Double Stuck – Redux

Yes, as I am sure I have said before, the general concept of the Stuck and Double Stuck videos was rather absurd. Not just the getting stuck, but getting stuck for a rather unremarkable pen. And yet finally, inspiration struck. What is something someone really would dig deep under a bed for. I was such a fool for not thinking of this before: the remote!

People will tear about a house looking for the remote rather than just walking up to the TV and turning it on manually. Now, to a certain degree, this is not a fair criticism, in that modern TVs and remotes are necessary for many cable boxes to do anything useful, like change the channel. Even so, a remote control is a much more realistic target than a pen. I should have thought of that before. Oh well, better late than never. And I must admit, there was something fun about making the original Stuck video not only an absurd situation, but based on an absurd motivation.

So now the question is, what point is there in doing yet another one. Well first, it isn’t the same two models as the other Double Stuck, and so that makes it of interest, as it is always interesting to see new faces (and more…btw, this video marks the introduction of SJRose to the site – you will be seeing more of her, in every sense of “more”…) But that alone was not interesting enough to me to do another “Double Stuck,” particularly where one of the models was in the previous Double Stuck. (Hi Aiya!) What is that other thing? Groping, of course.

The groping in question is not from some third person, but is between Aiya and Sara. It even makes sense, in that Aiya has good reason to doubt Sara’s claim that her own pants are being down. So feeling to confirm makes sense. Perhaps I should not be so concerned with this, given the subject matter, but even in an somewhat (or even more than somewhat) absurd-premise video, I like to make things make as much sense as possible. Suspension of disbelief can only go so far. The more genuine the motivations and actions, the more you can lose yourself into the storyline, such as it is. And then you can enjoy the embarrassment as you can perhaps empathize with it, or at least believe it.

Still, these videos push the limit of absurdity as far as what I would like to shoot. But they are still fun. Enjoy… You can see the a preview through here.

Here are some stills from this video: