The Reporter – Phoenix’s Strip Search Pat Down

I just realized that it has been about three whole months since I have released a strip search pat down video. So I suppose it is about time that I did. I do still have plenty that have been done that are not yet out. What is exciting about most of those is that they include elements that have been asked about here before (in comments). So finally, without much further ado, here they were. What you will see here that was requested is a lot of digging around in pockets to find contraband – and there is plenty of stuff to find, though perhaps none of it is truly contraband (lucky for the lady strip searched!)

It is funny that I did not think of looking much in pockets myself. I could claim it was because women never seem to have any pockets in their clothes, but that really isn’t true, since I tend to forget that – what use are clothes with no pockets! But once clued into this, it does make for some interesting shots. Digging deeply into one’s pockets, particularly when those pockets are in tight jeans, requires something akin to groping in its own right, beyond the groping that one can call a pat down. It also gives some interesting possibilities for what might be found therein. That gives me some more ideas for the future, now that I think about it. Just in case what I am thinking is not what YOU are thinking, feel free to offer suggestions. After all, as this video shows, suggestions DO get incorporated into videos, even if it does sometimes take a while for them to show up live.

So now, without any MORE ado, here are some images from this video (which can be direct linked through here):

4 thoughts on “The Reporter – Phoenix’s Strip Search Pat Down”

  1. I am waiting so long for you´ re next pat down clip. And this one is brilliant . I think this is the best pat down clip you ever made . Hope a business woman in a pants suit gets a pat down next !

  2. Very good clip ….really like the frisking clips and this was made better by the thorough searching of the pockets.
    Just one point though there were several times when the guy was searching and the camera was right behind him so the action was blocked out and the coat he wore was large and baggy so again blocked the action..

    1. Yes, I do tell the searchers to be aware of blocking the view. But fear not, through the magic of editing I generally make sure that all of the good stuff is included from an angle that allows you to appreciate it appropriately.

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