Cousin Stripped Naked for Stealing Vinyl Records

For those of you pondering the sending of feedback, this video should give some inspiration. The plotline for this video came from a fan of the site. It was a rather specific sort of plot, and while I can’t claim to have captured it perfectly, I think I got the basic outline of it fairly well, and it included many of the elements suggested, including the forced exercise routine. I must admit to enjoying that myself – seeing those bare breasts and asses bouncing up and down with the jumping jacks. And both Barb and Jessica are in far better shape than I, so there was also just the pleasure of watching their lovely bodies in action.

Another interesting feature of this video, as mentioned in the description, is the use of greenscreen at the end. I haven’t tried to use that before. It was something of an experiment to see how it would look and what I could do with it. It is somewhat crude in how it came out with this video, but it gave me all sorts of information and ideas about how I might use it (and how to use it correctly). I think more subtle uses of it are called for. I prefer effects that you don’t even realize are effects. I also prefer to actually shoot outside where possible, so it remains to be seen which I will do more of. In any case, it was fun and informative for me to try. I included it at the very end of the video, past the point where I would usually end the video, so it is more like a little bonus at the end than the main feature of the video. I did it that way because I was not sure how it would turn out, and even after I did see how it turned out, I would rather let my normal sort of shoot and shots predominate.

As always, I welcome feedback, good and bad. I know tastes may vary, so don’t be shy. Some videos that one person may love, another may be indifferent to, and another may not like at all. I try to put something in every video that I, at least, can love, but I don’t expect everyone to love everything I do. Though if your tastes match mine, then every video should have something for you. I try to not only provide scenes and shots that are frequent favorites, but to also try to come up with new ideas and concepts to keep things fresh and interesting. I think a combination of both is ideal – something old, something new. And so now, without further ado…

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

The Reporter – Renata’s Strip Search Pat Down

This was Renata’s introduction to me, and to video in general. She has a very unique, exotic look – Native American with long, luxurious hair, which she often has braided. It was quite fun working with her, and of course, there is more of her to come.

As I often do, I shoot a reporter video first, to warm things up and also to quickly get some lovely angles. While someone commented before that these Reporter videos are not as creative or interesting as others I do, I think there is something to be said for a staple or formula where you know exactly what to expect, and which gives a good, thorough look at a model from interesting angles. They also tend to be short and to the point, which has its own charm.

I just shot a few followup videos for the Reporter series as well, like I did with the very first – interrogations and then what happens after, for a handful of these. Stay tuned…

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Caught With Her Pants Down – Bek Ambushed on the Toilet

This particular scenario was one that I had to wonder why I hadn’t thought of it before. It is such an obvious situation where one could be literally caught with one’s pants down: sitting on the toilet. And then not only being caught that way, but then being unable to pull pants and panties back up just stretches out that vulnerability. I really liked the idea once I finally thought of it. So I tried it a few times, this being the first.

One thing I did not want to do was to make this about the whole bathroom thing – maybe it is just because it is not something that appeals to me, but someone using the bathroom to me is just… not sexy. Though ok, if I think about it, I suppose the level of intimacy that it shows when a new lover will sit down and at least pee with you still in the room, that has a certain appeal – the intimacy, not the pee. And pee itself isn’t too disturbing… not like… the other thing. So with that in mind, here, I don’t really get into the bathroom aspect of it, just the exposure aspect of it. I thought about adding some sound effects here for, say, peeing, but then decided not to, as that seemed a distraction. Maybe I ought have.

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions. For instance, fresh ideas like this are always welcome. While this one came from my twisted brain, I have gotten many others from readers like you.

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

The Reporter – Lindsey’s Strip Search Pat Down

I must confess, I find it hard to think of what I might want to add that I haven’t said before with these particular clips. That is a sure sign I need to do some experimentation… which I will do soon. But one thing I can say about this one is this is, I believe, just the second appearance of lovely Lindsey. You will be seeing much more of her in the year ahead. But for now, here is a small taste. (Oh, one more comment – she has a particularly delicious ass…)

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)