Barb Caught Naked While Skinny Dipping in the Hot Tub

Here is another favorite of mine, in part because I think Barb has just such a lovely figure and perfect ass. And in part because I like the juxtaposition of lovely ladies in bikinis framing a completely naked lovely lady who is embarrassed to be the only one sans swimsuit. I have photographs of just such a scene, and I think there is always a particular spice to them. The contrast between the barely covered modesty of the flanking ladies and the complete naked exposure of the nude lady. There is one photo in particular I have seen posted again and again of just such a situation, that shows a naked woman standing in what must be a lake or small pond while you can see around her every other woman is fully covered in a bikini swimsuit. Sometimes a caption is added. One favorite indicates that the poor naked woman doesn’t know who stole her swimsuit and how she now has to do all of the teambuilding activities naked. I like that caption in particular – it seems to match the expression in the lovely naked woman’s face. Here is the image I am talking about:


I could have had such fun shooting a video there with that scenario. Oh well. Maybe someday. I just need a pond. In the meanwhile, here is my current video equivalent, not outdoors, but with a lady just as lovely and just as completely naked. And she is put through much more than just what might be going on in that still photo. Enjoy.

As always, I welcome feedback. I was glad to get so much feedback for my last update, which as I said, is one of my favorites. I will have to be exploring more such themes in the future. And of course, more naked woman-with-bikini-clad friends as well.

Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)