Model Showcase: Alexandria Von Strutter

Where to start? I know I have probably said some of this before (in the entries for her various videos) but Alexandria was truly a gem. She was a natural thespian, so she could just dive in with two feet into any role and do a kick ass job. I just had to tell her what I was looking for and then she was off. Timid, she was not. And she was very good at improvising and really throwing herself into a role. You can really believe she is totally crazy watching her go.

I would love to shoot with her again, but don’t know if that would be possible. She lives rather far away now and is quite busy with life, but if it could ever be arranged, I think she is game. But for now, we have the work she has done to enjoy. She was in only seven videos (and in the last she was only in it a bit, stealing clothes) but she makes quite an impression. She was the full package. Lovely, friendly, and very good at acting. Enjoy her work.

And before we get to her videos, just a small general note : yes, I am doing model showcase again. I never really planned on stopping it, but things just got so crazy I never really got back to it. I try not to do it unless it is for a model who has already had all of her videos released, mostly just so I know when I list the videos here it won’t become out of date. Maybe at some point I’ll bend that rule, but for now, I think it is a good one. And with now 40 models that I have worked with, there are plenty to choose from as this is only my fifth model showcase entry.

Here are her videos (which can be direct linked through here:)

Office Espionage

Interview for the Sheik – Hope

Interview for the Sheik – Sara

Interview for the Sheik – Stephanie

Door-to-Door Crazy

Door-to-Door Revenge

Clothes Stolen While in the Bathtub

Here are some more images of the lovely Alexandria Von Strutter:

Interview for the Sheik – Stephanie

Here we have the last of Alexandria Von Strutter’s glorious interviews for the ever present (but never seen) Sheik. As with the first two, she tries to shock with unexpected and rather extreme questions. These were shot in the order they were released, and each model saw the previous interviews, so Alex kept upping the ante with what she asked. Stephanie plays it pretty cool, but she definitely was thrown for a loop by many of the questions where she had to pause and think about it before giving what one would hope is the obvious answer (especially when the questions involve, say, shoving a peeled banana up your ass).

I was going to release this soon after the other two, but then kept bumping it back as I wanted to get so many other videos released too and so the queue got pretty full. But now is the perfect time, after a flurry of releases to get out all three parts of the lovely Mia Vallis being stripped and interrogated in the shower. This is a nice change of pace. As I indicated in the previous post, this coming year is going to be an exciting one. Stay tuned!

Here are a few images from the video (which can be direct linked through here):

Clothes Stolen While in the Bathtub

Sometimes simple is best. Like a shower scene, a bathtub scene is also something some may think about while in the shower or bath, as that is a time when we are particularly vulnerable. Standing there naked, wet, and with soap in one’s eyes and the sound of running water, one can neither see nor hear the approach of danger. And when that danger is mischievous friends who like to take your clothes, one could get almost paranoid about it.

On the shooting side, it is fun to get interesting angles in the bath or just to see naked relaxation that you know is going to turn to desperation once the missing clothes are discovered. I should probably shoot more shower and tub scenes, though the downside is that then you have a model who is wet and that could slow down other shooting that day. Then again, if they all get wet… well, that’s another story.

Here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

Door-to-Door Revenge

Alexandria once again brings the crazy back… or rather, Stephanie does, when she brings Alex back for this sequel. This one was particularly fun to shoot because of the three clothed girls using the naked Alex as target practice. They came up with an interesting scoring method. Also interesting to me was Stephanie referring to Alex’s pussy as a “cooch,” a term I am not sure I had heard before then.

While the targeting is just with spitballs, I did briefly consider whether different items should be used for that. But as it turned out, the spitballs, though small, showed up quite well. And the girls’ aim was very good. One of them stuck right near a nipple. Another I think stuck near her belly button. And Stephanie, I believe, nailed Alex right in her pussy.

As an aside, it is lovely that the room had over the door the apparatus that is just perfect for handcuffing hands above the head. I have used it a few times before, but this time was even more fun with the target practice.

Also worth mentioning, as I usually do, is that this is another revenge scenario where the motivation was a prior video. So the motivation is there for all to see.

Now, without further ado, are some stills from the video (video linked through here):

Door-to-Door Crazy

This video was inspired in part by my personal dislike (putting it mildly) for door-to-door salespeople. Not that it isn’t a sucky job. You really seldom see them in my area now, but you see the equivalent–kids claiming to sell something for some school or sport related thing. Sometimes I wonder if they are even legitimate, not that it matters. I never buy anything. I think you have to have a little bit of crazy in you to manage to knock on thousands of people’s doors and try to intrude into their living rooms and sell them something. Which brings us to Alexandria in this video.

As should be apparent from the Interview with the Sheik videos, Alexandria Von Strutter is very good at taking something and running with it. In this, she makes a very convincing crazy woman. If she had real, loaded guns I would have been very nervous standing near her with just how well she does the crazy in this video. I think she intimidated the other models a little as well, which is good for the scene.

It is always so wonderful when a model can surprise you and just chew up the scenery with real acting. All of them do a decent enough job, and even those who aren’t as committed to it as Alexandria have their wonderful moments where it really clicks, but it is still a joy to see it done so fully and effortlessly. Some models worry about the acting portion of doing video, having only done still image modeling. I must say, all of them manage to do a decent job at it.

And now, enough chatter – here are some images from the video (which can be found through here):

Interview for the Sheik – Sara

Having warmed up with the first interview, Alexandria comes up with even more probing and embarrassing questions to ask Sara. Sara answers them all, of course, but watch for the sometimes shocked expression on her face after hearing some of the questions.

I must say, having worked with many models now, that all of them have done a decent job of “acting” as it were, for these videos, but some of them have a special gift for it. Alexandria is one of those special ones. She did a wonderful job as the interviewer here, and as you will eventually see, she did a great job with some other scenarios as well. Stay tuned for that.

This brings me to a more general thought when it comes to acting for these videos. Given the nature of my process, it generally isn’t possible for me to do an acting audition with a model before shooting with her. Which is fine, since all of them have done ok in that area. But sometimes, for certain scenarios, you really need a particular set of acting skills, and there’s no way to know in advance what a models skill will be unless (as has been the case for a few) the model has other videos up that I can actually see. Otherwise, I need to shoot with a model once (or sometimes more) before I really get an idea as to what they can do. That in turn allows me to plan to “cast” a given shoot accordingly. So in that sense, every first shoot with a model is an audition of sorts. It makes it much easier to plan where there is a known quantity (not only with acting style, but also with whether the model will be reliable and show up… that could be a whole different post.)

That said, another part of the planning process is feedback. I am genuinely curious to know what you, my audience, think of the videos, what you like and don’t like, and what you would like to see more of. I read every comment (not like it is hard to keep up) and have used the suggestions therein. For example, there was a request for a pat down with leather pants. Well, guess what is coming soon?

So if you would like to see something in particular, see more of a particular model, see more of a particular scenario, or just make general suggestions, please comment. You can comment anonymously, as many do. Now, sit back and enjoy the show.

Here are a few images from this video (which can be accessed through here):

Interview for the Sheik – Hope

In this age of sexual harassment lawsuits (and more importantly, genuine enlightenment as to such things) one would hope that being made to strip naked for an interview would be verboten. But in this case, the stripping really is part of the interview.

There is just something fascinating about watching a woman be asked some probing, or in some cases, deeply embarrassing questions while also made to slowly expose herself. In essence, you have a double exposure, as words can expose far more than the removal of clothing if they are the right words.

In some ways, while I have thought about doing this sort of embarrassing interview type shoot for a while, I did not do it because I hadn’t found just the right model to do the questioning. But Alexandria is definitely that model. She is quite good and manages to ask some pretty outrageous questions, surprising her interviewees. Sometimes the questions were so unexpected, they generated rather honest answers. Half of the fun of this is seeing not only what the answers are, but what the next outlandish question will be. Alexandria certainly delivers.

I think of this series of videos (there are three interviews done by Alexandria) is an experiment. It is definitely something I want to explore further, perhaps in some different ways. I have one way in particular that I have yet to do, but will eventually do (with luck). In the meanwhile, enjoy, and as always, I am interested in feedback. I am particularly interested for these videos because they are a bit different than the others thus far. Though I am curious to hear feedback on all of my videos.

Here are some sample images (for the video which can be found through here):

Office Espionage

I will confess, one thing I wanted to put into this video but did not get the chance too was a cool screen shot of classified documents being downloaded. It actually would not have been that hard to do, but I simply did not have the time. But it is really a minor quibble. It should be clear enough what is going on in this one. But in the future, I think I am going to make time to add little details like that. Life is in the details, after all.

Also, for the steely eyed out there, this video features two familiar faces (and bare asses)–Rocker Doll and SJRose–and two new faces: Hope Navi and Alexandria Von Strutter. Both are lovely, and of course, both you will see some more of, eventually (in both senses of the word). Alexandria in particular is quite good at improv, as will be apparent in one of the next clips she will be featured in. But that is for another day.

For now, also note that there were some actual outside, different locations for a few of the shots. I want to do more of that in the future, now that the spring is here. The ironic thing is that when I shot outside for this video, even though it should have been a warm spring day, it was actually quite cold outside, and windy too. Oh well, at least it was almost sunny looking.

Here are some stills from the video (video can be seen through here):