Corporate Spy Caught, Stripped, and Interrogated – Part 2

As I noted last post, Odette is simply perfect as a strong, softly menacing interrogator. This part of course beings where the other left off. Stephanie alone, in the dark, but in the glare of double spot lights. It made for quite an interesting effect – one I shall explore further, I am sure.

Then the real fun begins when Odette returns and starts her truly menacing interrogation. She does not yell, she actually speaks very softly while running the knife, her hands, or her gun over Stephanie’s naked body. There seems to be a much stronger menace in the soft spoken words, particularly given exactly what Odette has to say. Odette pulls it all off brilliantly. I think if Stephanie did not know it was a shoot, she would have been very worried. She may have been worried anyway – it is hard not to have a little worry when you are naked, handcuffed, and someone is saying VERY menacing things to you while running a knife up your bare legs. Stephanie had no idea what to expect – so watch her reactions carefully.

I hope everyone enjoys this. As always, I’d be curious to hear feedback, good or bad. And suggestions are always welcome.

Here are some lovely images from this video (which can be found direct linked through here):

Corporate Spy Caught, Stripped, and Interrogated – Part 1

Odette Delacroix is chilling as an interrogator. That really, in fact, understates it. With her tiny frame, she is downright scary. She understates it and yet underscores it when she issues threats while lovingly caressing her knife or gun. You can see the start of real worry in Stephanie’s eyes as Odette beings with her subtle (and not so subtle) threats while Stephanie is sitting there bare assed, at her mercy.

Certain models are better at doing certain roles than others – they all have their strengths and weaknesses. But in this case, Odette is definitely playing to a strength. I figured she would be good at the role of menacing interrogator. I did not figure she would so completely become that role. And this is only part 1 – by part 2, well, I will leave that alone for now.

Also nice about this video was again, getting outside. It is always nice to get out of the confines of some of the more limiting locations for filming. I tried dressing up the location as well for this one as best I could. It does look different and gives the whole scene a different feel. Were I rich, I would have lavish sets in exotic locations. Maybe someday.

Part two will of course be coming next week. There will not be a full version – it would be too large a file to upload.

For now, here are some lovely images from this video (which can be found through here):

Reporters Strip Searched for Access

I really liked how the Reporters series came out, particularly the Strip Search Pat Downs. There were a lot of interesting angles in those, particularly the angle from below, looking up. It is something I think is interesting to do with just about any model. So it was inevitable that I would try shooting that sort of thing again.

The difference with this one is that there are two models strip searched and patted down side by side, though one at a time.

I should say that while this is the second time I’ve done a strip search pat down (counting the first Reporter series as one), this will not be the last.

UPDATE NOTE: As pointed out in the comments, both Reporters are wearing leather pants. And also as pointed out there, this was based on a suggestion from a commentor. So please, if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them. They may end up in a future video!

On a more general production note, I should say that August was a very busy month of production and so there will be a lot of new and exciting videos coming out in the months ahead. So stay tuned, as they say.

Here are some images from the video (which can be found through here):

Real Estate Renegade

It is always fun and interesting to work with new models. It is also fun to work with a model whom you have seen the work of and know is very good. Someone like Odette Delacroix. She is not only lovely, she can really act and get into a scene, which is amazing to watch. She does exactly that in this video. In fact, where she starts hopping around like she needs to pee she was so convincing that by the time we were done, she really did need to pee. I guess it is good I didn’t misplace the keys to those cuffs…

And I won’t give anything away about a future release with Odette, except to say that she was also quite good in a very menacing, sensual clip, but that is for another day.

Another thing she helped nudge me toward (and another model did as well, though I never got the chance to do it til now) – I signed up for a Twitter account. The limit of words there means I won’t likely say much of substance there (and who really does) but I will try to put up tidbits there. Time will tell exactly how I end up utilizing it.

And now, here are some lovely stills from this video (which can be found through here):