The Reporter – Barb’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

Well, this was a long time in coming – after dozens of poor reporters stripped, patted down, and groped, a little hint of what comes after. Is it an interview? Well, yes, except it isn’t the one the reporter was expecting. Instead, it is an interrogation… and more stripping. This is the first in a series of three – for three different reporters, each getting stripped and interrogated. And then it does not end there… but first things first.

I had been thinking of doing more about what happens after for a very long time now. This obviously gets back to the very first reporter video, which did include a stripping interrogation and then had two naked prisoners. But as I said, first things first.

I rather like the little table that is used as a stool for this. It makes for a great view from behind, bare ass straddling the edge as the legs straddle the front. Barb has just a perfect bare ass.

As always, I welcome suggestions, comments, and so forth. Don’t be shy. It always amazes me that of those who stop by, so few see fit to comment. I like to keep the conversation two way. Admittedly, I wonder if the long delay between when I shoot something and it finally makes it up here is what makes some think I don’t really take and use all the suggestions I get. I do use them. Maybe I will have to move some things up in the queue once and a while just to chop off some of that delay. We shall see…

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