Hot Tub Truth or Dare

As noted in the video description, this is a very different sort of video. It was fun for me to shoot as I did not know what was going to happen. It was also fun because it was the models really just hanging out and being themselves, which if you are like me, is something I am always curious about when I see a video – what is this person (or these people) like as themselves, rather than just seeing them playing a character or role.

This was also something I did at the suggestion of Dallyce (though I had actually been thinking about doing such a scenario as well). She actually has lots of interesting suggestions. Speaking of which, I am always interested to hear yours. And also interested in hearing feedback. Like, for example, what do you think of the concept in this video? Would you like to see more of something like this? Or even just interviews of models. I actually try to get an interview before shooting for the first time (but for various reasons don’t always manage to) or after shooting sometimes as well. I have a little library of these, but have never released any of them thus far. One of these days I may get around to doing something with them if there is any interest.

You may note that this video is coming out a bit earlier than normal for an update. The reason? I just felt like it, really. And was up anyway, so figured, why not. I am about a month away from releasing videos from a whole batch of shoots never before seen, though there are some very nice videos to release before that. I sometimes like to save the best videos from a shoot for last. But not always. Anyway, without further ado…

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Barb Caught Naked While Skinny Dipping in the Hot Tub

Here is another favorite of mine, in part because I think Barb has just such a lovely figure and perfect ass. And in part because I like the juxtaposition of lovely ladies in bikinis framing a completely naked lovely lady who is embarrassed to be the only one sans swimsuit. I have photographs of just such a scene, and I think there is always a particular spice to them. The contrast between the barely covered modesty of the flanking ladies and the complete naked exposure of the nude lady. There is one photo in particular I have seen posted again and again of just such a situation, that shows a naked woman standing in what must be a lake or small pond while you can see around her every other woman is fully covered in a bikini swimsuit. Sometimes a caption is added. One favorite indicates that the poor naked woman doesn’t know who stole her swimsuit and how she now has to do all of the teambuilding activities naked. I like that caption in particular – it seems to match the expression in the lovely naked woman’s face. Here is the image I am talking about:


I could have had such fun shooting a video there with that scenario. Oh well. Maybe someday. I just need a pond. In the meanwhile, here is my current video equivalent, not outdoors, but with a lady just as lovely and just as completely naked. And she is put through much more than just what might be going on in that still photo. Enjoy.

As always, I welcome feedback. I was glad to get so much feedback for my last update, which as I said, is one of my favorites. I will have to be exploring more such themes in the future. And of course, more naked woman-with-bikini-clad friends as well.

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The Reporter – Phoenix Rose’s Strip Search Pat Down

Well, this is it… the last “Reporter Strip Search Pat Down” in the queue. (And she has quite a lovely ass…) This is not to say there won’t be more – I will do more when I shoot more with new models (which I am actually going to do rather soon). And while I do like the simplicity and great angles and views on these, I want to push the envelope and make them a little more interesting. The next ones will likely be a little more… intrusive, as it were. Don’t want those Reporters feeling like they are getting off too easy.

With that in mind, now is a particularly good time to offer suggestions as to what you would like to see in more of these – and don’t forget to say what you like of what is already in them as well. And as always, suggestions about things in general are also welcome. I am pouring through my Ideas folder now, and it has plenty of good ideas from readers like you – but there is always room for more!

On the horizon (as in soon) there will be some videos showing what happens next to some (or many…) of these poor Reporters who suffer the indignity of having their panties pulled down and their thighs felt up just to get an interview.

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The Reporter – Jessica’s Strip Search Pat Down

This is Jessica’s third video. She thus far has done only one shoot, but is supposed to come back for more. And so of course, it being her first shoot, she got her turn to be given a strip search pat down before getting her mythical interview with El Presidente.

What is interesting for me about this shoot is that the guards, as played by Samantha Hayes and Bek, were both now so familiar with this routine that they totally made it their own. I did not have to say really anything except that this was what we were doing and then they went to town on Jessica, taking her clothes down, making her stand with her legs apart, and so forth. That, I think, is one of the advantages of the familiar like this for the other models. They know what to do, and know it so well, it comes off quite smoothly. I am almost just a spectator, watching it unfold.

Still, while the familiar is nice and cozy, I like to try the novel and new as well, so keep those suggestions coming! I keep them all and will eventually use them all. As I have said before, the more they fit in with the wardrobe and locations I have readily available, the sooner and easier it will be to implement them, but I can get creative with that and I will also find new locations, in part based on what you, dear reader, suggest. So don’t be shy. Even if you can only suggest a basic theme or even just a few camera angles or wardrobe, I like to hear that as well.

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The Reporter – Lindsey’s Strip Search Pat Down

I must confess, I find it hard to think of what I might want to add that I haven’t said before with these particular clips. That is a sure sign I need to do some experimentation… which I will do soon. But one thing I can say about this one is this is, I believe, just the second appearance of lovely Lindsey. You will be seeing much more of her in the year ahead. But for now, here is a small taste. (Oh, one more comment – she has a particularly delicious ass…)

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Real Estate Roofie

This video is one of my more recent favorites for many reasons. I like the story. I like the execution. And I like the new model, Lindsey LeCaustic, who makes her debut in this video. (Not only is this the first video with her in it I have released, it is also the very first video I shot with her). She does a great job here (and in the rest of the videos she has now done – stay tuned!) And Dallyce is also great in this.

I should also say that this is the first in a series of videos where this particular storyline continues. There are at least two more in this series already “in the can” so to speak and there may be more, depending on how it is received (and what I come up with that I like). For that reason, I am particularly interested in feedback on this one.

In other random thoughts, this is another video where at least some of the action is outside, with green grass and trees, a visual that I always enjoy. Not just to be outside, not just for a change of scenery, but also because I just really like the warmth of greenery. Now, without further ado…

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Dakota Charms Teasing, Ruined Ballbusting Handjob from Hell

This clips is definitely a departure compared to those before it for many reasons. First, the obvious. There’s a male getting stripped this time. And he’s not only stripped, he’s bound, teased, denied, given a ruined orgasm, then he’s nailed repeatedly in the balls for the “pleasure of it”.

But then, there is the not as obvious – I didn’t shoot this one (though I did edit it). I did provide the scenario and some inspiration, but Dakota Charms was kind enough to take care of the rest. It is good when she’s kind. Because she REALLY enjoys kicking, punching, and otherwise hurting men’s testicles.

What makes this video particularly interesting is that the guy in the video is NOT a guy who particularly likes having his balls busted. In fact, he was so worried about it that it took him an extra long time before Dakota could make him ejaculate. In fact had to cut that down a bit to keep the video from being too long. Though as an aside, one thing I don’t like is where you see a guy being stimulated in a video, then suddenly it cuts to right before he cums. I’d rather see what specifically led up to that, so all of that is there. That, to me, is the interesting part.

Now, back to the ballbusting. Because this guy really isn’t into having his balls busted, the plan was more of a simulated ballbusting, where Dakota kicks him in the ass, right below his balls, very fast, so it looks like he is being nailed hard in the balls. But the guy at one point said, go ahead, and Dakota being Dakota, she took that to mean, “go ahead and nail me right in the balls, I can take it” so she did. Repeatedly. That is the only kicks you will see in the video. She nails him good, right in the testicles, over and over in rapid succession. And he wasn’t expecting it nor does he like it – he screams. And it really tops off the video. That part of it only had to be edited so you didn’t hear his rather too late explanation to Dakota that he just meant he was ready to start and just how much pain he is in – as they then had to have a little “break”… oh, how I love Dakota. There’s nothing quite like seeing a woman who truly gets off on ballbusting go at it full-bore.

So enjoy this new (and unusual) update – (which can be direct linked through here):