled down is of course the best.

There is little pretense here, it is really just getting Gypsy to where she is going to be stripped, searched, patted down, and humiliated, as the pat down is more naked groping than anything else. But then, that is what this particular series is all about.

The angles, from behind, from the side, from below, are all here, of course. They are what make this sort of strip search special and interesting to watch. And of course, having done it with some models, perhaps I should do it with more… stay tuned.

Here are some lovely images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Office Dress Code – Panties Off – Part 2

Here is the exciting conclusion. I must say that I found it terribly amusing to see how Stephanie played out this one. She has been in plenty of office stripping scenes before, so it is fun to see that her “character” as it were figuring out that it is better not to fight it. So she ends up managing to keep her clothes in the third act even while Kayla loses most of hers and poor Meredith loses all of hers. It is tough to be held responsible for everyone else’s mistakes!

Gypsy makes a properly imposing boss. She is gorgeous and really does “bitch boss” extremely well. She looked so natural at it, and she was great at giving stern looks that tell a peon worker, “do as I say or else.”

And of course, Gypsy looks extremely good naked, particularly with her hands cuffed behind her back. There will definitely be more of her to come.

As always, I welcome any feedback, good or bad. Also, let me know what models you’d like to see more of, and in what roles. I have more productions lined up, along with a lot of exciting material already shot. Stay tuned!

Here are some images from this second half (the video can be found through here):

Office Dress Code – Panties Off – Part 1

It is always interesting to work with new models. You never quite know how it will go. While you certainly know what they look like (for the most part) you won’t know how they will be at acting or how they will interact with the other models. Well, this isn’t entirely the case – for models who have done video before, I can see their work in that fashion (sometimes). But many of the models I work with have actually never done video before, or have done very little.

So it was an interesting treat to work with three new models at once (and one old standby – Rocker Doll, who is good, as always!) Everyone got along great and there was some good chemistry onscreen as well.

Kayla Ocean has done plenty of print modeling but little video. She dived right in. Gypsy Harper also had not done any video. She is a classic beauty and she is especially good at being a bitchy boss. You can definitely see employees falling into line behind her metaphorical whip. And Sea Legs (who was going by Pixie Dust at the time here, thus the moniker in the video) is just adorable. She also dived right in. More will be seen of all three of these beauties. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, for their debut, Gypsy does a wonderful job as the Boss in Part 1 of this two part video. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, in that you know something bad is in store for them all as they march back toward Gypsy’s office to demand their panties back. (Well, everyone but Meredith demands it, but one gets the feeling that she will still have to pay a price for their “insolence.”

In the meanwhile, here are some images of this video (which can be found directly through here):