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A commenter wrote in to suggest video formats (I do believe under the Year in Review 2014 post). It led to a very interesting discussion about the various formats that there are, the pros and cons of various settings, and so on. Rather than get too deep into the woods on that, suffice it to say, there is high definition, and then there is even higher definition. For my videos, I usually put them out in .wmv format at the very highest definition settings I can. But apparently there was a way to push things even higher.

Based on that conversation, I tried a ridiculously high definition format to see how it would come out. As it turns out, for the indoor shoots, it really did not look all that much different. But the file size ended up absolutely huge. But it does make a difference noticeably for the outdoor shoots when there is a complicated background and a lot of movement. In fact, I had noted that before which is why for my more recent outdoor videos, I put them out in a higher output .MP4 format. It make the quick movement quicker. Now, perhaps the quick movement parts aren’t what most are interested in seeing clearly, but I still prefer things to look as smooth as possible.

So while there is not much reason to use the higher definition for indoor shoots (where you would not likely even notice a difference), for the outdoors, with complicated backgrounds and bright sunlight, for the fast movement, you can. And so, by special request, for the commenter who brought this to my attention and also gave me some technical tips for tweaking the settings, I redid in much higher definition the video “Hiker Robbed of Her Clothes and Handcuffed” and will now release it. I like how it looks (but then I always have). This is one of my favorite videos – it came out beautifully, the outdoor shots are gorgeous (as is Rocker Doll of course), and the video is long and has lots of interesting shots and angles. So without further ado…

Here are some still frames – not that you can really see a difference in a still, but I wanted to make more anyway to add to this post…

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