Meredith Caught Naked in the Bathtub at Knifepoint

Mia is doing here what Mia does best, and that is dominate. And Meredith meekly goes along (as she knows what is good for her). As I look at this, I also realize Meredith is quite lucky to be so short – she can fully stretch out and enjoy just about any bathtub or hot tub. Mia does not have that same luxury. Perhaps that is why she is so hard on Meredith as she relaxes in the bath…

Here are some lovely images from this clip (which can be direct linked through here):

Dakota Charms Teasing, Ruined Ballbusting Handjob from Hell

This clips is definitely a departure compared to those before it for many reasons. First, the obvious. There’s a male getting stripped this time. And he’s not only stripped, he’s bound, teased, denied, given a ruined orgasm, then he’s nailed repeatedly in the balls for the “pleasure of it”.

But then, there is the not as obvious – I didn’t shoot this one (though I did edit it). I did provide the scenario and some inspiration, but Dakota Charms was kind enough to take care of the rest. It is good when she’s kind. Because she REALLY enjoys kicking, punching, and otherwise hurting men’s testicles.

What makes this video particularly interesting is that the guy in the video is NOT a guy who particularly likes having his balls busted. In fact, he was so worried about it that it took him an extra long time before Dakota could make him ejaculate. In fact had to cut that down a bit to keep the video from being too long. Though as an aside, one thing I don’t like is where you see a guy being stimulated in a video, then suddenly it cuts to right before he cums. I’d rather see what specifically led up to that, so all of that is there. That, to me, is the interesting part.

Now, back to the ballbusting. Because this guy really isn’t into having his balls busted, the plan was more of a simulated ballbusting, where Dakota kicks him in the ass, right below his balls, very fast, so it looks like he is being nailed hard in the balls. But the guy at one point said, go ahead, and Dakota being Dakota, she took that to mean, “go ahead and nail me right in the balls, I can take it” so she did. Repeatedly. That is the only kicks you will see in the video. She nails him good, right in the testicles, over and over in rapid succession. And he wasn’t expecting it nor does he like it – he screams. And it really tops off the video. That part of it only had to be edited so you didn’t hear his rather too late explanation to Dakota that he just meant he was ready to start and just how much pain he is in – as they then had to have a little “break”… oh, how I love Dakota. There’s nothing quite like seeing a woman who truly gets off on ballbusting go at it full-bore.

So enjoy this new (and unusual) update – (which can be direct linked through here):