The Reporter – Barb’s Strip Search Pat Down

While there are still a tone of videos in the queue, as of now, there is only one more “Reporter – Strip Search Pat Down” video after this one in there. As I stated before, I like to do these when doing a first shoot with a new model – it is a nice warm up, it covers some nice angles, and it is simple and straightforward. And while they may not have some of the more creative elements of other videos, there is something to be said for what is familiar and what hits all the right notes. Still, I like to branch out – and so in that vein, I produced some videos that show what happens next for some of these intrepid reporters. So starting in a few weeks, I will start to show those – first, there are interrogations – then there is captivity. Those were fun to shoot and I found satisfaction in saying what happened next to all these reporters. So stay tuned.

Looking at this one, this is a lovely one as Barb is such a lovely girl. Will be sad when her videos are all released (in that there will be no more…) but until then, enjoy! As noted above, after this, there is but one more Reporter Pat Down video in the queue (for now…) Anyone care to guess which model it is?

As always, feedback is more than welcome. I like to know what works, what doesn’t, and what suggestions and ideas you all have for stories. I can’t promise exactly when I will use an idea, but I plan to try to use them all eventually.

Here are images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)