Sleepy Head

I like the simplicity and sensuality of this clip. Ashley did not really have to act sleepy, as she had just had her first lesbian experience and had cum so many times she already was pretty exhausted. But the orgasms don’t stop there, of course.

There really is great chemistry between Pepper and Ashley, making this fun and sexy to watch.

As you can probably guess based on looking at this clip and the earlier clips with Pepper and Ashley, I have had this clip floating around for a while. I had been waiting for the right time to release it. The stars have apparently aligned and so the right time is now.

There is also something peaceful about watching beautiful naked women snuggling together. You can almost imagine how soft and warm it would feel to snuggle naked between them. Now there is a good cure for insomnia… particularly if they take care of you first.

Here are some images (video can be seen through here):

Office Slave – Part 3

As I have stated before, videos are more interesting when the motivations of the characters are apparent from watching the story. This is particularly so where the motivation is revenge. And there is a revenge of sorts in this video.

What makes the revenge in this video particularly sweet, is it is not just story driven – it is real. Ashly really wanted to get Pepper after what Pepper did to her in the previous video (shot right before this). Pepper got her to safeword out after making Ashly cum so many times. So now Ashly wanted to do the same to Pepper. Of course, Pepper takes it and wants more… but like most things in life, it isn’t the destination, it is the journey.

Pepper is certainly given a run for her money. I wonder if it was a matter of pride, because she really starts thrashing around and pulling hard at those bonds by the end. She obviously was feeling it, quite intensely. I would be curious to know if Pepper has an orgasm breaking point… but it was certainly fun to see Ashly try to bring her there.

Here are some stills, though really, you can’t appreciate this sort of video any other way but by seeing (and hearing) it video can be seen through here):

Office Slave – Part 2

It is difficult to capture some things with a still image. And sometimes a still image as part of a frame of a movie can be deceptive. It was an interesting challenge to find a good collection of stills that really capture the essence of this video.

As you should know from reading the description on the site, this was the first time Ashly O’Mally was ever in bondage. And it was almost the first time she was ever really with another woman. I am not sure if that was why this particular video ended up being so ridiculously hot or not, but those had to be strong contributing factors.

This video oozes passion and raw, sensual, wild, abandon-self sex. Ashly fights the urge to say stop over and over… trying to ride it out, until she can’t take it anymore. She cums so many times she loses track. That is the sort of thing worth filming, IMHO. Something raw and real.

When videos are clearly fake, there really is no passion. Which means it isn’t that interesting to look at. Sure, the models can be beautiful, and that beauty can catch the eye, but if you are interested in that, it does not have to be a fake sex video. Seeing beauty in other sorts of situations is probably more interesting, if all you are doing is looking. That is probably why I generally find the forced stripping or clothes stolen type videos more interesting.

But where you can capture the raw intensity of real passion, real orgasms, where someone is barely holding on through all of the pleasure — that is something worth watching, and so… worth filming. I have seen videos elsewhere where the girls, while certainly attractive, are not the super-model beautiful you sometimes see. And yet when those videos have real passion, they are actually more interesting and intense and arousing to watch than the perfect-bodied models who just aren’t really into it.

Perhaps that is why I don’t film this sort of thing as often–because such passion is hard to capture or find. And you really won’t know if that chemistry will be there in advance, so it can be hard to plan a shoot around that. Still, I will try, when the opportunities present themselves. And I already have filmed some. But that is for another day…

In the meanwhile, here are some stills from this classic, extremely hot video (You can see the a preview through here):

Office Slave – Part 1

There is something so sexy about wearing a short skirt, particularly where it is a black skirt that could be for an office. You look up the lovely legs of a woman in such a skirt and wonder… what panties does she have on under there? Or even better, is she wearing panties at all? That theme will be explored somewhat more in a later video. But then this video takes it in a different direction…

Confiscation of panties from under a skirt is also a lovely theme. It means so much more in an office setting, where things are suppose to be prim and proper. Even better is after confiscating those panties, you take advantage of the exposure. That doesn’t happen so much here, but it is nice to think about.

Here, the boss takes advantage of an underling in the most direct sexual way possible – making her get down on her knees and eat the boss’s pussy. That is a pretty strong and symbolic use of power in a rather inappropriate way. Then again, that’s what makes it interesting to film. People acting nice and polite to each other and doing nothing shady are not people you want to watch.

So watch this…

Ashley’s First Time Lesbian Experience – Part 3

Chemistry. There really is no other word for it. It is that magical thing that happens when two people are truly passionate for each other, simultaneously, and completely. There are of course variations on this, from work, to life, to love. But of course, what I’m referring to at this moment is pure, raw, sexual chemistry. And Ashley and Pepper have that in spades.

Seeing the raw intensity of such passionate sexually chemistry really makes other scenes, well, ordinary, and not all that interesting. It can be enjoyable, of course, to see women with a particular look or hot body naked, going at each other. Then there is just the aestetic enjoyment of looking at a beautiful female form. But that is altogether different from the raw intensity of sexual chemistry.

For me, the only video of this sort worth making is one where the passion is genuine, and overwhelming. And it can be hard to say if you will have that unless you’ve seen the models together before. And yet, perhaps that intensity will only burn brightest when it is their first meeting, as it was here with Pepper and Ashley. So do you put new models together, and take a chance that magic will happen? Or do you find pre-existing chemistry and hope to catch that strike of lightning more than once?

Those questions will continue to simmer in me, likely forever. But for now, I can bask in the pleasure of having gotten lucky – lucky that I got to capture these moments of genuine, passionate sexual chemsitry. Here’s to finding many more of those moments in the months ahead.

As a special wrap-up for a special series – here are some extra pics of some of the many passionate moments in this last part:

Pepper here directs Ashley just how and where to place her fingers.

Ah, the smiles of poist coital bliss.

Ashley’s First Time Lesbian Experience – Part 2

One thing that is probably apparent for all three parts of Ashley’s first time experience is that they are long. Each individual clip is long and the entire series together is long. There are no edits. This was done intentionally. While I generally like to get multiple angles, both for general film reasons and also because it is more interesting (and fun) to get different angles, I made an exception in this case. Because for this video, I wanted it to be more about documenting Ashley’s first time experience. And editing would be cheating – well, I suppose maybe it would be ok if shooting with multiple cameras at the same time, but there was just one camera here.

I wanted to fully document the entire experience. I did not want to miss any moment, any small thing. Usually videos above a certain length are edited for length reasons, if nothing else. I didn’t want to do that. I think you miss something if you edit a video like this. Now, the length would cause other sorts of issues. I took care of some of that by making it as cheap as possible despite the length. The other issue is that you cannot make a combined, “full” video of all three parts in one, because the file size would be too large. Though I suppose I could make one with a slightly lower quality format and see if I could keep it under the limit. Maybe someday I will if there is interest for such a thing. I suppose I could discount that even further, given the drop in quality.

As it stands now, though, this video exists only in its three separate parts. The middle part is interesting in that this is when Ashley moves from fingers to mouth and gives her very first pussy licking. Pepper gave her direction, but she did just fine, as evidenced by how hard and often Pepper shudders in orgasm. They also get all the way naked in this. And they aren’t finished, of course, which is why there is a part 3. Looking back on this, especially at the stills, it still strikes me just how molten hot the chemistry is between these two. I don’t know if it was just that they both found each other hot, or if it was that, on top of the fact that it was Ashley’s first time, and that pushed it even further into red hot. I suppose one really doesn’t need to understand the why to enjoy it. They clearly didn’t need to understand it to enjoy it.

Here are some stills showing more of the sweet little moments that I was prviliged to capture in this video:

Ashley’s First Time Lesbian Experience – Part 1

I thought it would be particularly interesting to capture on video a woman’s very first real sexual experience with another woman. Unlike other videos, where there is obviously planning, or some other form of contrivance, I really just wanted this to document the moment. Or rather moments, as there are plenty of them. Other than just having them start withs mall talk leading up to sex, there was basically no direction here but what they wanted to do.

One thing I cannot abide generally in any sort of film like this is where things are faked. I’m not talking about so much whether or not it is really a girl’s first time. In this case, it was, but that is secondary to what my real concern is – faking enjoyment. Faking an orgasm. Those fake sounds girls make sometimes in video or even just in real life to make it sound like they are enjoying themselves when they clearly are not. That isn’t sexy. That is … plastic. Fake.

I think what is most sexy is what is genuine. Those real small moments. A glance. A gasp. An involuntary shudder. The full tensing up of the body as a full blown climax overtakes control. Those moments are so sexy. The straining muscles. The wild abandon in a woman’s face as she totally surrenders to, and is overwhelmed by, an orgasm. That is present here. And there is that in spades in the Office Slave videos later. But what is really beautiful in this video, beyond even that, is the small moments. The glances and gasps, and little giggles as Ashley experiences sex for the first time with a woman – slowly, at first, building up to it – and enjoying it. She looks a bit at times like she can hardly believe it is happening. But she most thoroughly enjoys it.

Those small moments are what I think make this series especially enjoyable and special. I captured a few of them in the stills below. Enjoy.