The Reporter – Renata’s Strip Search Pat Down

This was Renata’s introduction to me, and to video in general. She has a very unique, exotic look – Native American with long, luxurious hair, which she often has braided. It was quite fun working with her, and of course, there is more of her to come.

As I often do, I shoot a reporter video first, to warm things up and also to quickly get some lovely angles. While someone commented before that these Reporter videos are not as creative or interesting as others I do, I think there is something to be said for a staple or formula where you know exactly what to expect, and which gives a good, thorough look at a model from interesting angles. They also tend to be short and to the point, which has its own charm.

I just shot a few followup videos for the Reporter series as well, like I did with the very first – interrogations and then what happens after, for a handful of these. Stay tuned…

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

7 thoughts on “The Reporter – Renata’s Strip Search Pat Down”

  1. I haven’t found an email address on your site, so I hope this comment reaches you.

    The setting of girls being stripped by other girls is just great. Your videos are really my taste! Perhaps you could make a film where a girl is mugged/robbed by another girl or a female gang for her street clothes.
    I for example especially like biker style leather jackets. So I imagine a video where a girl in her favourite and probably expensive leather jacket walks somewhere in the street/in a forest or somewhere else and meets another girl. This other girl sees her, and forces her to take of her jacket. She also takes other clothes and items like her shoes or mobile phone if they are worth it.

    I really like your videos, but the clothes the girls wear do look a bit artificial. I dout many of them would wear these on the street. Perhaps you could make your videos with the clothes they actually wear and it would look a lot more realistic. At least for me 🙂

    If you like you can post an email adress where I can contact you directly.

    Kind regards

    1. Thank you for the feedback. What do you find artificial about the clothes? I mean, tastes vary. I do supply some of the wardrobe for videos (for things models don’t have, such as business clothes generally) but much of the time they wear clothes they themselves own and have brought. I do like getting wardrobe suggestions, though. Suggestions like that are very helpful – as are really any other suggestions. I will add yours to my idea file for what to shoot.

      If you would like to email me, you can post another comment with your email address in it and I will email you. If you don’t want anyone else to see it, say so and I will also not post that comment so only I will see the comment (I have comments set to go to moderation before posting, mostly to filter out spam).

      Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions!

  2. Thank you very much for your reply. Of course, tastes in clothing are very individual and I definetly do not want to critize anyone for it. I really like your vids!

    To give you an example what I meant: In the video “The Reporter – Bek’s Strip Search Pat Down”, Bek wears a jacket that looks a little bit old to me. Artificial was perhaps not the right word. If she wears that jacket on the street that is perfectly fine with me and I respect that 100 percent. If not, you can perhaps suggest to the girls to bring their clothes that they wear on the street everyday or which they like particularly.

    This is of course only my personal opinion, but I like leather jackets most. Many girls today wear them, for example in the biker style. Perhaps you can include jackets which the girls always wear in your videos more often. You do not have to change any of the setting. This is just great as it is now. But the stripping scene could include the forced take off of the jacket more often. It doesen’t have to be outdoor, indoor is absolutely fine.

    Just as a suggestion. I’m happy to hear other thoughts on this!

    Kind regards

    1. Not being a woman, I am particularly interested to hear suggestions about women’s clothing. I know little about it myself. And I am also probably dated in terms of what younger women wear today. What is biker style? I do have a leather jacket that is often used in the reporter videos, but it is a plain style.

      Don’t feel bad for criticizing or offering suggestions. As I said, tastes vary and not everyone likes the same things. I like to do a variety of themes and that includes a variety of wardrobe. If anything, I wish more people would offer suggestions. I try to use every one I get, though sometimes it can take a while if they are specific or require specific models or locations I might not have easy access to. But I still like to try.

      I wonder if you would like a girl naked, but for a leather jacket… and then losing it then. And in terms of stripping off the jacket, what manner of stripping it, either forcefully or with dialog? The more details you tell me, the more I might be able to do something that matches the vision you have in your head of what you like.

      Keep the suggestions coming!

  3. A biker style is a form of leather jacket, which is usually waisted and looks very cool and feminine. It can be with a belt and have zippers at the sleeve. Here is an example:

    Another word for it is motorcycle or just moto jacket, but these one’s are worn for fashion purposes and therefore have no protectors and are lighter than the real moto jackets for bikers. You can find other examples with google image search, try “women’s leather biker jacket”.

    Yes, I do like a girl naked, but for me it’s also the process of humiliation by getting stripped of clothes. Perhaps I can try to exlain that with a memory of my youths:
    When I was in school in the 90s, wearing nice and cool clothes was a kind of status symbol. The person who wears these, for example designer shoes or indeed leather jackets, was showing that he or she is cool and attractive and is fancied by all. Of course it’s not the clothes alone, the appearance and behaviour was also of importance. But the clothing contributed to the look. These kind of clothings were not cheap and not every one could afford them. The desire to wear it was however big, and there were more than one incident where people have been mugged for these clothes. Some time after school, there were gangs who were waiting near the schools and targeting students wearing designer clothes. When they have found a potential victim, they followed them for a while and when the moment seemed right they surrounded it. The gang leader told her for example what a nice jacket she was wearing and if she could “borrow” it for a moment. Often knives were involved in lending weight to the demands. If she didn’t comply and handed over the jacket, they punched her and forcefully tore the jacket of her back. They forced her to the ground and for example also took her shoes and other items of value while they were at it. Today, they would probably take her phone as well. Once they got it, the leader would try the jacket on and pose proudly in front of the group. The victim who minutes before was the cool, self-confident, attractive girl was now forced to walk home in a very humiliated way.

    I have never actually seen it live, but strange as it sounds I always liked it. I admit it’s a very strange notion. Robbing other peoples clothing but for me the attraction lies in somewhere in the humiliation process. Similar may be are the scenes of beeing strip searched, as you also have made it in your videos.

    Kind regards

    1. Thanks for the link. I will take a look. Hopefully such clothes are not too expensive. Though I suppose I can get use out of them in multiple videos if it comes down to it… I give my wardrobe quite a workout when I get it.

      So for the scenario you describe, did the victims ever get stripped naked or at least down to panties and bra? (And then if they were designer as well…) For my videos I am likely to go all the way, but perhaps in stages.

      What other sort of wardrobe-off-the-street do you suggest is more genuine? I also have to ask, are you a woman? Stef sounds like it, but one never knows. Not that it matters – most feedback I have gotten is from men and I’ve been happy to use it, but am always curious about a woman’s perspective, particularly on something like wardrobe.

      What queues do you see that make a scene humiliating? In terms of dialog, actions, and reactions by the victim? I myself am not much into really humiliating people, so I have to stretch the imagination a bit (which is of course what videos of fantasies are all about) but I like to include as much as I can of more real elements. Even for the sillier concepts.

      Once again, thanks for the feedback. Cheers!

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