Meredith Stripped Naked at Job Interview

This is the last of the series of videos I shot with Meredith and Bek which was also my first shoot with Bek. Bek certainly proved to be quite the firecracker, something you get a strong sense of from the start, though it has become even more apparent in videos I have shot since then (though you are going to have to wait on that…) This video, though, is a good start, showcasing Bek’s ability to play a totally in-control bitch. She looks quite at home behind a desk. Poor Meredith didn’t stand a chance.

I am planning now for the next shoot (as I always am, but today it is in high gear), so it is a particularly good time to offer suggestions. While I save them all and look through all of those I have not yet used before every shoot (and there are a fair number of them, though not THAT many, as so few seem to offer any. It can be hard to shoot with specific models (as some may not be available) but I can do my best. I have a good selection of wardrobe now and am working on more locations. It is amazing what a little inspiration can do. Or if you are less ambitious and would just like to suggest even just a single shot, like, if you want to see Bek’s ass, bent over, showing her pussy from behind – to use an example – then suggest away. Suggestions like that could be easily worked into most any video. I try to do such things myself when there is a particular image I want to put up on the screen. I find myself doing more of that, doing longer and fewer videos so I can really savor and enjoy the art of it. So suggest away!

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)