The Reporter – More Naked Prisoners

And now, at long last, we get a hint of the ultimate fate of all of these reporters. Instead of an interview, they end up naked (and nearly naked) prisoners. It was fun taking the story along, after having so many strip search pat downs. I had the original Naked Prisoners segment as a bit of an afterthought with the original Reporter video. It was short and I didn’t have the “prison garb” wardrobe way back then – in fact, I hardly had any wardrobe at all at that point.

I have always liked the idea of naked prisoners – or prisoners with short shifts where every slight move risks showing off bare ass or pussy (or both). The prison “uniforms” I rather like as they do that rather well and look like they could be prison garb. This was the first video I used them. There will be more (and just to whet the appetite, I do believe I have five sets of those uniforms and I know I have used all of them in a single video at least once at this point…)

As always, comments, suggestions, observations welcome. I am particularly curious to hear what people think of this continuation of the Reporter series from a storyline standpoint.

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The Reporter – Dallyce’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

Here is the last of the three forced stripping interrogation videos from this sequence. Dallyce is as defiant as ever in this one – she really got into it with Mike. It was fun to watch. She definitely did not meekly submit here.

Speaking of fun, the story doesn’t end here. The fate of all three interrogated “reporters” is revealed in another video after this one. Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, feel free to comment, suggest, or just shoot the breeze. Summer is always busy when it comes to production so there will be plenty more to come and plenty of opportunities to make suggestions a reality, in whole or part.

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Another Schoolgirl Kidnapped, Stripped, and Groped

I certainly have gotten good use out of these school-uniform-like costumes. There’s something so delicious about short skirts with simple white panties underneath them. But maybe then I am just a simple person. I suppose that is why I like the simple sorts of clothes often seen in my videos. I know there are all sorts of funky looking panties and thongs and other such things, but I never much like seeing them in my videos. I also don’t tend to like such things as vinyl or other stuff you might see a dom wearing, though I suppose that can be ok in some circumstances. The reason I like the simple is that it is more what I think one should expect to see on someone who is not dressing to be undressed or for a sexy video and more what you’d expect to see from a random person on the street. And so it would be more what you would expect to see if the random person on the street was forced to unexpectedly strip naked. Now, how exactly true is this? Without stripping random people, I suppose I don’t know for sure, but then I think it is more likely than not that I am correct. Many women do wear thongs these days, it is true, particularly young women, but many don’t, and in any case, I have never much liked thongs. I figure either you are wearing panties or you are going bare – thongs seem like a halfway choice that doesn’t really satisfy either. It can be nice to see a nice ass in a pair of panties or it can be nice to see a nice bare ass. Thongs confuse the issue.

Ok, enough of the philosophy of panties – time for the video. As always, I welcome feedback, thoughts, suggestions, and anything else you care to comment about. It does not need to be written in any particular posting on any particular video – really only comments about the video need to go in that video’s posting (and it is not like I will reject a comment for going to the wrong post). I do actually use the comments and suggestions – sometimes in part, sometimes in whole cloth. I just have used several on recent shoots, though they will not show up here for a bit given the queue. I have used suggestions from models as well – some even have brought props and wardrobe to carry out their own suggestions, and those have also come out well. So suggest away!

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The Reporter – Samantha’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

As promised, here is another peek at what happens after the strip search pat down. This time it is Samantha’s turn to be interrogated (and stripped, and handcuffed). After her, it will be Dallyce’s turn – and then comes a peek at what happens to all three of them after that. But that is yet another video… coming soon.

For now, enjoy seeing Samantha’s bare ass sitting on that small table as she has to answer questions.

As always, comments, suggestions, and whatever else are welcome. Lots of shoots over the summer so lots of ideas needed (and lots will be used).

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Rich Bitch – Stripped, Groped, and Cuffed by Cops

Renata has such an exotic look and quite a head of hair. Bek and Dallyce were all over her on this one. I have several more videos where I experimented with scenarios where a rich bitch gets stripped by police. More to come is Jemma Jordan’s turn and Lindsey’s turn. And then there are a few special videos where Lindsey finds more than she bargained for when it comes to getting a job. But for now, enjoy this little update. There are tons more to come! Including four entirely new models!

As always, suggestions, comments, and such are welcome. Don’t be shy. You can always be anonymous. And having just done another shoot, I can attest that the suggestions box was well perused before the cameras rolled.

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