The Reporter – More Naked Prisoners

And now, at long last, we get a hint of the ultimate fate of all of these reporters. Instead of an interview, they end up naked (and nearly naked) prisoners. It was fun taking the story along, after having so many strip search pat downs. I had the original Naked Prisoners segment as a bit of an afterthought with the original Reporter video. It was short and I didn’t have the “prison garb” wardrobe way back then – in fact, I hardly had any wardrobe at all at that point.

I have always liked the idea of naked prisoners – or prisoners with short shifts where every slight move risks showing off bare ass or pussy (or both). The prison “uniforms” I rather like as they do that rather well and look like they could be prison garb. This was the first video I used them. There will be more (and just to whet the appetite, I do believe I have five sets of those uniforms and I know I have used all of them in a single video at least once at this point…)

As always, comments, suggestions, observations welcome. I am particularly curious to hear what people think of this continuation of the Reporter series from a storyline standpoint.

Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)