Bek Stripped Naked at Job Interview

The worse the economy is, the more one can imagine just how desperate someone can get to get a job. And thus the scenario of having to strip naked at a job interview. Of course, what makes this even worse (and more fun) is the keeping of the clothes, forcing the would-be applicant to drive home naked after the interview. And it certainly makes things more fun for the employer. In ages past, I wonder just how often such a thing would have actually happened (well, except for the going home naked bit). Anyone ever had to do anything inappropriate at a job interview? One would think it is less likely in the era of equal(er) rights and lawsuits. But then there was the proverbial casting couch…

There is also something fun about any scenario where a woman in powerful business clothes finds herself stripped naked and vulnerable. Though the interviewee is already in the less powerful position, the clothes themselves set the image.

Once again, I ask for feedback, suggestions, and so forth. Feel free to suggest even small things – like wardrobe items, or wardrobe favorites – camera angles – little bits of scenes, like do you like seeing a lovely lady bent over from behind, or a pinch to the nipples or … use your imagination. Can’t hurt to suggest what you like!

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)