Office Trouble: Barb Flashes Her Panties, Barb Loses Her Panties

I have to say I love everything about this video. Barb is, of course, gorgeous, as always. I also have always liked where you see what it looks like you are not supposed to see – panties seen up a skirt. Panties seen not just as a little flash of white, but a good, long look. And of course, it is fun to see a woman have to lose her panties. And then seeing her in all her full feminine glory, also where it is both a peek and also a full view, is delightful. Here, you get all of the above and more. The dialog is also quite fun and titillating, as first Barb’s panties are discussed, then ordered off, and then she gets a good talking to about her pussy and showing it off at the office. Finally, at the end, Mike’s expressions are priceless. Watch this and you too may find yourself calling this a new favorite.

As an aside, this was also a video where I tried out yet another cute new wardrobe item, in this case, the striped, short dress. It is soft and short and cute and Barb looks perfect in it. I will likely use it again, though I must admit, after shooting this video, I always think of this as Barb’s dress, and so even though I have shot many things since this video, I have yet to put it on any other model. Which reminds me, for feedback in the comments, wardrobe is also something you should feel free to comment on. Suggestions are welcome, as is feedback about wardrobe you have already seen and what you like (or don’t) and would like to see more (or less) of.

So as I always say, comments, feedback, and suggestions are welcome. This is another slightly early update, just because I felt like it.

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Hot Tub Truth or Dare

As noted in the video description, this is a very different sort of video. It was fun for me to shoot as I did not know what was going to happen. It was also fun because it was the models really just hanging out and being themselves, which if you are like me, is something I am always curious about when I see a video – what is this person (or these people) like as themselves, rather than just seeing them playing a character or role.

This was also something I did at the suggestion of Dallyce (though I had actually been thinking about doing such a scenario as well). She actually has lots of interesting suggestions. Speaking of which, I am always interested to hear yours. And also interested in hearing feedback. Like, for example, what do you think of the concept in this video? Would you like to see more of something like this? Or even just interviews of models. I actually try to get an interview before shooting for the first time (but for various reasons don’t always manage to) or after shooting sometimes as well. I have a little library of these, but have never released any of them thus far. One of these days I may get around to doing something with them if there is any interest.

You may note that this video is coming out a bit earlier than normal for an update. The reason? I just felt like it, really. And was up anyway, so figured, why not. I am about a month away from releasing videos from a whole batch of shoots never before seen, though there are some very nice videos to release before that. I sometimes like to save the best videos from a shoot for last. But not always. Anyway, without further ado…

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Barb Caught Naked While Skinny Dipping in the Hot Tub

Here is another favorite of mine, in part because I think Barb has just such a lovely figure and perfect ass. And in part because I like the juxtaposition of lovely ladies in bikinis framing a completely naked lovely lady who is embarrassed to be the only one sans swimsuit. I have photographs of just such a scene, and I think there is always a particular spice to them. The contrast between the barely covered modesty of the flanking ladies and the complete naked exposure of the nude lady. There is one photo in particular I have seen posted again and again of just such a situation, that shows a naked woman standing in what must be a lake or small pond while you can see around her every other woman is fully covered in a bikini swimsuit. Sometimes a caption is added. One favorite indicates that the poor naked woman doesn’t know who stole her swimsuit and how she now has to do all of the teambuilding activities naked. I like that caption in particular – it seems to match the expression in the lovely naked woman’s face. Here is the image I am talking about:


I could have had such fun shooting a video there with that scenario. Oh well. Maybe someday. I just need a pond. In the meanwhile, here is my current video equivalent, not outdoors, but with a lady just as lovely and just as completely naked. And she is put through much more than just what might be going on in that still photo. Enjoy.

As always, I welcome feedback. I was glad to get so much feedback for my last update, which as I said, is one of my favorites. I will have to be exploring more such themes in the future. And of course, more naked woman-with-bikini-clad friends as well.

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Three Women Trapped Naked in the Sauna

I have always liked the sauna scenarios. I have only done a few, but they always have great shots and angles as first the naked women sit and relax in the sauna, and then as they try to hide their bare asses, breasts, and pussies while trying to get out. Saunas are especially nice when exclusively populated by extremely hot naked young women.

They certainly move around a lot in this one as well, which also is fun to watch. They in fact move around more than I was even initially thinking when setting this up – I think the girls got antsy.

There isn’t too much to say about this one – just something to feast your eyes on for all three hot women. As always, suggestions or comments are welcome. The models look here as well. Feel free to comment about anything. If you want to give a shout out to your favorite model or location or whatever comes to mind. Even just a nice conversation. I don’t bite. Much.

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Voyeur Unties and Steals Bikini Swimsuits from Sleeping Girls

Aa is likely apparent from looking way back here on this site, I have always liked this hot tub / sauna location for shooting. There is a lot of room to move around, plenty of interesting places to do things, even just the “grass” (as I like to think of the open area with the green flooring). This video is a first in that it is a voyeur POV style for most of it but there is an additional voyeur (Mike) who is also there with “you” as you watch the women undress… and of course as you participate in taking the bikinis off of the sleeping women. I am curious as to thoughts on this particular style – thus far this is the only time I have shot that, though I have done some POV style shoots where the “you” is the one observing and stealing clothes, they were all “lone wolf” types.

I also have to say it is nice to see hot women in bikinis – those that really show off their bodies as opposed to the more odd suits. I guess I have pretty basic or classic tastes in that regard. I don’t like the pure thong suits or the weird one piece suits that cover very little simply because I think they look so unnatural – like no real woman would wear those to a beach. Whereas a more typical suit you could imagine any woman (with the body to show it) would wear to any beach. To me, seeing a suit that looks natural makes it seem more realistic – and more in line with the women you may see at the beach whom you wish would get caught up in the sorts of scenarios I shoot. Gotta have some level of authenticity for grounding, I think, especially if a scenario seems otherwise unlikely.

Looking at this again I am definitely going to have to go back here soon (though there are several videos at the hot tub yet to be released…)

As always, comments and suggestions welcome (and thank you to the most recent comment with another suggestion – two men at a party showing off their respective dates was a good one!)

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The Reporter – More Naked Prisoners

And now, at long last, we get a hint of the ultimate fate of all of these reporters. Instead of an interview, they end up naked (and nearly naked) prisoners. It was fun taking the story along, after having so many strip search pat downs. I had the original Naked Prisoners segment as a bit of an afterthought with the original Reporter video. It was short and I didn’t have the “prison garb” wardrobe way back then – in fact, I hardly had any wardrobe at all at that point.

I have always liked the idea of naked prisoners – or prisoners with short shifts where every slight move risks showing off bare ass or pussy (or both). The prison “uniforms” I rather like as they do that rather well and look like they could be prison garb. This was the first video I used them. There will be more (and just to whet the appetite, I do believe I have five sets of those uniforms and I know I have used all of them in a single video at least once at this point…)

As always, comments, suggestions, observations welcome. I am particularly curious to hear what people think of this continuation of the Reporter series from a storyline standpoint.

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The Reporter – Dallyce’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

Here is the last of the three forced stripping interrogation videos from this sequence. Dallyce is as defiant as ever in this one – she really got into it with Mike. It was fun to watch. She definitely did not meekly submit here.

Speaking of fun, the story doesn’t end here. The fate of all three interrogated “reporters” is revealed in another video after this one. Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, feel free to comment, suggest, or just shoot the breeze. Summer is always busy when it comes to production so there will be plenty more to come and plenty of opportunities to make suggestions a reality, in whole or part.

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The Reporter – Barb’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

Well, this was a long time in coming – after dozens of poor reporters stripped, patted down, and groped, a little hint of what comes after. Is it an interview? Well, yes, except it isn’t the one the reporter was expecting. Instead, it is an interrogation… and more stripping. This is the first in a series of three – for three different reporters, each getting stripped and interrogated. And then it does not end there… but first things first.

I had been thinking of doing more about what happens after for a very long time now. This obviously gets back to the very first reporter video, which did include a stripping interrogation and then had two naked prisoners. But as I said, first things first.

I rather like the little table that is used as a stool for this. It makes for a great view from behind, bare ass straddling the edge as the legs straddle the front. Barb has just a perfect bare ass.

As always, I welcome suggestions, comments, and so forth. Don’t be shy. It always amazes me that of those who stop by, so few see fit to comment. I like to keep the conversation two way. Admittedly, I wonder if the long delay between when I shoot something and it finally makes it up here is what makes some think I don’t really take and use all the suggestions I get. I do use them. Maybe I will have to move some things up in the queue once and a while just to chop off some of that delay. We shall see…

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Forced to Strip Naked While Playing an FRPG – Fantasy Role Playing Game

Just like with the first video like this I did (Stripped Naked While Playing an FRPG), this one was a particularly fun one for me to make. Taking something that is so iconic for the stereotypical introverted nerds out there (playing a Fantasy Role Playing Game like Dungeons and Dragons, and now Pathfinder, Hackmaster, and so forth) and mixing it with hot women playing and getting naked is, well, almost iconic for me. I thought about what I’d like to do for a sequel and then realized that in the modern era, there are far more women players, and they know the game.

So for this followup, it is a mostly different group (really just one player is the same, Dallyce) and this time the story isn’t about a group of women who don’t know gaming and so can be “duped” into getting naked (yeah right). Instead, they are all hard core gamers, who know the game well and are deeply into role playing. They are playing a qualifying game to get their group into a tournament with a 100K grand prize, so now they have incentive to win. Not just for the money, but for bragging rights. Of course, as the story unfolds, the GM uses their desire to get to the tournament to get them to get naked (in character, of course). So this time, it is not their lack of knowledge that gets them naked, it is their hard core gamer’s desire to win that gets them naked.

I really love both of these videos, but wanted to have this one to make a statement that women can be just as hard core about gaming as men. Plus, it gave a different twist from the first video. Also it was fun to have one of the players in this one be so reluctant to get naked that the others have to chase her down and forcibly strip her naked. That was fun to do and I think came off really well. I remember enjoying watching every frame of that in editing. It helped that Barb has such a smoking hot body. It was also fun to watch them all getting dressed again in this one at the end. I find myself trying to catch that more often in videos. Seeing the rush to cover bare breasts and pussies is almost as fun as seeing them exposed in the first place.

As with the first FRPG video, this took the perfect conditions to be able to set it up, including a shoot with the requisite number of models to make it interesting. That is always difficult to set up (and damn expensive!) but in this case, I think it was well worth it. It is so personally satisfying to have made this video (as it was with the first). Since I am unlikely to ever even break even with any of this, artistic satisfaction really becomes a large motivator. I find something I love in every video I do (or else I couldn’t make them) but soemtimes they come out particularly special, and I think this one is one of them.

As with all of my videos, feedback is welcome, not only for the video in question, but about anything else. Suggestions are good as well. I save them all. As I plan now for another shoot, I am looking through every suggestion I’ve ever been given and taking notes as I plan what storylines to use.

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The Reporter – Barb’s Strip Search Pat Down

While there are still a tone of videos in the queue, as of now, there is only one more “Reporter – Strip Search Pat Down” video after this one in there. As I stated before, I like to do these when doing a first shoot with a new model – it is a nice warm up, it covers some nice angles, and it is simple and straightforward. And while they may not have some of the more creative elements of other videos, there is something to be said for what is familiar and what hits all the right notes. Still, I like to branch out – and so in that vein, I produced some videos that show what happens next for some of these intrepid reporters. So starting in a few weeks, I will start to show those – first, there are interrogations – then there is captivity. Those were fun to shoot and I found satisfaction in saying what happened next to all these reporters. So stay tuned.

Looking at this one, this is a lovely one as Barb is such a lovely girl. Will be sad when her videos are all released (in that there will be no more…) but until then, enjoy! As noted above, after this, there is but one more Reporter Pat Down video in the queue (for now…) Anyone care to guess which model it is?

As always, feedback is more than welcome. I like to know what works, what doesn’t, and what suggestions and ideas you all have for stories. I can’t promise exactly when I will use an idea, but I plan to try to use them all eventually.

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