Jogger’s Revenge – Robber Robbed of her Clothes

I know I’ve said it before, but it is always satisfying to see revenge on screen where the motivation for revenge has been previously seen on screen.

Also, Aiya is just such a lovely woman with such a heavenly ass, so it is great to see her bare assed out in the woods with nothing to cover herself for miles. (And she is a good pairing with Sara’s also-perfect ass, as seen in the first video, Another Jogger Robbed of her Clothes).

And while spring was finally in the air, allowing this shoot, it was still not blooming, so the trees are bare. I like the green, so it was disappointing that the landscape looked so bleak. Then again, it does reinforce the bleak prospects for getting home without being seen while bare assed naked. This is especially so because the trees themselves are essentially naked, providing little cover from prying eyes. In fact, anyone could have seen her walking naked on the trail and from quite some distance, given the lack of cover.

Now that the leaves are in full bloom, it is time to go out and get some greenery to go with the beautiful naked ladies.

Here are some images (video can be seen through here):

Another Jogger Robbed of her Clothes

It was such a relief when the weather finally turned warm enough to actually go outside and shoot again without risk of a poor, naked model freezing her nipples and clit off.

The trees are still mostly bare here, which was unusual for so late in the spring, but then it was such a late coming spring.

The only difficulty now is finding places outside to shoot that will not present the problems one might encounter with having a bunch of naked women running around in public. While some may not mind seeing lovely ladies bare it all, there are plenty of prudes and all it takes is one to call the police.

Still, where there is a will there is a way, so hopefully there will be some more outdoor shoots soon, coming to a studio very near you…

One last note – it was raining out, not hard, but enough to hear the patter of rain. I always find that somewhat relaxing. I doubt poor naked Sara found much comfort in the rain.

Here are some images from this video (video can be seen through here):

Aiya Tied and Forced to Cum

There really isn’t much one can add to the description of this video. If you have seen the previous video where Aiya forced SJRose to cum over and over while she was tied up, you know Sara’s motivation in this video.

As I’ve said before, it is always delicious to see the motivation on camera, even from a previous video. Sara was quite eager to give as good as she got. Did she? Can such a thing even be measured? Only one way to find out. Take a look. You be the judge.

Here are some stills (video can be seen through here):

SJRose Tied and Forced to Cum

As one might imagine, this was hot to film. Though in the actual filming of it, one needs to pay attention to filming, so you don’t really realize just how hot it is until you watch it later. Not that I couldn’t tell on the spot.

Sara was particularly hot to get into Aiya’s panties. Or in this case, have Aiya get into her pussy. It is clear just how much she enjoyed herself. The voice you hear in the background at the end is her boyfriend commenting on just how many times he saw her cum.

Sometimes one comes up with an idea and films it, like with the many forced stripping videos I make. Those are fun, of course, and I always have more to make of those. But sometimes you don’t so much film as document. This is a document.

As should be easy to guess, there is the little matter of Sara’s revenge. That will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, video can be seen through here) and here are some images:

Office Trouble Redux – Sexual Harrassment Policy

There’s nothing quite like the disconnect of explaining to someone why they shouldn’t do something while, at the same time, you are doing it to them. In some contexts, it is simple hypocrisy. In others, it is more ironic. In this case, I would tend to place it more in the ironic category. Ironic, but smoking hot.

Clearly, every single one of the office stripping scenarios in my videos falls squarely into the “sexual harrassment” category if they were done in reality. Of course, that’s the fun thing with fantasy, you cand be somewhat ridiculous, or at least, you can suspend disbelief, just to allow yourself to enjoy watching. This is not intended to make fun of sexual harrassment itself – obviously that is real and bad when it actually happens. Knowing it is real and can be bad, though, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the farcical video now and again.

While there was a little bit of groping in Double Stuck Redux, here, it obviously goes beyond that. Aiya gropes Sara, puts her hand into her panties, and then makes out with her while Sara does some groping (and slips her hand inside Aiya’a panties) in return. For the Aiya lovers out there, this is obviously the most hands-on she’s been thus far. It makes one wonder what else could be on the horizon.

Here are some lovely images to enjoy video can be seen through here):

Aiya Savors the taste of Sara…

Double Stuck – Redux

Yes, as I am sure I have said before, the general concept of the Stuck and Double Stuck videos was rather absurd. Not just the getting stuck, but getting stuck for a rather unremarkable pen. And yet finally, inspiration struck. What is something someone really would dig deep under a bed for. I was such a fool for not thinking of this before: the remote!

People will tear about a house looking for the remote rather than just walking up to the TV and turning it on manually. Now, to a certain degree, this is not a fair criticism, in that modern TVs and remotes are necessary for many cable boxes to do anything useful, like change the channel. Even so, a remote control is a much more realistic target than a pen. I should have thought of that before. Oh well, better late than never. And I must admit, there was something fun about making the original Stuck video not only an absurd situation, but based on an absurd motivation.

So now the question is, what point is there in doing yet another one. Well first, it isn’t the same two models as the other Double Stuck, and so that makes it of interest, as it is always interesting to see new faces (and more…btw, this video marks the introduction of SJRose to the site – you will be seeing more of her, in every sense of “more”…) But that alone was not interesting enough to me to do another “Double Stuck,” particularly where one of the models was in the previous Double Stuck. (Hi Aiya!) What is that other thing? Groping, of course.

The groping in question is not from some third person, but is between Aiya and Sara. It even makes sense, in that Aiya has good reason to doubt Sara’s claim that her own pants are being down. So feeling to confirm makes sense. Perhaps I should not be so concerned with this, given the subject matter, but even in an somewhat (or even more than somewhat) absurd-premise video, I like to make things make as much sense as possible. Suspension of disbelief can only go so far. The more genuine the motivations and actions, the more you can lose yourself into the storyline, such as it is. And then you can enjoy the embarrassment as you can perhaps empathize with it, or at least believe it.

Still, these videos push the limit of absurdity as far as what I would like to shoot. But they are still fun. Enjoy… You can see the a preview through here.

Here are some stills from this video:

The Reporter – Naked Prisoners

And so now comes the conclusion to the tale of two reporters. I wonder if there is interest in this clip just for the story reason of seeing the final fate of the poor reporters. I must admit, when I see multi-part stories, be they in clip form or other forms, there is always an element of curiosity to see just how it turned out. Cleverness counts there.

In this case, I don’t know that I would call this clever, except for the editing at the beginning as Aiya is thrown in with Lexi… by… a mysterious guard. But it can’t all be about cleverness. In this case, it is about the visuals of two lovely ladies who are naked prisoners, seemingly put on display for no other reason than to humiliate them and make them uncomfortable.

Here, it is not about movement, it is about stillness. It is about how long they can stand there, naked, exposed, with their hands above their head. But the shots are not still. I still covered them from many interesting angles which, in the end, is half of the fun of shooting – capturing a new and interesting perspective, smoothly integrated into the story you are telling on film.

Production note: A little later this week, I will release one big mega clip that includes all five of “The Reporter” films. They are sticthed together with a little explanatory text between each one, so you don’t need to have read the site blurbs to know what the storyline is. I almost considered just releasing that (with this final part) and not releasing the final part on its own, as it doesn’t mean so much without the other parts. But then I figured there was really no good reason not to release that on its own. And this allows anyone who is just interested in that part (especially those who have the first four parts) to get it on its own. After that, some fresh new faces (and bare asses) will be popping up here. Stay tuned…

Here are some stills from this clip:

The Reporter – Aiya’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

It will be fun to do a very intense interrogation scene with forced stripping. Not that this one wasn’t also fun, but there are so many deeper degrees one can go. This one started to head that way when Lexi gave Aiya a good hard slap on the ass – it ended up being so hard it left a very visible red handprint on Aiya’s ass. Nothing like enthusiasm and getting into the spirit of things! Perhaps I ought to run my own version of the Stanford Prison Experiment – but just with hot women like this. I am pretty sure I saw a film along those lines somewhere already.

In this, the storyline almost comes to a close. There is but one scene remaining, the one that (sort of) answers the question as to what happened to Lexi. Stay tuned for that.

In the meanwhile, feel free to comment – on this or any other video. Or about the site in general. I am always looking for suggestions, feedback, and critiques. I do this for the art, after all. I like to make videos that are interesting to me, both conceptually and visually. I like getting interesting shots and angles. As I stated in the first one of the interrogation videos, what inspired this was just how wonderful I thought a sweet ass would look hanging off of the edge of the little white table. And I was right…

Take a look and see for yourself…

Double Hot Tub Clothing Theft

There is something to seeing shared adversity–particularly where the adversity shared is being a beautiful woman who has had her clothing stolen. Watching said beautiful women naked, trying to cover up, while also discussing their predicament and what they can do about it is also interesting to watch.

I had fun with shooting from various angles, as I often do. One of my favorites was the POV shot from between the legs, shot as a reverse angle so I got this for both Rose and Aiya. Nothing like the lovely naked legs, ass, and pussy to frame the full image of a beautiful naked woman.

As a final note, it was fall, and quite cold, when the outdoor scene was shot. I can only imagine how cold ground feels when naked and exposed like that in the great, frigid outdoors.

Site Note: Feel free to comment! Thus far, no one has been brave enough to offer one up… I don’t bite. Much. I am curious for feedback, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And I am open to suggestions for future shoots as well.

Here are some images to enjoy:

Can find direct link to this video through here.

The Reporter – Aiya’s Strip Search Pat Down

Symmetry is a beautiful thing. Literally. (Look it up.) So is seeing one beautiful woman stripped down and felt up by another, all for “safety”.

I don’t have much to say about this one – it is short and sweet, like the first. And it has all sorts of lovely angles, also like the first. I hope you enjoy it.