Aiya Tied and Forced to Cum

There really isn’t much one can add to the description of this video. If you have seen the previous video where Aiya forced SJRose to cum over and over while she was tied up, you know Sara’s motivation in this video.

As I’ve said before, it is always delicious to see the motivation on camera, even from a previous video. Sara was quite eager to give as good as she got. Did she? Can such a thing even be measured? Only one way to find out. Take a look. You be the judge.

Here are some stills (video can be seen through here):

SJRose Tied and Forced to Cum

As one might imagine, this was hot to film. Though in the actual filming of it, one needs to pay attention to filming, so you don’t really realize just how hot it is until you watch it later. Not that I couldn’t tell on the spot.

Sara was particularly hot to get into Aiya’s panties. Or in this case, have Aiya get into her pussy. It is clear just how much she enjoyed herself. The voice you hear in the background at the end is her boyfriend commenting on just how many times he saw her cum.

Sometimes one comes up with an idea and films it, like with the many forced stripping videos I make. Those are fun, of course, and I always have more to make of those. But sometimes you don’t so much film as document. This is a document.

As should be easy to guess, there is the little matter of Sara’s revenge. That will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, video can be seen through here) and here are some images:

Office Slave – Part 2

It is difficult to capture some things with a still image. And sometimes a still image as part of a frame of a movie can be deceptive. It was an interesting challenge to find a good collection of stills that really capture the essence of this video.

As you should know from reading the description on the site, this was the first time Ashly O’Mally was ever in bondage. And it was almost the first time she was ever really with another woman. I am not sure if that was why this particular video ended up being so ridiculously hot or not, but those had to be strong contributing factors.

This video oozes passion and raw, sensual, wild, abandon-self sex. Ashly fights the urge to say stop over and over… trying to ride it out, until she can’t take it anymore. She cums so many times she loses track. That is the sort of thing worth filming, IMHO. Something raw and real.

When videos are clearly fake, there really is no passion. Which means it isn’t that interesting to look at. Sure, the models can be beautiful, and that beauty can catch the eye, but if you are interested in that, it does not have to be a fake sex video. Seeing beauty in other sorts of situations is probably more interesting, if all you are doing is looking. That is probably why I generally find the forced stripping or clothes stolen type videos more interesting.

But where you can capture the raw intensity of real passion, real orgasms, where someone is barely holding on through all of the pleasure — that is something worth watching, and so… worth filming. I have seen videos elsewhere where the girls, while certainly attractive, are not the super-model beautiful you sometimes see. And yet when those videos have real passion, they are actually more interesting and intense and arousing to watch than the perfect-bodied models who just aren’t really into it.

Perhaps that is why I don’t film this sort of thing as often–because such passion is hard to capture or find. And you really won’t know if that chemistry will be there in advance, so it can be hard to plan a shoot around that. Still, I will try, when the opportunities present themselves. And I already have filmed some. But that is for another day…

In the meanwhile, here are some stills from this classic, extremely hot video (You can see the a preview through here):

Office Slave – Part 1

There is something so sexy about wearing a short skirt, particularly where it is a black skirt that could be for an office. You look up the lovely legs of a woman in such a skirt and wonder… what panties does she have on under there? Or even better, is she wearing panties at all? That theme will be explored somewhat more in a later video. But then this video takes it in a different direction…

Confiscation of panties from under a skirt is also a lovely theme. It means so much more in an office setting, where things are suppose to be prim and proper. Even better is after confiscating those panties, you take advantage of the exposure. That doesn’t happen so much here, but it is nice to think about.

Here, the boss takes advantage of an underling in the most direct sexual way possible – making her get down on her knees and eat the boss’s pussy. That is a pretty strong and symbolic use of power in a rather inappropriate way. Then again, that’s what makes it interesting to film. People acting nice and polite to each other and doing nothing shady are not people you want to watch.

So watch this…