The Year In Review – 2014

Wow, what a year it has been. I can scarcely remember the last Year in Review post I did, it seems a lifetime ago, and yet it is only 12 short months. A lot of videos went up over the past year, including many that have become new favorites.

I also have a ton of new videos to release in 2015 that are also new favorites. I am just bursting at the seams to release them, but alas, I must be patient. There are a lot of new faces to see (or see more of). Two of them were in the videos I released at the end of the year. They were particularly special and so while I was going to wait until January to release their first videos, I could not resist putting them out sooner. I like to end the year with a bang.

I am always looking for inspiration and suggestions. I have an idea folder that is bursting at the seams with great ideas from those of you who have been kind enough to offer them. I use them when I can. Some require a particular location, or at least one different than what I typically have available, so those have to wait until I have the proper space. Others might just need a particular prop or the right combination of models to pull off. It is my intention to try to eventually use all of the ideas I have been given, if at all possible. Some recent ones included a classroom setting – I have a few ideas about how I might pull that off.

Looking back, as I was working on setting up more Model Showcase posts, I figured out that I have shot with over 40 models since I started this site. That was a larger number than I expected. I hope that number will only grow in the year ahead. Everyone I have shot with has brought something unique and special to their shoots. Many I will work with again if at all possible.

There are so many more reflections I could make. Shooting videos, editing them, putting them up here, preparing images and so forth, it is all a ton of work. At times, I wonder, why do I do it? As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am lucky to even come close to breaking even on a shoot. Overall, I likely never will. It is somewhat expensive to shoot with five models, for example… And yet, I keep going. I keep feeling inspired enough to come up with new and interesting ideas to shoot and then finding great models to shoot them with. Even the big five-model shoots I just keep having to do when I can because of so many great ideas that require them.

In closing, I just want to thank everyone here for the support they have given – be it feedback, suggestions, or just buying my videos (and thus allowing me to make more). Happy New Year! May 2015 bring even more joy and cool videos than 2013 and 2014…

And now, the main reason anyone probably wants to even read this post: Some of my favorite images from the year:

Lost Bet – Forced to Strip Naked and Serve at a Party – Part Two

And so here is Part Two of this awesome debut video for two new models: Jessica and Barb. This time it is Barb that ends up losing her clothes, giving Jessica small comfort to have some company in her naked shame.

You will hopefully be seeing more, much more, of both of them in the new year ahead. And so this post answers the question raised in Part One as to who else gets naked in Part Two.

So without further ado (and a bit early because of the holiday – and the Year in Review is coming shortly on its heels!), here is Part Two (and also the full version if you want a monster big file.)

By the way, the newest Year in Review is posted…

Here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Lost Bet – Forced to Strip Naked and Serve at a Party – Part One

When it comes to year’s end, I like to release videos that I, personally, have been looking forward to release. I have to be careful because I have so many awesome videos in the queue that I am about to burst. It was hard to choose, really, but I decided that, like last year, a multipart video would do it for the last two weeks. This video has two parts (and also I will be releasing a full version at the same time as part two).

What makes this video exciting is several things. First, there are two new models: Jessica Rabbet and Barbarella Crimson. They did a fantastic job and look fantastic to boot. Expect to see more of both of them in the year to come! And second, this video is a plot that I have often thought about: the lost bet. It is made even better by the large audience to make the bet loser extra embarrassed.

I will be talking more about what these two new lovely ladies will be seen in for next year as well as what other videos are on the horizon in my next update, as well as in the 2014 year in review, which is coming up next week!

For now, enjoy! As always, feedback is welcome. As are suggestions.

Here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Schoolgirl’s Revenge – Renata Caught With Her Pants Down

This video is a sequel to the video about Renata’s Birthday Gift: Kidnapped Schoolgirls Cuffed, Stripped, and Groped. Renata is caught with her pants down, so to speak, sitting on the toilet. I actually first got the idea for this just before this particular shoot, and did two other videos with a simpler theme on the subject – those were the first – I will get to those soon.

But for this video, like I have said before, revenge as a theme is always fun. I also like how Bek and Meredith look in those little skirts, particularly when viewed from behind, their white panties peeking out from underneath as they give Renata a taste of her own medicine. One of these days I am going to need to find a nice, menacing warehouse for scenes such as these…

As always, feedback is welcome! The end of the year draws near!

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

The Reporter – Bek’s Strip Search Pat Down

Bek was just introduced in the previous video, but I do believe this was the first one she shot. She does quite well in this, jumping right into the role. Of course, Meredith is an old pro at this by now, so that helps.

I really don’t have too much else to add at this point – it is already later in the day than I wanted to release this. I just want to say that there are a lot of great, exciting videos coming and I can’t wait to release them. It is too bad I only release one a week… usually.

As always, comments are welcome, about videos, about anything. Speak up!

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Quadruple Table Stuck

I must admit, for so simple a concept, I really like my “Stuck” videos. Whether they are absurd and abstract or more absurd, yet made solid with the use of strong steel handcuffs, it is fun to see a lovely woman stuck in an awkward position … and then see her get stripped of her pants and panties, exposing her in the same awkward position, to whatever unseen eyes may happen by. It is still on my to-do list to make some more real situational stuck scenarios – those require getting interesting locations. This is the last one of these for a while (til I make some more) – well, ok, maybe there are one or two others in the queue, now that I think about it – but either way, enjoy!

As always, I welcome commentary. As I said in my last posts, I am getting close to doing another “Year in Review” post, which will be fun. And I have fired up the Model Showcase posts again, having just put one up.

Bonus: Oh, there is a little “bonus spin” at the end of this video – just a few seconds, nothing terribly exciting, but I couldn’t resist putting it in, because it was Meredith having a little fun after shooting this. She is adorable.

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Renata’s Birthday Gift – Kindapped School Girls Cuffed, Stripped, and Groped

This one was fun to watch unfold… and what girlfriend wouldn’t appreciate such a thoughtful birthday present. This is also the debut of a new model, Renata, who you will also see more of in the weeks ahead. Ah, so many clips in the queue to get out… it is going to be an exciting year in 2015… more on that later…

Renata was something special as well – she has a very exotic look and long, gorgeous hair and she was quite fun to shoot with.

Be sure to check out the model showcases… I put up another new one just before this post. And now counting down to the year in review, 2014, another post like my year in review last year. Cheers!

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)

Model Showcase: Alexandria Von Strutter

Where to start? I know I have probably said some of this before (in the entries for her various videos) but Alexandria was truly a gem. She was a natural thespian, so she could just dive in with two feet into any role and do a kick ass job. I just had to tell her what I was looking for and then she was off. Timid, she was not. And she was very good at improvising and really throwing herself into a role. You can really believe she is totally crazy watching her go.

I would love to shoot with her again, but don’t know if that would be possible. She lives rather far away now and is quite busy with life, but if it could ever be arranged, I think she is game. But for now, we have the work she has done to enjoy. She was in only seven videos (and in the last she was only in it a bit, stealing clothes) but she makes quite an impression. She was the full package. Lovely, friendly, and very good at acting. Enjoy her work.

And before we get to her videos, just a small general note : yes, I am doing model showcase again. I never really planned on stopping it, but things just got so crazy I never really got back to it. I try not to do it unless it is for a model who has already had all of her videos released, mostly just so I know when I list the videos here it won’t become out of date. Maybe at some point I’ll bend that rule, but for now, I think it is a good one. And with now 40 models that I have worked with, there are plenty to choose from as this is only my fifth model showcase entry.

Here are her videos (which can be direct linked through here:)

Office Espionage

Interview for the Sheik – Hope

Interview for the Sheik – Sara

Interview for the Sheik – Stephanie

Door-to-Door Crazy

Door-to-Door Revenge

Clothes Stolen While in the Bathtub

Here are some more images of the lovely Alexandria Von Strutter:

Schoolgirl Taken, Stripped, and Groped

Assuming my memory is not failing me, I do believe that this clip represents the first clip for an entirely new model to the site: Bek. She does an awesome job in this, her debut clip. And Meredith does an awesome job being the menacing kidnapper, groping and stripping poor schoolgirl Bek. As might be apparent by now, I have gotten some mileage out of those cute school uniform outfits – the plaid skirts, black cardigan sweaters, white tank tops, and white string bikini panties. There is a sweet innocence about them that also hints at sexy, as the skirts are not that long, and as there are some great views up those skirts wherever they appear.

Another thing that is introduced in this clip is the use of an in-scene camera – Meredith uses it to video Bek for her ransom video, and in the scene she is really filming. I intercut her video with the video here – I think it makes for an interesting effect, and gives you Meredith’s POV for some of the shots. I liked how well this came out so I used it in a few other videos as well (all yet to be seen…) And while I don’t release videos in the order they were made, I can say that this was the very first video where I used this method. I can think of two or three more in the pipeline, though those may take a while to get released.

And now, as always, please offer any feedback. Though I don’t always say this, I always welcome it. I should also mention that I am, this month, going to be putting up more non-video release related posts. I am open to suggestions as to what to put up there as well. (One will, of course, be the Year in Review 2014). Also, there is a new model showcase post up here. Enjoy!

Here are some images from the video (which can be direct linked through here:)