Bikini Swimsuits United and Stolen While Girls Passed Out Drunk

One of the lovliest inventions the world has ever seen has got to be the string-tie bikini swimsuit. It looks good just in itself, and it gives the small hope that maybe, just maybe, those ties will come undone and the wonderful beauty beneath will be exposed to the world.

So I always enjoy any video where a string tie bikini swimsuit can be showcased and, of course, where those ties get tugged just right and lovely breasts, ass, and pussy are on display. Here, we get a double dose, made even better with the two lovely ladies intertwined. And another of my favorite views at the end… the end. As in, bare asses, walking away from the camera.

Really, the themes in this video are simple, straightforward, and lovely to behold. I should do more. Oh wait, I already did.

As always, suggestions, comments, and observations on the world are welcome. I just recently did another shoot and in that I used many of the suggestions I have gotten here. I can’t wait to edit and post the new videos! Lots of great ones already done as well that will be up soon. Stay tuned.

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Spy Captured, Stripped, and Molested

I’ve always thought that the only orgasms worth having are real ones. I never saw the point of faking one in a personal relationship – what good does that do you, really? And on video, the rather obviously fake noise that many porn stars make I just find annoying. Very few people actually make noise in that manner, even those who are noisy when it comes to getting off. So in a video, either have a real orgasm or just don’t have one at all. Seeing someone enjoying the stimulation is enough. If it comes, well, it cums. While one can never know for sure except the person having the orgasm (or not), usually there are lots of tell-tale signs, the non-verbal ones, that show – and those are what make a video really hot. Not the moaning. The moaning sounds fake. In fact, fake porn video moaning may have slightly ruined real moaning, to the extent it might coincidentally sound similar to the fake stuff. So… what is the point, you may wonder? Well, just that I only want to film real orgasms and I let the models all know that. For a scene, I tell them, it is great if they do cum (if it is that sort of scene) but it is just fine if they don’t and no need to worry about faking it.

With the above in mind, it would seem that Samantha got to really enjoy herself in this one. She usually does, I think. So it is fun to watch her interrogation – and what it leads to. After seeing her delight in getting Lindsey off in the Test of Poise video, Samantha got her turn in this, and it is delightful to watch. It is also fun to see Samantha strapped and caught with a firearm to her pussy. The look on her face is priceless.

Love to hear suggestions, as always.

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Hot Tub Truth or Dare

As noted in the video description, this is a very different sort of video. It was fun for me to shoot as I did not know what was going to happen. It was also fun because it was the models really just hanging out and being themselves, which if you are like me, is something I am always curious about when I see a video – what is this person (or these people) like as themselves, rather than just seeing them playing a character or role.

This was also something I did at the suggestion of Dallyce (though I had actually been thinking about doing such a scenario as well). She actually has lots of interesting suggestions. Speaking of which, I am always interested to hear yours. And also interested in hearing feedback. Like, for example, what do you think of the concept in this video? Would you like to see more of something like this? Or even just interviews of models. I actually try to get an interview before shooting for the first time (but for various reasons don’t always manage to) or after shooting sometimes as well. I have a little library of these, but have never released any of them thus far. One of these days I may get around to doing something with them if there is any interest.

You may note that this video is coming out a bit earlier than normal for an update. The reason? I just felt like it, really. And was up anyway, so figured, why not. I am about a month away from releasing videos from a whole batch of shoots never before seen, though there are some very nice videos to release before that. I sometimes like to save the best videos from a shoot for last. But not always. Anyway, without further ado…

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Meredith Stripped Naked at Job Interview

This is the last of the series of videos I shot with Meredith and Bek which was also my first shoot with Bek. Bek certainly proved to be quite the firecracker, something you get a strong sense of from the start, though it has become even more apparent in videos I have shot since then (though you are going to have to wait on that…) This video, though, is a good start, showcasing Bek’s ability to play a totally in-control bitch. She looks quite at home behind a desk. Poor Meredith didn’t stand a chance.

I am planning now for the next shoot (as I always am, but today it is in high gear), so it is a particularly good time to offer suggestions. While I save them all and look through all of those I have not yet used before every shoot (and there are a fair number of them, though not THAT many, as so few seem to offer any. It can be hard to shoot with specific models (as some may not be available) but I can do my best. I have a good selection of wardrobe now and am working on more locations. It is amazing what a little inspiration can do. Or if you are less ambitious and would just like to suggest even just a single shot, like, if you want to see Bek’s ass, bent over, showing her pussy from behind – to use an example – then suggest away. Suggestions like that could be easily worked into most any video. I try to do such things myself when there is a particular image I want to put up on the screen. I find myself doing more of that, doing longer and fewer videos so I can really savor and enjoy the art of it. So suggest away!

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Barb Caught Naked While Skinny Dipping in the Hot Tub

Here is another favorite of mine, in part because I think Barb has just such a lovely figure and perfect ass. And in part because I like the juxtaposition of lovely ladies in bikinis framing a completely naked lovely lady who is embarrassed to be the only one sans swimsuit. I have photographs of just such a scene, and I think there is always a particular spice to them. The contrast between the barely covered modesty of the flanking ladies and the complete naked exposure of the nude lady. There is one photo in particular I have seen posted again and again of just such a situation, that shows a naked woman standing in what must be a lake or small pond while you can see around her every other woman is fully covered in a bikini swimsuit. Sometimes a caption is added. One favorite indicates that the poor naked woman doesn’t know who stole her swimsuit and how she now has to do all of the teambuilding activities naked. I like that caption in particular – it seems to match the expression in the lovely naked woman’s face. Here is the image I am talking about:


I could have had such fun shooting a video there with that scenario. Oh well. Maybe someday. I just need a pond. In the meanwhile, here is my current video equivalent, not outdoors, but with a lady just as lovely and just as completely naked. And she is put through much more than just what might be going on in that still photo. Enjoy.

As always, I welcome feedback. I was glad to get so much feedback for my last update, which as I said, is one of my favorites. I will have to be exploring more such themes in the future. And of course, more naked woman-with-bikini-clad friends as well.

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Lindsey’s Job Interview – A Test of Poise

I have to say that this video is one of my all time favorites. It includes a lot of elements I like, all finally put together into one video, including one that is a first for me. Don’t read on unless you want spoilers – ok, of course you want spoilers. That’s why you read this, that’s why I put full video descriptions in. Which reminds me of something that I will get back to in a moment. First, this video.

Lindsey is just terribly cute, with the perfect, pert tight, yet rounded ass. That is my primary point of interest when I am looking at the aesthetics of a lovely naked female form. I just love a perfect ass, particularly seen from behind, bent over, or just standing with a perfect set of pussy lips visible between those cheeks. And here, Lindsey’s ass gets bared and seen from behind at a great angle for a good portion of the video. Even better, Samantha gets to play with those ass cheeks. And best of all, she plays up between those thighs with a vibrator (which is a first for my videos), relentlessly playing with Lindsey’s pussy and clit with it. You can see the raw delight on Samantha’s face as she plays. Samantha was not going to stop for anything. Back to that in a moment as well.

I want to take a second to praise Lindsey for being a real trooper. It isn’t easy holding a container of water on your head for so long. I did give her a few breaks, but for the most part, she just had to stand there and hold the water cup on her head almost the whole video (which is even longer than it appears, given the editing). It is not so much the weight, as just having your hands and arms above your head – they have weight of their own. It isn’t easy. She did it and didn’t complain. And she never dropped it, well, except once… getting back to Samantha. When I was taking a moment to set things up for a segment of the video, Lindsey was still standing there, hands on the cup on her head. It was not something that would be in the video as it was an adjustment period, but she kept it up there. And Samantha, bless her wicked heart, even though we were on a break from the video, she did not stop playing with Lindsey’s pussy with that pocket vibrator. Fortunately, I still had the camera on and so I caught what happened next. Lindsey’s knees went weak and she no longer could stand up, Samantha had to help her so she didn’t just completely fall over. Lindsey collapsed down into Samantha’s arms. Why couldn’t she stand anymore? Because Samantha made her cum, hard, and so standing became impossible. It is extremely hot to watch and also a bit of fun. But since it does not fit within the narrative of the video, I couldn’t leave it in there. But what I COULD do was include it at the end as an outtake, which I did in the video (it is mentioned in the video description but there it does not say what it is an outtake of).

So anyway, enjoy this video. It is one of my favorites and it ought to be yours too.

Getting back to descriptions as mentioned above. I might even post a separate post about this later, but I figured I would mention it now while I think of it. I have rather long descriptions for my videos. I do that because I like to let someone know, as much as possible, what they are getting if they buy the video. I try to be accurate and detailed, so it is clear. I thought that was only a good thing, but I’ve heard from some that they think my descriptions are far too long, that they just want to see the pictures. I do try to give an idea of the narrative from the pictures I capture and post from the video. I am curious what you all think about the video descriptions. So feel free to comment on that here – and as always, I am open to any other comments, suggestions, and remarks. I love feedback.

Here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)