Reporters Forced to Strip Naked and Held Prisoner

This video represents the end of an era in a way. It is the last of the more conventional Reporter videos that were just nudity without all of the explicit sexual groping (though they all still had some level of groping). This is also the last video I have in the queue for all of the models in this video – Dallyce, Rocker Doll, Meredith, Dilettente, and Samantha. Many of these models go back to some of my earliest videos. I worked with all of them many times. So it is sad to know there are no more videos with any of them. That is not to say that I could not shoot with some or all of them again, but currently, no such thing has been scheduled.

It was fun to do this given that some of the models here did their original reporter videos so long ago now, before I had the prison smocks for them. So now they finally get the next chapter in their Reporter stories. And I finally got to shoot all the fun angles one can shoot with short orange prison smocks that barely cover the ass of lovely women who have had their panties confiscated. This was also the first video where you see a reporter might actually get an interview. Enjoy!

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