The Reporter – Prisoner Ava Little Finally Forced to Cum

Here is the last of Ava Little’s Reporter series (for now). Here, she is finally forced to cum (with the aid of a little pocket vibrator which seems to work so well…)

What is fun here is, of course, watching her cum, especially when she is standing up and so has to try hard not to fall over.

My general philosophy on filming orgasms is that I only want to film real ones. I tell all my models if they cum, great, if not, then that is fine too. For those that can’t really cum easily, I tell them that I just won’t try to base a video on them cumming. Because there is nothing less interesting in a video than a fake orgasm. I’d rather there not be anything at all than an orgasm that isn’t genuine. Usually it is obvious if it isn’t – I mean, I am sure there are some who can convincingly fake one, but there are tell-tale signs of a real one – certain movements, tensing of muscles, things that people don’t necessarily even realize they are doing. Seeing those little things is what makes a real orgasm so enjoyable to watch.

So it is quite enjoyable to watch those things here. Enjoy!

As always, comments and suggestions welcome. Don’t be shy. Can always be anonymous. I do find it fascinating that with all of the people who love to talk online that so few (of the thousands who visit here) have anything to say. Really, you could talk about anything. About general themes. Things you want to see. Models you like. The list is endless.

Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)