Schoolgirl’s Revenge – Renata Caught With Her Pants Down

This video is a sequel to the video about Renata’s Birthday Gift: Kidnapped Schoolgirls Cuffed, Stripped, and Groped. Renata is caught with her pants down, so to speak, sitting on the toilet. I actually first got the idea for this just before this particular shoot, and did two other videos with a simpler theme on the subject – those were the first – I will get to those soon.

But for this video, like I have said before, revenge as a theme is always fun. I also like how Bek and Meredith look in those little skirts, particularly when viewed from behind, their white panties peeking out from underneath as they give Renata a taste of her own medicine. One of these days I am going to need to find a nice, menacing warehouse for scenes such as these…

As always, feedback is welcome! The end of the year draws near!

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

4 thoughts on “Schoolgirl’s Revenge – Renata Caught With Her Pants Down”

  1. This clip looks nice. I like the embarrassing situation and bottomless nudity.

    My suggestion isn’t related, other than being inspired by the school uniforms, and I didn’t know where else to post the scene suggestion 🙂

    Scene idea:
    A well dressed female professor is teaching biology to a mixed classroom. She already taught them male anatomy the day before and everyone did very well, but now she’s moved on to female anatomy and the guys are struggling. In an attempt to help illustrate, she asks for a female volunteer. Of course no one volunteers, so she selects one, and brings a very reluctant female student to the front of the class.

    At first she just motions and points to different body parts of the student as she explains, but before long, she sees the need for better illustration. She slowly removes clothing from the female student, piece by piece as she lectures. The rest of the class snickers, and the student is very shy and protests, but the professor tells her not to be silly because “it’s for science” 🙂 Of course the student is eventually stark naked and all her intimate parts are showed to the entire class by the professor.

    It seems to help the students understand, but they still don’t fully “get it”, so the professor continues to bring the girls up to the front one by one and keeps teaching until all the girls are naked.

    For a follow up revenge clip, the naked girls could decide they need a more “mature” example, and strip the teacher naked in front of class.

    As a side note, I don’t think it’s crucial for the girls to wear the schoolgirl uniforms, that’s just what reminded me of the idea. I think it would work just as well if they dressed as typical college students. Either way 🙂

    Just a suggestion, and as always, I love your work!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion – I have added it to my Ideas folder. I rather like it. Finding a suitable classroom might be an issue, though one could wing it with just about any room, particularly for an “advanced” kind of course. Classrooms in old English schools don’t look like classrooms at all, in the American sense.

  2. I like this idea too. I prefer a forced stripping scene that isn’t at gun or knife point. Have you considered a truth or dare situation.

    1. You know, actually, I had not considered a truth or dare situation. I suppose I should do one of those as well. It does seem more realistic, or at least, more common – though one wonders why anyone would agree to do a dare they really didn’t want to do.

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