Quadruple Table Stuck

I must admit, for so simple a concept, I really like my “Stuck” videos. Whether they are absurd and abstract or more absurd, yet made solid with the use of strong steel handcuffs, it is fun to see a lovely woman stuck in an awkward position … and then see her get stripped of her pants and panties, exposing her in the same awkward position, to whatever unseen eyes may happen by. It is still on my to-do list to make some more real situational stuck scenarios – those require getting interesting locations. This is the last one of these for a while (til I make some more) – well, ok, maybe there are one or two others in the queue, now that I think about it – but either way, enjoy!

As always, I welcome commentary. As I said in my last posts, I am getting close to doing another “Year in Review” post, which will be fun. And I have fired up the Model Showcase posts again, having just put one up.

Bonus: Oh, there is a little “bonus spin” at the end of this video – just a few seconds, nothing terribly exciting, but I couldn’t resist putting it in, because it was Meredith having a little fun after shooting this. She is adorable.

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)