Lost Bet – Forced to Strip Naked and Serve at a Party – Part One

When it comes to year’s end, I like to release videos that I, personally, have been looking forward to release. I have to be careful because I have so many awesome videos in the queue that I am about to burst. It was hard to choose, really, but I decided that, like last year, a multipart video would do it for the last two weeks. This video has two parts (and also I will be releasing a full version at the same time as part two).

What makes this video exciting is several things. First, there are two new models: Jessica Rabbet and Barbarella Crimson. They did a fantastic job and look fantastic to boot. Expect to see more of both of them in the year to come! And second, this video is a plot that I have often thought about: the lost bet. It is made even better by the large audience to make the bet loser extra embarrassed.

I will be talking more about what these two new lovely ladies will be seen in for next year as well as what other videos are on the horizon in my next update, as well as in the 2014 year in review, which is coming up next week!

For now, enjoy! As always, feedback is welcome. As are suggestions.

Here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)

3 thoughts on “Lost Bet – Forced to Strip Naked and Serve at a Party – Part One”

  1. I love the idea and this looks like it will be great. Any chance of you doing a member site any time in the future?

    I can’t order nearly as many clips as I’d like, but I’d gladly pay a monthly fee to see all your content if you had a site. Of course I understand it would have to make sense for you too though. Just a thought.

    Thanks for all you do.

    1. You are welcome. A member site does not make sense – as it is I don’t even come close to breaking even on production costs versus sales, and that could make it even worse. Plus, on a per-video basis, I can see what people like well enough to buy. While I shoot what interests me, I do try to keep in mind at least in part also what everyone else wants to see.

      And the more sales I get, the more I can shoot, and the more elaborate it can be. As you might imagine, a shoot with four or five models takes a lot to set up. Though even the smaller shoots are fun and allow different dynamics.

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