Hot Tub Clothing Theft

One almost wonders why anyone would wear a swimsuit to a private hot tub place, particularly where the only other person there has seen you naked. Of course, we know why this is – modesty. Or perhaps the slight fear that, far from home, you will find yourself in a strange place without your clothes.

This is the situation Rose finds herself in this video. And not only is video-Rose finding herself naked and exposed for the first time, far from home – Rose the model is as well, as this is her first video. That to me is always interesting–made moreso, of course, by the fact that she is so lovely. Of course, so is her comrade-in-tub, Aiya. But then Aiya is also the one who steals Rose’s clothes and then leaves her naked and alone. Of course we don’t feel that bad for Rose, since now we know she gets her revenge later. But we can certainly enjoy Rose’s discomfort now…

I would have to say the most difficult part of editing this video was all of the lovely angles and shots that could not be included. Rose looks particularly lovely from behind, her beautiful bare ass in view, as she first walks into the tub. That was the hardest part to cut short – but have to serve the narrative and the edit flow, and can’t just film it all from one angle. In fact, multiple, interesting angles are one of the things that make films like this interesting. You really get a better sense of the exposure when it is examined from all angles. I will probably write more about this in a separate post at some point (with suitable examples). Probably the most interesting angle here is the shot between Rose’s legs, looking at the hot tub from the dressing room, as she tentatively heads out, naked, her swimsuit having been taken.

Without further ado, here are some lovely stills from this video:

Can find direct link to this video through here.

Ah, and now lastly, the archetypal embarrassed nude female photo:

More Office Trouble – Part 2

If one sets aside the absurdity of the “incinerator in an accounting office” situation, there is something in the way of poetic justice in making the boss who stripped an employee naked forced to give her employee her clothes (and thus her signs of status, as one would assume the boss’s clothes are better than an employee’s wardrobe), leaving the boss not only without her status-clothes, but any clothes at all. There can be no lower status than being naked (well, until things start to get REALLY crazy.)

It is also fun to see the revenge factor. While a boss exploiting her power to get an employee naked is of course interesing, the motivation isn’t as interesting from the other side of the equation. It is much easier to understand the employee’s motivation: revenge. And as box office reciepts can attest, revenge is always an interesting plotline. It is also just nice to see an actual reason and motivation for what is going on unfold in front of you, and thus to feel a bit of the employee’s need for revenge. While a boss could theoretically act in such a manner, it is probably extraordinarily unusual and so hard to imagine it really happening even if you understand the general motivation (abuse of power). But if it DID actually happen, it is much easier to believe that the exploited and humiliated employee wants payback.

And so at the end, you see the formerly in control boss standing naked next to her underlying, who is not only dressed, but wearing the boss’s clothes, literally. There is something satisfyingly delicious about that.

Of course, the boss in this video does not give up. And so the story continues with a (perhaps) unexpected twist in part 3.

Here are some stills from part 2.

Can find direct link to this video through here.

More Office Trouble – Part 1

There’s nothing quite like seeing an attractive woman dressed in a sexy black skirt and formal blouse, decked out for work in a professional office. Even better is seeing such a sexy woman put into a situation where the vestments and protection of her “uniform” — her professional veneer, as it were, is stripped away.

I’m sure everyone at one time or another has worked with an attractive woman who one ahs trouble making it through the day without imagining what she looks like underneath her professional dress and just-business, no-nonsense interactions. It is not even necessarily that you would want to do something as formal as even dating her. It may just be a desire to, after enjoying the aesthetics of her form dressed to the nines, wanting to see just how lovely her form looks underneath it all.

And so we have one of the older cliches – a rather blatent form of it, really – though not as stark as the “casting couch” as it were, as this isn’t about sex. This is more about power, about exposure, about embarrassment, and as the parts progress, about revenge. On the casting couch, naughty things happen behind closed doors. But in the office, with a boss like this, the poor worker avoids sex, but instead finds herself heading back to her desk, in front of her co-workers (if any), bare-assed naked. And perhaps she ends up going home the same way.

Enjoy some stills from part 1. And look forward to parts 2 through 4.

Can find direct link to this video through here.

Double Stuck

Ok, just to get it out of the way upfront, yes, the video “Stuck” was very silly in concept, though mostly because of the methodology of what got Rose “stuck” – her hair on the table. But one must admit that the same effect could have been done with a better Macguffin to explain how she got stuck bent over. And perhaps I shall find such a Macguffin in a suitable location to do something like this again.

But now this second stuck video – “Double Stuck” is slightly less ludicrous. There are probably more ways to get stuck under a bed than bent over a table. And with Rose on her back it provides a lovely view. Moreover, Aiya this time takes pity, so after pantsing Rose, she tries to help and, of course, gets stuck herself. Thus, the lovely image of two lovely ladies bereft of attire from the waist down, this time from the front.

I must admit, there is something lovely about a beautiful lady with a beautiful ass bent over and exposed. And equally, there is something lovely with a view from the front. I think it also adds to the exposure seeing the pants and panties at the ankles. Given that one can’t really walk or do anything practical with pants and panties in that position, the view all by itself tells you that it was unplanned and probably involuntary. Completely naked, or even completely without pants, you might think that it was planned or there is no care in the nudity and exposure. Pants and panties at the ankles, you know something is up. Which brings to mind other sorts of still photos that can capture the essence of unexpected or involuntary nudity. The classic of course being the embarrassed look with hands trying to cover up. And I do like those – but I would have to say I probably find the imagry with the clothing at the ankles equally compelling on that theme.

It will have to be explored further. And perhaps I shall ponder what other visual queues can make one instantly think that exposure was not planned or intended.

Can find direct link to this video through here.

Jogger Robbed of her Clothes

This was the first clip added to store, one I think is rather iconic of the whole forced stripping, ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female) genre. I rather like greenery and trees, and weather permitting, I will be out shooting in the great, green outdoors once spring comes.

If you look carefully, as Sara is walking embarrassed and naked down the trail, around mid-video, there is a deer on the path ahead. Perhaps fortunately for Sara, that deer indicated there were no people ahead. At least, until the deer finally bolted. Perhaps the deer was enjoying the view of Sara standing there bare-assed in the forest. If so, I understand the setniment.

There is something so delightful about seeing a beautiful woman, bare assed, out in nature. Not just for the beauty of the enviornment, but because out there, in the trees, you know there is nowhere to hide and nothing that can be used to cover up. There is thus maximum exposure, which is what makes such situations interesting.

As is perhaps apparent from what you read now, I am going to post about the various short films I post here. I can’t say I will end up writing about every single one in terms of what is already posted (though I will try), but I do plan on putting up a new post as I post new clips. And the plan for that is to release at least one new clip a week. We shall see how that goes.

I will also include in my posts some of my thoughts on the genre, or in general. For instance, what I like about this particular genre, what I think is interesting about it, and why I decided to start making films with my own take on it.

But for now, here’s a little something to enjoy: