It’s a Man’s World – Female Office Workers Forced to Strip Naked

I must admit, it can sometimes be hard to decide what release schedule to use. This one is a particular gem that I have been eager to release ever since I put it together. It has so many fun elements, including mass stripping, handcuffs, a dark plot twist, evil office workers, and a cool auction setup at the end. So I have been bursting at the seams to release this one and share it with the world. And that is why I am releasing this a few days early – since I was going to be releasing it this coming week anyway, I figured why not celebrate by releasing it a bit early.

It is always fun to do office worker type scenarios – or to see women in powerful clothes or fancy clothes have to strip them off, revealing their naked vulnerability beneath. I also enjoy where there ends up being a lot of naked flesh on display all at once. In fact, I am planning on more mass stripping situations and scenarios – so as always, if you have suggestions or ideas, share them and you may soon see some or all of them here. Now, without further ado…

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

5 thoughts on “It’s a Man’s World – Female Office Workers Forced to Strip Naked”

  1. WOW, this looks amazing! I love the unfair CMNF theme, its such a hard to find fantasy.

    Unfortunately, securebill is erroring out when I try to purchase. I wish I had checked in on Saturday when you originally posted 🙂

  2. Greatest video in this genre I have ever seen! Please make more with group nudity and girls being lined up naked. The auction was brilliant and would love to see more along the same theme. I think customers would be willing to chip in production costs to have you do customs like many on clips4sale do.

    1. I actually have made several since this one – I have had many multi-model shoots and so finally decided to take full advantage of having so many lovely naked ladies all in one space.

      The most direct way to contribute in terms of helping production costs is simply to buy more videos – buy those you like, that you were curious about, that you just thought might be nice. Then I get a little bit of money and you get something in return. Of course, it isn’t a lot, but it is something. There are ways to set up for tribute, but I am not sure I would want to do that. I do like getting feedback about what people like.

      1. Great! I look forward to them. I bought two more, quadruple hot tub clothing theft was awesome. As you can see I like the group nudity scenes. I’ll look over the rest and purchase more when I can. Keep up the good work!

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