Penelope’s Clothes Stolen While In the Bath

This one was of Penelope’s early videos. What is most impressive to me is that despite being cold just being naked in the room, she did both naked AND dripping wet. So if you are thinking she does a very convincing look of misery at being locked out of her bedroom when naked and wet… that is why. She really was quite cold.

I must say that these bath videos are also fun because it is nice to get a voyeur’s look at relaxing in the bath. And it is also fun to see how that private nakedness can so suddenly turn into a worried public nakedness beyond her control.

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The Reporter – Penelope’s Strip Search Pat Down

Amadea really nailed the whole foreign-sounding semi-police obnoxious search here. She was commanding and forceful while pretending like she was just being nice and reasonable, a difficult combination to pull off. She also really nailed the commentary on each item as she pulled them out and examined them carefully. Her commentary here really inspired some of the later strip search scenes done since (a few of which have already been released, in fact).

Another thing I can say is that it is interesting to see how these Reporter scenes have evolved over time. I first came up with them as part of a scenario for two models when, for a shoot, the third model did not show up (a rather common occurrence, unfortunately) and from there, it has blossomed into an interesting meme. I think it is interesting to show it from multiple angles so you can experience the entire thing visually in every possible way. After all, video is about the visual. Amadea here adds in the audio element with her commentary, which is also wonderful. And as may be obvious, I have taken to shooting a scene like this with every model eventually, so you can be sure that there are plenty more of these. If there is a model you have seen that hasn’t had one yet – just wait – you will.

SIDE NOTE: This is my 100th Post here! Hard to believe there have been so many!

For now, enjoy this latest release, with some choice photos. (The video can be direct linked through here):

Businesswomans Strip Search Pat Down

It just occurred to me that I don’t think I have had any strip search pat downs where it was non foreign police doing the searching. I suppose there was the previous video with Undercover Cops being handcuffed and stripped, but that was clearly not about a search.

So here it is, a police officer type search, complete with handcuffs – for the officer’s safety, of course.

The downside to the business suit is the lack of pockets to search. But then the upside is the angle – the upskirt angle, that is. That is something else that is lacking in the other searches – a search involving a skirt. That makes for some interesting upward angles. The thigh high stockings are also a nice accessory in this. Business attire involved searches are also something I find interesting. I will have more of those to come.

In the meanwhile, enjoy these different twists on what is now a familiar theme – the strip search pat down.

Images here (for the video which is direct linked through here):

Office Trouble – Skirts Up, Panties Down

As should be apparent by now, I’ve always found something particularly sexy about a conservative looking, yet still relatively short skirt covering up thigh high stockings and panties. So it is fun to see just how that combination looks on various lovely ladies. In this case, as is generally true, they all look ravishingly hot.

The look goes up another notch when those panties come down (and off). And of course, there is always the big question – what if you did this in an office environment and someone caught you. It is actually pretty amazing just how well a dark skirt can cover up the lack of panties – you really can’t see very much up a dark skirt, if anything at all. That is, under normal circumstances. If said lady is off balance and her legs come apart while sitting in a bucket-like seat, then all bets are off (or at least, all panties off are apparent). In this video, Summer gets a good, long look and so will you if you see it. Of course, her reaction is a bit different than most – which just makes it more enjoyable.

Getting back to the original theme of this post (and this video) there is also something to be said about partial nudity – particularly where one is almost fully dressed and yet the most interesting parts are exposed for all to see. I’ve heard it said that such exposure actually is more acute than being naked in some ways. Perhaps it acts to emphasize those parts that are uncovered. That would seem to make the most sense. In any case, it is a lovely view.

Now, without further ado, here are some images (from the video which can be direct linked through here):

One, Two, Three, Stuck

I by now have lost track of the number of “Stuck” videos I have done – it is certainly more than a handfull. They are always fun. I am working on ways to make them more interesting or at least try different sorts of situations. Variation is fun – sometimes just different models is enough variation.

One thing is constant, though, and that is the fun of seeing a lovely woman stuck and another lovely woman taking advantage of that by taking down her pants. What I like in particular about situations where the stuck women are bent over is the absolutely lovely view from behind. In general, that is one of my favorite views of a beautiful woman. There is just something aesthetically pleasing about it that I could almost frame it and put it up in an art institute. The lovely curve of a woman’s bare ass. The juncture up between her thighs. And the clear, unobstructed view of her vulnerable pussy from behind. That is one of my favorite things to see. I just think there is something simple and beautiful about it. Sure, there is the sexual component to it – that is obvious – but there is more the enjoyment of seeing the curves and the lines and just how it all looks so lovely together. To me, it is poetry. But then I do also always appreciate a nice ass. Which is why there are three perfect views in this video.

So now, without further ado, are images from this new video (which can be direct linked through here🙂

Robbed of their Stash, Stripped Naked, and Cuffed

Rocker Doll does a decent job of acting like someone who is strung out… though on exactly what, it is not specified. Not that it really matters. It is fun to watch her little tics and scratches as she tries to get what she wants. She has done so many of these videos she has a nice little rhythm to it.

In shooting this, they were shouting so loud about the gun, and not having it pointed at them, one could almost wonder if anyone would overhear and send in the police. They certainly got really into it in shooting this. The end was a bit of situational humor – I wonder just how people feel about that. If such a situation like this really occurred, of course, such problems could really happen. It is almost better to already be naked if it comes to pass that you are handcuffed to someone who then needs to use the bathroom. Though come to think of it, it might be interesting to see how that is handled with fully clothed people cuffed together who then have to figure out how to get pants and panties down in time. Though I must admit, beyond that, I don’t have much interest in the whole bathroom side of things. Seems rather messy to me. So thankfully, none of that is really happening here on screen.

As always, I am open to suggestions and criticism. Fire away!

Here are images (for the video which can be direct linked through here):

Another Office Intern – Part 2

Here is the second and final part of both Amadaea T’s and Dilettante’s debut film. As I stated before, Amadea is just fantastic as a menacing boss. And Dilettante is just so sweet as she loses her panties and tries to hide her nakedness.

The logistics of Rocker Doll and Dilettante stripping Amadea T naked was a little chaotic as they both went into it with such gusto. They very quickly decided who would get which of her clothes. And of course, Dilettante ends up with her shoes. They don’t quite fit, and neither do the pants, but it sure beats being naked and barefoot. Rocker Doll apparently doesn’t seem to mind that in the end, while she has a shirt, she is still pantless and pantiless, so naked below the waist. Fortunately, the shirt is also big on her so her bare as is barely covered.

As I stated in the commentary on the first part, it is always fun to see how a first shoot goes, and particularly, a first video, with new models. This is both. And both of these models will be seen in more videos in the months ahead. I think they get better and better as they go. And that is after a very good start! So sit back and enjoy the tail end of this debut video.

Images can be seen here (for the video which can be direct linked through here):

Another Office Intern – Part 1

Not just one, but two new lovely models are in this clip (and as you may guess, this won’t be the last you see of either of them). It is always fun and interesting to shoot with a model for the first time. One never quite knows how it is going to go. And then, as time goes by and you shoot more with a model, you see new and interesting things and I think all of them just get better and better at it. But here, watch the lovely Dilettante and Amadea T in their first shoot with me. Both are lovely and both bring something new and interesting. Amadea makes a particularly imposing boss!

And stay tuned for next week’s exciting conclusion, to see just who ends up naked, and who ends up not, in the end.

As always, suggestions (and comments) are welcome. Enjoy! Images here (for the video which can be direct linked through here🙂