The Reporter – Barb’s Forced Stripping Interrogation

Well, this was a long time in coming – after dozens of poor reporters stripped, patted down, and groped, a little hint of what comes after. Is it an interview? Well, yes, except it isn’t the one the reporter was expecting. Instead, it is an interrogation… and more stripping. This is the first in a series of three – for three different reporters, each getting stripped and interrogated. And then it does not end there… but first things first.

I had been thinking of doing more about what happens after for a very long time now. This obviously gets back to the very first reporter video, which did include a stripping interrogation and then had two naked prisoners. But as I said, first things first.

I rather like the little table that is used as a stool for this. It makes for a great view from behind, bare ass straddling the edge as the legs straddle the front. Barb has just a perfect bare ass.

As always, I welcome suggestions, comments, and so forth. Don’t be shy. It always amazes me that of those who stop by, so few see fit to comment. I like to keep the conversation two way. Admittedly, I wonder if the long delay between when I shoot something and it finally makes it up here is what makes some think I don’t really take and use all the suggestions I get. I do use them. Maybe I will have to move some things up in the queue once and a while just to chop off some of that delay. We shall see…

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Forced to Strip Naked While Playing an FRPG – Fantasy Role Playing Game

Just like with the first video like this I did (Stripped Naked While Playing an FRPG), this one was a particularly fun one for me to make. Taking something that is so iconic for the stereotypical introverted nerds out there (playing a Fantasy Role Playing Game like Dungeons and Dragons, and now Pathfinder, Hackmaster, and so forth) and mixing it with hot women playing and getting naked is, well, almost iconic for me. I thought about what I’d like to do for a sequel and then realized that in the modern era, there are far more women players, and they know the game.

So for this followup, it is a mostly different group (really just one player is the same, Dallyce) and this time the story isn’t about a group of women who don’t know gaming and so can be “duped” into getting naked (yeah right). Instead, they are all hard core gamers, who know the game well and are deeply into role playing. They are playing a qualifying game to get their group into a tournament with a 100K grand prize, so now they have incentive to win. Not just for the money, but for bragging rights. Of course, as the story unfolds, the GM uses their desire to get to the tournament to get them to get naked (in character, of course). So this time, it is not their lack of knowledge that gets them naked, it is their hard core gamer’s desire to win that gets them naked.

I really love both of these videos, but wanted to have this one to make a statement that women can be just as hard core about gaming as men. Plus, it gave a different twist from the first video. Also it was fun to have one of the players in this one be so reluctant to get naked that the others have to chase her down and forcibly strip her naked. That was fun to do and I think came off really well. I remember enjoying watching every frame of that in editing. It helped that Barb has such a smoking hot body. It was also fun to watch them all getting dressed again in this one at the end. I find myself trying to catch that more often in videos. Seeing the rush to cover bare breasts and pussies is almost as fun as seeing them exposed in the first place.

As with the first FRPG video, this took the perfect conditions to be able to set it up, including a shoot with the requisite number of models to make it interesting. That is always difficult to set up (and damn expensive!) but in this case, I think it was well worth it. It is so personally satisfying to have made this video (as it was with the first). Since I am unlikely to ever even break even with any of this, artistic satisfaction really becomes a large motivator. I find something I love in every video I do (or else I couldn’t make them) but soemtimes they come out particularly special, and I think this one is one of them.

As with all of my videos, feedback is welcome, not only for the video in question, but about anything else. Suggestions are good as well. I save them all. As I plan now for another shoot, I am looking through every suggestion I’ve ever been given and taking notes as I plan what storylines to use.

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The Reporter – Phoenix Rose’s Strip Search Pat Down

Well, this is it… the last “Reporter Strip Search Pat Down” in the queue. (And she has quite a lovely ass…) This is not to say there won’t be more – I will do more when I shoot more with new models (which I am actually going to do rather soon). And while I do like the simplicity and great angles and views on these, I want to push the envelope and make them a little more interesting. The next ones will likely be a little more… intrusive, as it were. Don’t want those Reporters feeling like they are getting off too easy.

With that in mind, now is a particularly good time to offer suggestions as to what you would like to see in more of these – and don’t forget to say what you like of what is already in them as well. And as always, suggestions about things in general are also welcome. I am pouring through my Ideas folder now, and it has plenty of good ideas from readers like you – but there is always room for more!

On the horizon (as in soon) there will be some videos showing what happens next to some (or many…) of these poor Reporters who suffer the indignity of having their panties pulled down and their thighs felt up just to get an interview.

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Bek Stripped Naked at Job Interview

The worse the economy is, the more one can imagine just how desperate someone can get to get a job. And thus the scenario of having to strip naked at a job interview. Of course, what makes this even worse (and more fun) is the keeping of the clothes, forcing the would-be applicant to drive home naked after the interview. And it certainly makes things more fun for the employer. In ages past, I wonder just how often such a thing would have actually happened (well, except for the going home naked bit). Anyone ever had to do anything inappropriate at a job interview? One would think it is less likely in the era of equal(er) rights and lawsuits. But then there was the proverbial casting couch…

There is also something fun about any scenario where a woman in powerful business clothes finds herself stripped naked and vulnerable. Though the interviewee is already in the less powerful position, the clothes themselves set the image.

Once again, I ask for feedback, suggestions, and so forth. Feel free to suggest even small things – like wardrobe items, or wardrobe favorites – camera angles – little bits of scenes, like do you like seeing a lovely lady bent over from behind, or a pinch to the nipples or … use your imagination. Can’t hurt to suggest what you like!

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)