Office Trouble: Barb Flashes Her Panties, Barb Loses Her Panties

I have to say I love everything about this video. Barb is, of course, gorgeous, as always. I also have always liked where you see what it looks like you are not supposed to see – panties seen up a skirt. Panties seen not just as a little flash of white, but a good, long look. And of course, it is fun to see a woman have to lose her panties. And then seeing her in all her full feminine glory, also where it is both a peek and also a full view, is delightful. Here, you get all of the above and more. The dialog is also quite fun and titillating, as first Barb’s panties are discussed, then ordered off, and then she gets a good talking to about her pussy and showing it off at the office. Finally, at the end, Mike’s expressions are priceless. Watch this and you too may find yourself calling this a new favorite.

As an aside, this was also a video where I tried out yet another cute new wardrobe item, in this case, the striped, short dress. It is soft and short and cute and Barb looks perfect in it. I will likely use it again, though I must admit, after shooting this video, I always think of this as Barb’s dress, and so even though I have shot many things since this video, I have yet to put it on any other model. Which reminds me, for feedback in the comments, wardrobe is also something you should feel free to comment on. Suggestions are welcome, as is feedback about wardrobe you have already seen and what you like (or don’t) and would like to see more (or less) of.

So as I always say, comments, feedback, and suggestions are welcome. This is another slightly early update, just because I felt like it.

Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)