Office Trouble – Full

I had forgotten that I had never put up a post about this particular video. So now that oversight has been remedied.

In my mind, this is an old classic, in that this was the very first office scenario I ever filmed. Sara Cole (also known as Lena Cole) does the crazy well – she reminds me of Alexandria Von Strutter in her ability to crank it up to “11” so to speak.

The scenario itself is one that I repeated and expanded upon. Also there is the absurdity of the clothes being gone – down the incinerator, as it is. Also nice is to see is where one model takes another’s clothes to clothe herself. A more interesting scenario would be this outside, perhaps with an escaped prisoner, which has been suggested to me (and I think I have seen one of those out there).

As with all of the office scenarios, a desk in a room has sufficed for an office. One of these days it would be nice to have a full office suite to play with for filming. Alas, I do not have one. I have looked into renting one, but finding one that is both reasonable to rent and also will afford enough of a privacy window to shoot without trouble is a challenge.

As always, I am looking for feedback. I will also do custom videos if you want to spend the cash to do so. I will still keep and release the videos here, but you will of course get your own copy and you will be able to see your scenario brought to life relatively quickly. While I try to also do videos by suggestion, there is no guarantee when those will be produced and then when they will be released. A custom I will try to do ASAP and get to you immediately upon completion.

Finally, a little preview – I am going to start doing additional posts here more often on things other than just the latest video. One series I am going to start is one on each model I have worked with. So stay tuned…

Here are some stills from Office Trouble (which can be found through here):